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Bell Canada / ripped off by bell canada

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I recently joined Bell (Canada) and signed up for their unlimited Asia-Pacific phone plan (which allows me to dial China and many other countries for a low fixed cost). Unfortunately when I set up my account over the phone, the Bell representative did not input my request for the Asia-Pacific plan. When I received my last bill, I was very surprised to see an amount owing of nearly $400 (about $300 more than I expected).

Immediately after seeing the bill I contacted a Bell representative, and everything was cool. She told me that she had information that I had requested Asia-Pacific unlimited plan from before, and basically apologized for Bell not installing it when they should have, and said everything would be fixed up - i.e. I'd get credited back for the expenses and put on the plan. Well, more than two weeks later, my amount owing still read approx $400, and I received no credits back.

I called back and unlike my pleasant converstation from before things turned 'uncool'. They basically treated me like a liar that I had requested this plan, and they told me that they had no information about me being credited back for the expenses. I asked them several times about why I was told that Bell had information that I requested the Asia-Pacific phone plan (from phone call before) and why they said I would be refunded, but they still insisted that they had no information about this, and directly told me that they could not do anything to credit me back. I kept on persisting, but still no luck. I even requested to speak with a Bell manager, but the supervisor refused to pass me on.

Something seems really strange. I believe someone at Bell made a poor decision to reverse their first decision, and they most likely deleted any information that would favour my case. I wish I had proof of my conversation with the nice Bell representative from before - but who records telephone conversations. Anyways, now I don't know what to do. It seems like Bell will not reverse their decision, and no one at Bell is being helpful to me now. Does anyone have a suggestion? What normal person would pay around $3 a minute to call China. Can't Bell see the logic, and treat me like I am honest person, or are they so cheap as try to burn me for a mistake they made? Any suggestions are appreciated rossabrooks at yahoo dot com.

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  • Mi
      22nd of Jan, 2009
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    My advice is to complain to or CRTC. At least you will get get prompt attention. They will still blame you for everything and probably ask for some money but at least you will have some proper channels for dispute.

  • Le
      17th of Jul, 2010
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    I hate Bell with a passion. They are so expensive and when u ask them to match a deal from another provider they tell you some crap like "But we're Bell, and our service stands for quality." Quality my [censor]! THey are the worst ever! I used to have their incoming Uber plan, and it turned out to be the worst incoming plan on earth! It's not even true incoming. If someone calls you from long d (even close long d) they charge you 30 cents per minute. And about their lines and quality, it's no better than any other provider. Telus kicks Bell's [censor] any day of th eweek!

  • Ja
      19th of Jul, 2010
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    same thing for me but with our internet service with them... actually anytime we try to change something on our bill... sometimes we can get it reversed sometimes not my hubby actually got through to the vp and they were very helpful you just have to DEMAND endlessly to speak to someone else and that you will NOT talk to the person who is on the phoe with you at the moment... what we recently found out when you change something to get a confirmation number so when you call back when something is wrong give them that number as proof of the change.

  • Sa
      5th of Jan, 2012
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