Bell Canadahome phone

Bell was working up the road from us. One minute the phone was working and next we had no dial tone. I used my friends cell to call Bell and told them that someone had been trying to call another # and kept getting us. All they could do was give me an appointment for the next day at 3-5 pm. This is not acceptable. I asked to speak to a 2nd level, they were busy on a call and would not talk to me. I asked to speak to a rep in Canada, they gave me the run around that they couldn't do that. I want my phone back today as I am expecting 2 contractors to phone me back today as I have NO heat in the house. AND I want a discount on my phone bill. Last month my phpone was out for 8 Days. Bell service had gone to crap. I am ashamed to say the I once worked for Bell.

Dec 06, 2018

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