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Ardyss Complaints & Reviews

Ardyss / non delivery of products bought in march 2017

Nov 17, 2017

Good morning, I placed an order in March and to date I have not received it. I have sent countless emails and phone messages and no one has responded to my emails. I am very disappointed at the service and total disrespect for your customers. Attached please find emails, containing all...

Ardyss / angle bra

Nov 09, 2017

Hello, I placed this order on the 24th of october and I received this email, after that I did't receive any information and my product. have called david is not picking is calls and all other numbers are out of services. Please can you get me my product or refund my money back Thanks looking...

Ardyss / 3 angel bra y 1 chaleco de lujo

Apr 21, 2016

Compare en la tinda de rosy"s limgery 3 angel bra una chaleco de lujo de la marca ardyss y una faja colombiana, al usar las prendas y labarlas siguiendo las indicaciones me di cuenta que no eran prendas origuinales de Ardyss internacional, me diriji a la tienda de la senora vega le dije...

Ardyss / body magic

Dec 29, 2015

I placed an order, they received my money but never sent a confirmation email. Called my rep that I purchased it from and they tracked it down and sent one. Well when it got here it was the wrong color, size, and kind (I ordered the original not velcro), and when I called them about it...

Ardyss/ Order / I never picked up or received product

May 13, 2013

My name is Carla D Burgess I'm new in the company by way of introduction of an Ardyss team leader. to which I wont mention any names yet unfortunately i was unaware of the procedure that I needed to pick up my own orders because Katina never showed me that process however i am still...

Ardyss International / indentity theft

Aug 28, 2012

Guys don't buy from those ardyss international people. On august the 7th I ordered some levive drinks on I never received the order because they decided to ship it somewhere else. I went back to that website to contact the seller. I spoke to gail mathis service rep...

Ardyss Bodymagic / products not received after 3 weeks

Aug 10, 2011

Good day, I have joined ardyss, I am now selling their product here in South africa. I order stock from them now n then. we where told that stock will take 7 days maximum to get delivered to us. I have ordered stock since the 25th july 2011 until today the 11th august I still havent...

Ardyss Body Shaper/Corset Golden / never recieved product!

Apr 11, 2011

I actually went to and placed an order on 1-1-2011 to b exact, and still haven't recieved anything. I went back to the website to see if there was a contact number, so i can maybe talk to a representative, but all what was there was an email address to submit to...

Ardyss International / legal pyramid scheme

Mar 22, 2011

Ardyss don't treat their customers well because they are a pyramid scheme masquerading as a legitamate multi-marketing scheme. These style of MLMs distinguish themselves from traditional pyramid schemes in that they purport to offer a product. However the product is always extremely...

Ardyss International / ardyss showcase challenge


I am an ardyss distributer. I have been for 5 months. July and august ardyss was having a showcase challenge... I read the rules.. Qualifications... So I entered my next 6 showcases... On 9/29/09 I received an email stating I was a winner I would receive $2150... I couldn't believe it...

Ardyss Body Shaper / defective produce


I bought an Ardyss body magic wear from a distributor, Lorrie Prater here in the city of Frederick, Maryland. She told me that if the suit was not satisfaction in its functioning that I will get my money refunded. I tried contacting her from the day of three that the suit kept coming up on...

Ardyss International / scammers


Ardyss International is a scam. I sign up with them about 3 months, have not sold one product since. First the rate are extremely high no one wants to buy them. second, the shipping and handling is hilarious, and they dont offer economical shipping. Third, the product are not that...

Ardyss International / refuse to refund money


I purchased over $200.00 worth of products from this place and $95.55 of it was for the "body magic" body wear. I ordered the sized stated in the guide and when it arrived I could not get the garment passed my knees. I immediately packaged the product that night to be returned to the...

Ardyss International / the truth exposed


So the truth is finally coming out about alot of the garments and products I was sick to my stomach to here the le vive does not having any of the super fruits in it and thats why the fda denied them and I trusted them put my family on the products and thats what I get to be laughed at and...

Ardyss International (Body Magic) / unprofessional body magic distributor


I purchased a Body magic from a lady named Coretta from Toledo, Oh. When I received the body magic it didnt fit so I returned it to Coretta within a week of the purchase. I tried numerous times to get ahold of Coretta and always got her voicemail. She never would return my calls. Three to...

Ardyss / personal data


Ardyss! Yeah! A nice and legal way to collect personal data from people (S.S., W-9 form, DOB, home address, and even your signature). Do you know where your data is sent to? Terrorists groups that will pay thousands of dollars in order to create a false identity in the USA? Watch out what...

Ardyss International / unauthorized charges


I signed up with a auto ship with Ardyss International. You must place a minimum of $100.00 of product then they at least charge you $15.00 for shipping then $7.00 for handling. First month everything was fine, second month I tried to cancel it but it never went through and then they still...

Ardyss International / never received my products


In September of 2017 a friend and I attended a body magic party at another one of our friends house. My friend and I both ordered and paid for products. A few weeks went by with no word from the lady. We tried calling her several times and left plenty of messages. She nor I ever received a...

Ardyss Body Magic / defective products!!!


Do not, do not, do not order from this website. The lady's name is corinda parks and her products are defective! I like the body magic and it does work (Smooths out your shape). I received one ordered from this site... It was missing a hook! This caused a very noticable bulge under my...

Ardyss International / never received my refud


A distributor with Ardyss international will not send me my refund for a wonder bra that was to big and had to be returned. I have been waiting for the refund since November, when she told me over the phone she would send it. The bra was on back order and some time had past and I had not...

Ardyss International / horrible customer service


I was a ditributor for Ardyss International until they sent me a garment that had already been worn for the price of a brand new one. Customer service was soooooo rude, that I had to contact an attorney to get them to refund my money. I do not recommend anybody to purchase anything from this company!!!11

Ardyss Body Magic / some what unsatisfied


i had purchased the body magic and the le vive juice from a woman named vonnie who came to my beauty school i am already a size 5 and i used to be a size 13 but this was before this product i would like to have been a size 1 or 0 vonnie had told me as soon as i get my body magic i would be...

Ardyss International / corsymen white

I bought a corsymen white- a reshaping garment-for my husband, from Ardyss International: My husband put it on and instantly all his big tommy was gone. He becomes very slim, almost 20 years younger. He has improved his image greatly and feels very confident. Ardyss reshaping garments are great! we all love them!

Ardyss Body Majic / ardyss body majic garment


On 19 Nov 2009 I purchased a Body Majic garment from a rep.Chaunita Boyd with the help of her mother, Carolyn Sion. They came to my apt., measured me, & I give them $168. They returned with the garment the next day. It took the 3 of us to get (squeeze) me into it. I mean squeeze where C...

Bodymagic Ardyss International / distributor


I have been a distributor for Ardyss for a couple months now and dealing with returns that are "defective" have been a nightmare. 90% of the bodymagics I have sold have been defective. The snaps went crooked for two of them in one week and the hooks on another were pulled out so the...

Ardyss Body Magic / paid for product, have not received


I went to a beauty shop and while there a rep of Ardyss had me try on a Body Magic. Of course I loved the results so I purchased it. After wearing it for 1 week, 2 hooks fell off and I moved thru all 3 rows of hook and it is now too big. I spoke to the rep and she admitted she gave me the...

Ardyss Body Magic / response


Attention to the handful of complaintes compared to the undocumented hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers. It is unfortunate that you have not had a good experience. It appears the experience is directly related to the distributor you choose to do business with and not Ardy...

Ardysslife / crooks


I order a body shaper in Aug. and did nit get it until mid Oct. When I finally received it I couldn't fit it. So I mailed it back and the operator keeps telling me that can't locate it but at the same time I have USPS tracking that proves they have received it but I order it from...

Ardyss Body Magic / questionable product claims


I purchased an Ardyss Body Magict wo weeks ago. It is the short one, not the one with the crotch fasteners. I have a love/hate relationship with it. The garment rides up and bunches at my stomach when I sit down. It is H**L to fasten, and I have worn it 6 days/week for two weeks. It is the...

Body Maqgic Ardyss / body magic


brought a body magic from a this lady and after i brought it i ware it for 3 days and like on the 3rd day i started to have problem with it was cutin in my shoulder and up under the arm the wire started to come out the body magic and i was not size up for the rite size ...she put me...

Ardyss (Body Majic) / ripped off!


October 17, 2009 Buyer Beware!!! Let me start by saying, the concept of the Body Magic product is good. I have hosted for a representative, a party, and seen how the Body Magic works. By nature I am not a large woman, but we all have false about our body we do not like, so when a product...

Ardyss Discount / undelivered product


I have more than 3 months I order this product and do not get neither my money nor the order that I put what I think this alone will solve in the court and that I will not stop until they send my money or product and also there are many complaints and do nothing to resolve the problem.

Ardyss Mens Abdomen Shirt / I'm losing to much weight


I have been wearing the Ardyss Mens abdomen shirt and drinking the Levive juice and it has gotten me in trouble with my wife. I have lost to much weight. I was 195 when i started drinking the juice and wearing the shirt. Now I am scaling in at 169. She says its too much and doesn't...

Ardyss Body Magic / never received the product


Monika Long out of Norfolk, VA is a scam! I paid for a body magic system and never received it. She dodges my phone calls. She even went through the trouble of calling to tell me that my suit was in and that she was going to give a discount and then I never heard from her again. Now I have...

Ardyss International / do not buy


I was approached by an independent rep from Ardyss International about signing up under her. I declined that but inquired about the product. She measured me and I paid her $170.00. When she brought the garment, the package had been opened already. I took it home and looked at it, and...

Ardyss Body Magic / undelivered product


I order a body magic from them and they charge my debit card 160.00 dollards on 7/01/09. Its been a month and I am still waiting for my product. They never answer a phone call or e mail!

Ardyss Body Magic / undilivered products


I am fairly a new ardyss distributer and already am having bad experiences with this company. I have several orders placed that have not been delivered. I had to eventually refund 70% of my customers their money back after they waited over a month for the item., some two months. The...

Ardyss Body Magic / deception & undelivered products


The operators of this business, Michelle Hardin and her husband Randy, came to my home on 12/17/2008 and I purchased from them 2 bottles of the vitamin juice they were selling and the body shaper garment. I paid $240.00 by debit card, payable to Ardyss. I purchased these things with the...