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BB&T / fraud and cheating

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This bank has caused us severe stress due to their severe and unrealistic overdrawn fees. I have been hospitalized recently for 8 weeks; with another hospitalization April thru May of this year (2008). They refuse to listen to me regarding other people helping my disabled husband thru all of this. We have been charged over $1, 000 in fees. This is unfair and an injustice against disabled customers. Husband is legally blind and can't walk. After my return home each time, it took a while before I was able to go online or phone to get banking info. on accounts. This caused bank to go ahead and charge fee upon fee upon fee upon fee. They are now holding money for 11 days - which may cause us to not be able to make house, car, and other expense payments from our bank accounts. We are definitely closing our accounts and going to another bank.

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  • Ke
      21st of May, 2009
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    BBT used to be a decent Bank but no longer. I recently got trampled by $210.00 in overdraft fees in one day because I made one error. They don't care and will take money from your families piggy bank in a second. It is time for consumers to unite and put these banks out of business. Let's learn to function without banks and we will all be better off and less stressed. We are all just numbers to the big businesses and government orgs. in this country, and that includes "all" members of Congress, the executive, and especially the judicial branch. We might as well be in Russia or Venezuela where you are bullied into submission by thieves. But do not give in, fight back by not participating in the sham. Use cash only when you can and treat others honestly and kindly.
    And remember the banks elected Bush, elected Obama, and hold all the power. That is why they can bet away with getting bailed out no matter what.

  • Do
      21st of May, 2009
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    banks dont discriminate in terms of who is disabled or who is poor, etc. when they charge fees.

    It is up to you the individual to be responsible when opening a bank account, and managing it so that it does not incur overdraft fees. That includes not writing checks or swiping your debit card when there is not enough money to cover your charges. There is no real cause for complaint in these postings.

    Personally, I don't use BB&T because they charge a monthly maintenance fee on a checking account. couldn't close it fast enough when they implemented that BS.

  • Da
      7th of Jul, 2009
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    Anyone interested in participating in a class action suit against BB&T please contact me.

    David Benson

  • Dj
      5th of Aug, 2009
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    I'm am being ripped off every week by BB&T and this is a shame.

    I think the Government doesn't intervene when they are benefiting from the fraudulent transactions.

    So, lets find out what the Government should be enforcing and sue them for ignoring the facts and allowing the banks to take advantage of us.

    If all else fails...lets remove the money from BB&T until we can find a honest institution.


  • Ve
      23rd of Sep, 2009
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    BBandT has been increasingly harder to work with and is extremely abusive on there charges and policies. Part of the problem with BB and T is they offer all these free "customer service" tools to help you but they do not tell you the full story. For instance, they offer a daily balance alert, which emails the acct holder their balance. But this info is not correct. They also offer online services where you can see pending transaction. These aren't correct either. Gas is not included in pending and certain debits, like an insurance payment auto debit, are not shown there. If you ever do make a mistake the BB and T policies will really get you. Let's say you use you have $100 in the bank and use your debit card for $10 in gas, $10 meal, and a $10 bill payment. That is all out of your account and you are showing everywhere (at the atm, online, ABD on bbt phone service) a balance of $70. But then that evening a check you forgot, an autodraft, whatever, is taken out for $105. You are now overdrawn, your mistake, 1 overdraft charge as a penalty...wrong! BB &T actually will take that draft and place it in front of the debits of that previous day and overdraft the lot of them! There reasoning is they feel that was a pending payment BEFORE you made those other transactions, so instead of a $39 charge you have a $160 charge. This is FACT, I can unfortunately show it. Other practices you may not know: withdrawing money from an ATM will result in a $39 charge if you are overdrawn. They will not alert you to the issue, they will give you the money and receipt and then charge an overdraft (yes, even at a BBT ATM). Have an issue and need help?, BB and T gives you 2 phone calls a month, free, if you call again you will be charged $2, and yes, that push you to overdraw also. Do you want to have them stop your debit card if you don't have funds, they will not do that either (ask your local manager, company line is: We don't want to return someones mortgage payment and have them lose there house). Best of luck dealing with these guys, but they should be brought up on charges for what they do.

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