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During their advertisements, they make no mention of their non-existent return policy or their continual raping of your account even after you cancel with them!

I just spent 2 hours on the phone with my bank getting my money back and now I'm going to the Attorney General and the BBB to make my complaints there. Dealing with these ###s at their call center that barely speak English and then hang up on you when you ask for a supervisor, refund or cancellation is more than infuriating! It is time this company is exposed for their tactics.

Regardless of what they claim they will do, if you try and buy, then cancel the next day, they will still continue shipping, billing and repeated billing.

Buyer BEWARE - Make sure you want this product and a very long commitment on your part. They make it impossible to cancel, return or keep them out of your account!

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      May 15, 2009

    I was just completely ripped off. I didn't even submit my order and they placed it. I went through the first 2 pages and changed my mind. I closed the window thinking I was okay, but nope... They charged my account 69.69. I called as soon as I saw ( 2 hours later) and they tried to tell me that there was no way to cancel the order. I finally got them to give me a cancelation confirmation, and they shipped the stupid DVD's anyway. I have been told I can just send them back and get a refund, minus the 20.00 in shipping and 15 to ship it back. GARBAGE

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