Bath & Body Works Directthe manager was extremely rude

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Jenna lane is a assistant manager at the palisades Mall 3rd floor shop. Kicked me out of the shop for eating food. I recognize her right to kick me out but not her methods. She was mad that I came in with food and was chatting around not buying anything.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in West Nyack, NY She proceeded to yell at me and told to me buy something. Doing the whole process Of purchasing Hand sanitizer. She belittled me about my choice of food and throw the product at me. I was friends with this employee outside of work. I'm saddened by this customer experience and I don't want to shop at that location again.

  • Updated by Mattwalsh434, Jan 31, 2018

    It is because of actions at her workplace. Not the other way around. Keep your dumb comments to yourself

Jan 30, 2018
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  •   Jan 30, 2018

    The fact that you are fighting with your friend outside of work completely invalidates your entire complaint.

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  • Ma
      Jan 31, 2018

    @Wine Is Good The fact that she throw away away my friendship over [censor] reason over something that happened at here workplace shows her true colors. I did nothing but bring food.

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  •   Jan 31, 2018

    Like I said, you are an [censor].

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  •   Jan 31, 2018

    "Nothing" but break rules Common sense says not to eat food in a store.

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  • Ra
      Jan 31, 2018

    So you are basically pissed because your friend told you that you have to follow the rules and you can't just linger in the store while she's trying to work. Now you want to get her in trouble with her work because she was doing her job? Some "friend" you are. She will find someone better than you for sure.

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