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Dear Sir, Madam,

Please cancel my Barcley priority circle membership. (Card no [protected])

I was told on that their will be no charge’s got a call from your one of executive Arun. But during my interaction he never said

that its having any charge he said its free of cost you will be receiving some trolley bags, resort coupons etc etc& then he

Handed it over to Marketing executive Rakesh he said the same its free you don’t have to pay anything, then I said okay if

its free.

Now on 1st Oct I got message on my mobile([protected]) ----- Welcome to barcley priority circle you will be receiving welcome

letter in 7 days but I have never received it till now& on 8th I am getting message that you have to pay 6741.6 DR.

I got shocked & called at customer care that I have never used this card how come then they said it’s a priority circle fess.

I told Manorma, Virendra your customer executives the same they told me to contact [protected]. Continuously I am

Trying on that no but it’s busy, keeping me only on hold option.

Till even I have not received my pin no. How can one charge if I have not signed any welcome letter or even I have not received it.

Kindly cancel my priority circle membership which I had never applied even.

Don’t force me to take harsh action on Barclay Bank

Tushar Mattoo

Process Engg

& Social Activist (New Delhi

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  • Ch
      Jun 13, 2008
    Barclays - Mortgages
    England, East Sussex
    United Kingdom

    I recenlty asked to port my mortgage from one property to another and downsize from a £240k mortgage to a £160k as I was finding a £240k too much for me.

    I thought the process would be simple one as I could retain my existing mortgage and pay off £70k. everyone is happy "SIMPLE"


    I have had nothing but hell for weeks and I have never experienced such incompetence, lack of common sense, and failure to return calls.

    I have been asked for duplicate documentation and asked to prove I can afford less than my exosting mortgage from their underwriters.

    If they keep treating customers like this then I expect sharp declines in customer numbers as they will be leaving in droves due to a severe lack customer service.

    I have now lodged a complaint and will have to wait up to 4 weeks to find out what action they are going to take, lets see if hey are still fluent in finance or see if they developed a stutter.

    This is a very brief overview and I will be posting a more detailed report in due course.

    in trying to do this and I have spoken people in Barclays who are completely clueless asked to provide all my details agian, which barclays already had. They asked to prove I could afford a £160k mortgage as requested by their underwriters, even though I was paying

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  • Ev
      Oct 16, 2009
    Barclays - Awful everything
    United States

    I closed my Barclays account years ago due to the extortionate charges and downright bad service. Apparently so did my parents. I didn’t know this the other day when I transferred some money to their non-existent account. Barclays of course have accepted my payment and my money is somewhere in cyberspace.

    After a quick call to my own bank today (prompt reply, friendly staff with some knowledge of the bank’s processes), I was directed towards Barclays. I couldn’t have spent a more frustrating day. After scouring the myriad of numbers to call, I decided on one that said Customer Services. Wrong one apparently and I was given another number. So I called that, selected the option for not having my banking details (I don’t hold an account there after all) and the woman that answered told me I was again in the wrong place and forwarded me to another number. The new number had me on hold for an hour and a quarter. I timed every second. And then I gave up.

    I ended up on here reading everyone else’s stories and thanks to speedduck, used an alternative number which only took 10 minutes to answer (it’s worrying that I now consider that a good time!). After much explaining and to-ing and fro-ing between people who might know bank procedure for this situation I was told to phone my bank again. When I did my bank answered promptly, gave me some knowledgeable information on how CHAPS trace procedures require 10 days waiting period from the transfer date (I’m just below that) and advised me to call back in a few days. I hung up on my bank feeling a lot better since at least they knew what they were doing!

    I find myself reminded today of why I left this bank in the first place – all I was left with was infuriation. We may not be able to cause a boycott but we can let others know what these companies are like (this being the worst I have personally dealt with in the past).

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  • 55
      Oct 28, 2009
    Barclays - Waste of time
    United States

    In February 2017 following failings in the Barclaycard telephone system I was unable to register my new card valid from March 1st 2017 I cut up the card, returned it to Barclaycard and closed the account. Final payment on the existing card was due and paid in February. My March statement from them confirms that the balance is zero.

    Since February I have received at intervals four text message stating that I owe money to Barclaycard and failure to pay will result in my credit rating being affected. I have at my own expense wriiten letters, telephoned and sent faxes to stop this nuisance, a totla of seven transactions In view of my time and money wasted I asked Barclaycard for a payment fo £20 for each transaction, they have refused.

    Barclaycard have refused to take the matter further and not even offered an apology. These text messages are libellous, can be seen by any member of my family should they happen to pick up my telephone.

    This is clearly a breach of confidential information that even if it was correct should not be transmitted in this manner.

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  • Vl
      Jul 26, 2011
    Barclays - Bank charges
    United States

    Whilst the High Court has thrown out Lenders argument that overdraft charges are not for providing a service, Barclays have become the first bank to introduce novel new ways of fleecing customers – they are now window dressing penalties so they look more like a service.

    It’s an overdraft facility that :

    1. A customer hasn’t asked for.

    2. A customer is automatically opted-in unless he/she opt-out.

    3. If overdraft used, £22 is added every five days unless customer goes back into credit. So if you go overdrawn for twenty days, you are charged £88 - all with your permission.

    Obviously no mention of the recent court decision, and the bank seems to think they are doing customers a favour by all the blurb. The more customers that don't opt-out, the more bank can say they provide a service - hence charges.

    Straight in the shredder, unless customers find good reason to have such a facility.

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  • Ju
      Oct 26, 2012

    I had an infuriating experience recently with Barclays as well. I was reading your story, and just cannot sympathize more. I don't want to bore you with my details, but we have a business account with them. They made mistake on the mandate and bounced back 5 checks that had the same signature as always before. When I asked the relationship manager, he simply told me the reason was because of the insufficient funds, even I told him repeatedly their back office called us to tell us it was the signature problem. For each bounced back check, they charged us 35 pounds! This manager later offered 100 pounds as a "good will gesture" and told me to forget about it and move on. I am going to fight till the end to find out the truth!

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  • Cd
      Oct 03, 2013
    Barclays - Career development loans
    United Kingdom

    I applied for a CDL at the beginning of July. I have still not been paid and it is now the 3rd of October. I had my documentation sent back for information that wasn´t asked on the application form, and then gave it over the phone with no problem.

    They do not phone you but send everything by post, 2nd class, so you hear nothing for weeks then suddenly get a letter dated a week ago. You can´t go into a branch and ask as yoiu get told quite hastily to phone up and basically get lost.

    While many operators have a reasonable command of English, half of them do not, and are incapable of following you. Bear that in mind when phoning as you will just be ignored otherwise. It really is a question of luck.

    I am currently waiting patiently for documents that were sent 7 days ago... all I have to do is sign them, send them back again (that's 3 times recorded delivery) and within 7 days of them opening the thing I should be paid. They refuse to send it to addresses not on your original form, even though most of us are students who have MOVED to study. So not only do I have to pay once again for postage, so do my parents. Not to mention the phone calls too.

    Of course, when it's time to pay up, you can bet your life Barclays will be all over me, but as far [censored]ding up their part of the bargain, forget it.

    Apply to Co-op first. I haven´t used them but even if they are just as bad, they can´t be worse. Surely...?

    CDL Barclays - go with money to uni and don´t depend on them. Take a year out and save.

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