BB&T Bankunethical behavior

We have been working overseas and our pay has been deposited into a foreign account, therefore our business account went into a dormant status without notifying us. Since we assumed we still had access to our money, this December we transferred 13K from our other BBT account to this supposed dormant account and wrote a check from it for the IRS as not to get penalties for underpayment. We found out that the check to the IRS was denied. We have looked at the BBT Commercial bank agreement and it does not cover this. My Question is if the definition of a dormant account is one without a transaction, the transfer was indeed an allowed transaction. I was told that it was a withdrawal that was needed by the branch, but deposits were accepted. Furthermore in talking with the bank employees "complaint department" and branch both said that we would have to go in to branch to change this and get our account restored and the check to the IRS resent. We are overseas and unable to do so and now we are without the funds in our other account to pay the IRS. I think this is illegal any thoughts or lawyers out there that would provide us information?

Jan 12, 2017

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