Bell CanadaI am complaining about the bell insurance company (regarding iphone x lost)

Actually, I bought an iPhone X with mobility including insurance plan but unfortunately, I lost my phone on Oct 20, 2018, and I tried to find but didn't get. I made a claim for requesting a replacement phone. I received an email next week after the claim in which they write to me to call on the number when I called them they said your request is denied and say No to give me a replacement phone. I am still paying for my phone insurance without having any phone. Please proceed with my complaint and take further actions for my phone otherwise I will sue the bell mobility in the court because I can't pay free to bell without any phone. I feel that bell mobility insurance people are doing frauds with me and rejecting me to give me a new phone.
Their contact number is [protected].

If you are unable to help me then cancel my bell services and insurance plan including iPhone price because I cannot pay you $125 monthly without having any phone.
Thank you

Bell Canada

Dec 02, 2018

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