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I've read all of these complaints and feel like such a fool. I banked with KNBT since 1999. When they were bought by BBT and the trouble started I was told countless times when I called in that I have to "educate myself" on the difference between them and the "new practices" of this bank. I thought I wa the only one who was confused on how one transaction one day could go through in two days and then another take 8. It's like they intentionally wait until your account goes down and hold all transactions pending and then decide to put them through at will to accrue fees that you never should of gotten to begin with. Today is the last straw. I had a fraudulent iTunes account opened and for the last 3 months my account has been charged $10.59. Not with my permission. I called iTunes and they refunded two of the charges, but said that's all they could do and to ask my bank about the the third. In dealing with them I knew that was a lost cause but the last $10.59 transaction accrued a NSF fee so I called BBT and told them that I cancelled this account from iTunes I've been charged for for three months and could they at least refund the $36 fee that I shouldn't of gotten to behind's the clincher. The money was set up to be removed through PayPal so when I told them that's where the refund went, they refused. They said if we can't see it refunded into your account we won't refund the fee. I told them I could email proof and still No. WELL, I cancelled this account and three days later, guess what, (it was not paid the first time because I had other fees accrued... same thing as all of you. Fees I don't understand but we were in between paychecks) . They put it though AGAIN, after I cancelled that account! And I had put a check in the bank and it wasn't covering anything because, you guessed it, PENDING! I'm so done. I didn't want to switch everything over but this isn't gonna stop and my hard earned money is too valuable To keep letting these crooks take it. I'm in for a lawsuit!

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    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Please contact BB&T at [protected] or via email at [protected]

Jun 06, 2018
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  •   Jun 15, 2018

    Yes I feel you there ! I want to switch so bad! They actually charged my SUNTRUST account twice for 50 bucks when I transferred 50... Nobody seemed to know what was going on I was on the phone all day and get THIS! The next day I was charged $2 for every customer service phone call!!! When did that start !? I'm sick of it . You go for a law suit I'm in it with you!

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