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CIMB Bank Complaints & Reviews

CIMB Bank / opening an account at cimb klcc on weekend

Leo Gurl on Jan 28, 2019

On 26.02.2019, Sy amat berpuas hati dgn contact centre... Yg menjdi masalah attitude counter staff di cimb klcc branch utk pembukaan akaun baharu bagi anak sy... No. Panggilan sy 7002...Disini, staff berkenaan tidak mahu memproses urusan sy atas alasan, sy tidak membawa surat beranak anak sy...

CIMB Bank / horrendous customer service received at cimb sri damai branch, penang

lalalalatv on Dec 27, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam, I wish to bring your attention regarding a horrendous and dissatisfied customer service that I have received and encountered today i.e. 27th December 2018 between 230pm-330pm at the CIMB Bank Sri Damai branch at Penang. I have gone to the aforementioned branch with the...

CIMB Bank / kad di sekat

Muda maraki on Dec 26, 2018

Saya dah salah masuk no pin sebanyak 3 saya x dapat nak keluarkan wang dalam account saya... So...saya dah call service centre ...tidak ada seorang pun yang sambut call saya bila saya bertanya tentang hal ini kepada pegawai perkhidmatan yang bertugas... Ada lebih 3-4 kali saya...

CIMB Bank / unauthorised debit charges to paypal transaction

Qwert1 on Dec 17, 2018

Hi Team, After the news spread on the CIMB account being hacked, i decided to log in to my CIMB account and found out the following transaction was being made fraudulently. Date of transaction: 7 December 2018 Time: 10:34:03 pm Amount: MYR 57.03 Transaction...

CIMB Bank / general service for my business account and overseas payments/receipts

Paul Geddes on Dec 17, 2018

Dear all, Global Solutions Asia Lucky garden Branch Out of pure frustration I can only describe this ongoing service as completely incompetent and disgraceful No advise of payment receipt No advice of any issues relating to payment receipt No response to continuous email Completely unhelpful...

CIMB Bank / wrongly return my cheque

norman chong on Dec 12, 2018

I issued a cheque for rm40, 000 my cheque number 000011 dated 10.12.18 under my personal name Chong Yee Seoug with your Activo Bandar Sri Damansara branch. my cheque was return reason signature differ while I issued a similar cheque for rm39, 283.22 cheque number 000134 under my...

CIMB Bank / complaint for request the tl statement

Lsy2807 on Dec 4, 2018

Last month i have to called the centre to request my TL statement, i said i need this TL statement for using in audit purpose is quick urgent, the staff said will courier to me within 14 days but until Dec also not to received yet any doc from the bank, another staff asked me to walk in to...

CIMB Bank / cimbclick

Qistina on Nov 30, 2018

Salam, sy nk tanya mcm mana sy nk register blk acc cimbclick ye. Sy dh pergi atm tukar no tel yg bru, dan kad sy dh tukar baru juga. Tpi mslh skrg xblh nk register cimbclick.. Call service centre dh dia suruh register tpi masih tak boleh buat. Id exited kluar kt wall sy nk register tu...

CIMB Bank / service

Soffe H on Nov 27, 2018

AT 2130H / 27 Nov 18, A call to your call Centre 03-62047788 seem everybody body pickup the call eventhough has be connected to person incharge for few seconds before it been disconnected.. I need to check with ur people since when the amout limit for withdrawal at ATM ha...

CIMB Credit Card Centre / unauthorized credit card charges

Karen Chong on Nov 19, 2018

Dear complaints team, I, sam Chong here (credit card holder : 4628 8802 0074 3879) would like to complain about a transaction for RM8407.00 to pyo travel agency on 13.11.2018. I never received any notification from your side via message or call in on that day. I also not received any...

CIMB Bank / rude customer service

SharonYap on Oct 27, 2018

27/10/18 (3.45pm) I have request to cancel one of the VISA credit card due to I seldom use and have to paid extra charges SST RM25.00 I understand that it is not CIMB bank who charge me but Malaysian government . I didn't blame CIMB bank because when I sign up the representative told me no...

CIMB Bank / credit card settlement

A.A Wong on Oct 23, 2018

I got 2 credit card with CIMB and i wish to settle one of it for this moment. Before I settle it, I called to CIMB to verify that will I get the release letter once I settle this card, the officer told me yes. After I settle the payment in August 2018, I called to request the letter, 1st...

CIMB Bank / complaint about my credit card cancellation without give a courtesy call

reed why on Oct 18, 2018

1/10/2018, i have request to cancel my 4 cimb credit card due to SST via CIMB click website . After that, they proceed to cancel my credit card directly without inform me / give me a courtesy call . i fell upset with CIMB bank . I have been a loyal customer many years .but CIMB didn't show...

CIMB Bank / pdpa concerns

Eqma Risman on Oct 17, 2018

Lately, CIMB been using their customers personal data especially phone numbers to be given to third party for telemarketing purposes. I as the customer of CIMB Bank never give consent to CIMB Bank to give my personal data to other parties and few days ago, it is not only me, but other...

CIMB Bank / I am complaining about staff

Shahirah on Oct 15, 2018

Hye, i want to complaint about cimb staff, regarding their service to the customer. It is really annoyed when it is your turn but she can still playing with her smartphone. And it took longer time to settle creating my bank account and after that, i have to wait because it is time for them...

CIMB Bank / housing loan refinancing

Yap Shen Yau on Sep 29, 2018

This is my first time using your bank facilities. Unfortunately, i get very bad experience on the facility applied. i signed & your bank was approved my application at MIDDLE of JULY, is very disappointed that i do not know why the fund not cover my exiting loan maintain at other bank ...

CIMB Bank / savings bank account

Prince Joses Lim on Sep 25, 2018

I am Prince Joses Y. Lim. My brother Perry Joseph Lim had a savings account with Southern Bank Berhad, Bayan Baru Branch. He died in 2016 leaving some money in his account. I contacted Southern Bank Berhad (now CIMB). I talked to a bank personnel. She told me to submit details so that...

CIMB / broken card replacement; charge of cards replacement

Azry on Sep 17, 2018

Hi. Earlier I call cimb customer service and ask about replacement for a debit card that is not function (maybe chip broken). The person incharge said that, there will be no charge for the replacement if the problem is regarding with the chip. There will be charge only for the missing...

CIMB Bank / complaint on short-changed of cash from alliance bank atm in servay likas, kk

Richard Spiji on Sep 3, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam, I would like to lodge an official complaint on what took place last week during my transaction through MEPS cash withdrawal I made using an Alliance Bank ATM at Servay Likas, Kota Kinabalu on Thursday, 30 August 2018 at 2.57pm. On my 1st transaction, I performed a withdrawal of...

CIMB Bank / request for complaint the banker sell my document for other people

eia ing on Jul 31, 2018

Date:31/7/2018 The manager Cimb bank Kl branch Dear sir/madam Re:Request for complaint the banker give my company detail to another people Company name:Y&F Account no: 8008532300 I refe to the captioned matter Iam writting to request for complaint the banker give my company...