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I'm complaining about the redraw from HOME FLEXI SMART

I would like to lodge a complaint regarding the redraw from my HOME FLEXI SMART. Firstly, we noticed that there's no any linkage from my account which i deposited the extra payment to my principle which been told able to redraw when needed. After visiting to CIMB branch, the staff are inexperienced to handle the issue, then following the manager assisted with guidance how to link my saving account with the HOME FLEXI SMART account, and been told it needs 3 to 5 working days to activate the linkage and services. Today is day 6, which still unable to activate and redraw. I tried to called your customer service number since i don't have the direct number to the branch coz there are unupdated information and contact to call to your branch. After all, i able to find the branch contact number from a banker. Unfortunately, your branch staff are inexperience to solve the issue as mentioned, but luckily given the branch manager contact due to not in the office. I called several times and end-up answer my call but too bad that the manager also not manage to resolve my issue eventhough been followed the guidance and instruction. The respond is asking me to send an email to CRU and wait for them to contact back. Now, it proven and shows that the employees even the manager are not well-trained to resolve the issue from your client. I personally feel bad on the standard of handling your clients. Moreover, those are the services and system setting by your bank with all kinds of convenience facilities but yet created more hassle, troublesome and undelivered services to your client. I'm now waiting for the respond and issue resolve but no any promising date and time by your bank. Since i'm already lodge a complaint and emailed to CRU, i'm expecting the soonest reply and response. My next step will lodge this complaint to BNM if there's no reply and response for the next 2 days. This shows how banking world works and i sincerely hope banks will treasure all of your clients who trusting your bank services. Thank you.

My house Refinance loan — your personal financial consultant having unethical behavior

On Jan 2020 in CIMB Branch Chukai myself and wife have visited one of your bank and meet your representative...


I'm complaining on CIMB process withdrawal of asb financing

My complain is on the longer time taken by CIMB to process my application as compared to other bank such as RHB which i submit my ASB financing withdrawal on 14th Jan succesfully send me settlemnt letter on 8th Feb 2020

I've come to the CIMB KL Gateway brqnch on 7th Jan to submit asb financing withdrawal form.

Miss Nor Atikah Ismail process and do verification and acknowledge received of the document an give me the ref no and customer service phone number to follow up.

How come CIMB until today no progress or update on it.
Despite of I went to branch again to asked on this on 21st Feb 2020, still yet nothing change and the person incharge who promise to look into it also no update.

I just wonder are the Bank really look into this or not as I have to bear on the interest charge and the bank keep on sending reminder for me to pay for the installment.

If the bank are blaming the asnb and pnb on this how come other bank can process less than 2 month and they also have to deal with Asnb and pnb.

I'm complaining on CIMB process withdrawal of asb financing

jalan datuk bandar tunggal seremban branch

My name is Manmohan Singh, Ic No [protected], Tel No : [protected] and am one of the three signatories to...

very slow action

Hi, i'm Hafiz from Port Klang.I want to complaint to the Branch Manager at CIMB Kangar.Before this, I already went there regarding Unclaimed money letter.They made wrong letter.I knew from Malaysia Accountant Department at KL.So, I cannot submit my application form due to wrong letter.Before that, CIMB Kangar said they make true letter but it's wrong.I refer back to CIMB Kangar and talk to Ms Shila as Branch Manager now.2019 other person.She said I can go to any branch to make new letter as per correct format given.When Port Klang branch refer to her, untill now that letter not settle.I so frusted.My process have been delay too long due to this problem.Kindly solve this problem..tq


CIMB Bank keep calling me to pay for stamp duty of my car loan When I went to the counter to pay for the stamp duty, the staff said there's no more balance on stamp duty. But CIMB keep calling me and warn me regarding the loan. In the agreement there's nothing mentioning about postage. Funny thing is they warn me by phone but when I ask for a letter, anything black & white they said they couldnt send me one. How irrelevant.

bad service

I had already informed your staff early of December that the home financing will be clear month end.but you staffs kept calling to chasing up the home loan!1day 3 staffs called just to tell about the home loan and need verification!this is really annoying and making people frustrated!Especially the staff name ms.krubafri! Please get back to me as soon as possible!

staff name intan and femi from sales dept

I received call from Intan who claimed that she only give information regards top up programme on 19 Nov 2019.

End of the conversation, I not agree to sign up the programme but the staff still continue with verification and hang up the call.

I called CIMB hotline again since I curious why the staff do verification even though I not agree do sign up the programme.

After few hours, staff name Femi called me and apologized as the staff provide wrong information. Femi claimed that the programme has been cancelled and my account back to original status (no changes happen to my account).

I have requested him to send email to me for references and stated in email as below:

1) top up programme has been cancel from my account
2) cimb bank promise that my account not impacted due to staff careless
3) staff intan get warning due to irresponsible act.
4) my account back to original status

However until now I didn't receive any email from cimb. I have called cimb today 07 dec 2019 and spoke with staff name Izzat. Izzat claimed that top up programme is still active however he will arrange call back from sales department as he can't confirm on status.

Cimb give me so much problem, why I need to follow up and wasting my time to call hotline due to your staff give wrong information? Your irresponsible staff still working there as usual without any problem but your customer who trusted you and sign up in your bank is suffering here.

I need call back by Sunday 08 dec or Monday 09 dec. If I didn't respond the call, cimb should keep call until I answer the call.

If this time CIMB not do arrangement, I will write it to social media.


feel cheated - issuance of credit card not applied

18/11/19, I was approached by Jayden from CIMB to apply 1 credit card at CHKL.
He did not explain the card benefits or send a softcopy of the application details for my reference.

27/11/19, I was shocked to receive 2 credit cards mailed to my house.
I felt cheated, hopelessly called his Head, Jeff Chew to cancel 1 of the cards as I did not receive any proper explanations from Jayden.

Jeff did not immediately attend to my cancellation request, but asked me to activate the VISA card, pay RM25 first and swipe 3 times before cashback instead.
He only whatsapps me regarding the matter, and insisted that the waiver is not confirmed(refer attachment).

Due to my frustration and disappointment on their service, kindly cancel both of the credit cards immediately and compensate me RM20 for contact expenses, thank you very much.

Chow Hui Hong

feel cheated - issuance of credit card not applied
feel cheated - issuance of credit card not applied

service explanation

I'm apply for bank check but the staff who attend me is lack of explanation and experiance.i ve been told to bring my bank book to using this service. Which is i never use it in previous process. I'm really dissapointed with this because this is not a just gave me a new problem.not try to solve it with a profesional way. Branch seri kembangan counter 3 &4. Both of them is not helping but to make the situation more complicated.

delayed for retention form for full settlement payment personal loan

I am hothaimalar Balakrishnan. On 21st I'm went for cawangan CIMB bank nusa bestari skudai, apply for...

did not process my cheque book request

Hi, I want to lodge on a complaint regarding bandar setia alam branch. I went to this branch on 18th oct...

loan settlement - cimb taming jaya branch

3/10/2019 - Saya ke cimb taming jaya untuk close loan account, selepas saya mengisi borang untuk loan settlement, cimb staf biarkan saya dalam keadaan yang terpinga-pinga. saya menunggu hampir 2 jam, dan saya bertanya pada staff cimb macam mana progress loan settlement saya, staf itu berkata saya boleh balik tidak perlu tunggu. Tapi kenapa after 2 hours baru staf cimb inform yang saya tidak perlu menunggu.

15/10/2019- saya telefon cimb taming jaya untuk progress loan settlement tapi layanan yang saya dapat sangat mengecewakan staf india daripada loan department tinggikan nada suara beliau dan bertanya apa masalah saya. saya langsung tiada peluang untuk bertanya, staf india itu seakan akan tidak mahu melayan panggilan daripada saya.

mohon ambil tindakan, layanan paling buruk daripada pihak bank yang pernah saya terima.

embarrassing use of terms

I was embarrassed to see my status categorized as block and closed acvount? Iam just started to open an...


termination of asb loan cimb

Hi, I submitted the termination of asb loan early of sept. And today when I call the customer service enquiry...

mortgage loan

My mortgage got arrears. Yes i am aware i have outstanding. When CIMB collection call me i never ignore the calls and always answer. I do not understand why they call my office number instead of my handphone. I never gave any concern to contact me through office number during my application of mortgage loan. When i ask the operator they said system dial. System is not operate by themself, it controlled by humanbeng right? i have complaints so many times not to call my office number but thing still happen until now. My mortgage loan is my personal matter and why need to call my office if i never reject call made to my handphone???? Want to let all my colleague know that i have outstanding. It is like an Áh long right???? looking people until lubang cacing. I do not angry if i try to run away or ignore your call then you find me like that but i never failed to answer your call because i know my responsibility only at the moment i cannot settle the outstanding. i only can pay current month. Please look into this matter or i will get report to PDPA. Thanks.

cimbclick instran transfer ke maybank, amount dikredit dan duit tak didebit ke maybank

Cimb-[protected] transfer Rm50 ke maybank, amount telah dikerdit pada akaun CiMb, tetapi pihak may bank tak...

poor customer management

On 27th August 2019 I went to cimb branch at ss15 subang jaya to get new mobile number updated for my cimb service. Counter staff directed me to atm machine and I managed to change. After few days I called cimb customer service as I noted my credit card transaction direct tac pin to my old number, they asked me go to branch to fill in form or email. 12th September 2019 I emailed and today already 25th September 2019 there is no update and I have been having hard time with my transactions . CIMB getting useless day by day!

instant transfer from cimb account to maybank account

Transfer from : CIMB [protected] (Account holder: Norhajariah Binti Tukiran) Transfer to : MAYBANK...


lousy customer service

Lousy customer service by staff named Winnie. Upon arrival to the customer counter no greeting or smile. No...

never reply to emails.

Hi I have emailed [protected] to request for a lost card. I have been waiting from 13th September until now. No one is going to contact me? I need the service urgently. This is unacceptable. I am working in Singapore and unable to go back to Malaysia at the moment and I really need it done. What kind of service is this

lembab nk mampos buat kerja dengan bagi macam2 alasan

Staff CIMB bahagian pinjaman perumahan branch KL Gateway.. Pada 29/8/2019 saya ke bank untuk buat full...

staff's service in cimb pasar borong selayang branch

Rude tellers. I went there to register a new account. The lady from the information counter asked me to sit...

customer service

I'm facing such a bad experience today 12/09/19 with Cimb Balakong branch. I go there around 11am today as i...

cimbclick and hotline

At 1st i log in to cimbclick. I cant access after putting ID. The internet WAS 4G. Then i call hotline. Then, the customer service asked me to log in to cimbclick during the call. She said no problem with my cimbclik. Maybe the internet is slow. I hanged up. Then i realize the internet access is down every time i call cimb hotline.For sure i cant log in to cimclick bcause your hotline made my internet down. I recall hotline later after realize all this then they dont pick up.. Fool me this cimbclick. I am wondering what they do with my money while i am not using then in account. I wont allow this happen again since i have quite big balance in this account and i required to use cimbclick application NOW. No consideration for cimbclick users. Please dont treat us customers like this because some of us might be in URGENT SITUATION TO USE MONEY LIKE TRANSFERRING MONEY FOR FOOD OR MIGHT BE TRANSFERRING FOR EMERGENCY MEDICAL FEE FOR DYING PEOPLE. I am saying this not because i am one of them luckily, but please think wisely in managing the application that can help people in our community. I am saying i WONT KEEP MORE MONEY IN CIMB AGAIN due to this inconvinient reason. I dont understand why there are rich people working in this bank. I started to negatively thinking cimb uses my money for gaining more money while i cant use my money online in cimbclick (POSSIBLE INVESTMENT, MIGHT BE) for them. If one day cimb is going to be declared bankcrupt, i know what is the main reason. Regret having cimbclick with hotline that fooled me on this.

credit card

I been using the credit card for years and never late for payment. I paid for the exact outstanding amount and somehow system showing that i paying RM20 lesser . The finance charge for this RM20, generated for RM140 for the following month.
Meanwhile i was not alert and until found out from the statement . Called to bank and the customer service just explained it was due to the RM20. His advice to me was to pay full amount to avoid finance charge which not related to my issue.
Maybe my mathematic is poor and i could't Relate the RM20 to RM140 in a month.

cimb debit card payment issue (mastercard)

Hi Its RAI NAVEED ARSHAD here account holder of [protected] passport number FU1916873, a student at UTM...


credit card

Im so disappointed to CIMB bank credit card facilities. I use RHB bank purchase products and they able to provide me the purchase item with 2.5% installment for half year. But CIMB did not have this kind of facility! Charge me 9.8% for cash dont know what. It is the worse bank i used before. Other banks got this kind of facility but mine have to pay so high interest.

My friend told me CIMB card can after purchase the item and call to do installment like RHB bank. But it is not! Im so regret i use CIMB card and saving everything and i will stop using after this kind of suck faciltiy. I also will advice my friend through social media to let them know CIMB have bad facilities

customer service, worker's quality

On 31st July 2019, 2.30pm at cimb batu caves branch. A male counter worker at first floor performed bad...

reactivation of cimb clicks account.

Donny Lim [protected] Report number 1-[protected] CIMB card [protected]. Account number...


tidak menerima statement dari cimb dari hari pertama membuka account

Assalamualaikum, tuan, pertamanya pihak syarikat kunami enterprise yang berpengkalan di pulau pinang...

housing loan shortfall (property auctioned)

we bought property at tasik puteri rawang, selangor on year 1999.
Via loan bank with rm 130, 590.00

we uanable service the loan due some business downfall. And
my property already auctioned and bank already recovered some amount of rm 70, 000.00.

Cimb bank already made me and my wife with bankrupt on 2012.
And we been paying some repayment to jabatan insolvensi selangor and now already almost 7 years ..

I would like to make an official complain and i need help from head of bank management to consider my request to make an settlement with some payment amount of rm 15, 000.00 only, to clear my loan due and also to release me and my wife name from bankrupcty status.

I also made an official letter to request since 2015 for some consideration on special case to settle my debts and also follow up by visiting and discussiing with bank officer at cimb bank jalan tun perak, since december 2018, but not very succefull and bank officer keep on demanding with amout of rm 154, 193.55..Which i feel is unaceptable to settle.

With reason bank management not agree to my proposal . And so my last meeting is on 11th july 2019., with the some same repeating story again.

Since parlimen is already apporoved with a new bankruptcy law to help bank customer with exceed some 5 years of serving the bankruptcy, so why the cimb bank management dont want accept my proposal.

So today i made this official complain here, because i dont know who to ask for help . Pls consider and help.

My account new: [protected]
my old account: [protected]
southeast asia special asset management bhd
jalan tun perak .Kuala lumpur

my phone no: [protected]

officer in charge of my file: nazirah abdul samah and salmah
team manager: arfah on

unauthorised debit card transaction

I would like to make a complaint regarding the above matter. On 05-07-2019 at 7.01pm I've received a message stated rm99 was charged to my debit card for FOTORESHOP which I didn't know bout the transaction. My debit card no ([protected]) name of the card holder(nurhafizah binti daud). I've already blocked the previous card and change to a new one. Please take further action on this matter. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

unauthorised debit card transaction

bad service ever

I went to the Penang Batu ferringhi CIMB branch for open the new current account on 29/5/19 and submitted all the forms which required as per bank procuderes. Since the current account officer was on leave, another customer service officer was handle to get collected all documents from me and she informed me that the current account officer will do the rest of the registeration parts on next day and will contact me whithin 2 days.
I am wait until next monday (3/6/19) but there is no phone call from the bank. I went to the bank and met the current account officer for follow up. The current account officer kept my all application forms and other documents in his tray on his table and told me that the registeration not dont due to he is too busy. I am not satisfy with the answer which given to me and Humbly requested him to carry out the registeration works as soon by next week becouse I will be at over sea (cambodia) for 2 months. I need to be settle this before I left. The current account stupid officer told me that the system is error and will be error until end of this month. I called the bank manager whitout bother him and explained the situation to the Manager. The irresponsible manager told me that the branch will be close or shift from Batu ferringhi. I said I am waiting since last week and now you all come with the stupid story to me. Wasted my time. I told the manager that your current account officer informed me that the system will be error? He answered to me "error error loh" what you want to do? Go ahead..." I am very upsat and took all my submitted documents to them and left the bank. Very poor service. I am still not satisfy with the service provided by the non qualified manager and the current account officer.
The Manager name is ;
Mok kok choy

bad service ever


Nama : Norlela Binti Din No. KP : [protected] No. Phone : [protected] (Office) / [protected] Saya telah...

account opening


One of my worst experiences amongst banks was with cimb today 10/05/2019.

I went to cimb damansara, to open a new account and I was served by a gentleman sitting at counter 7, he told me being an expat, I cant open a account with cimb, although, I had provided him my employment visa, approval letter, company employment letter and tenancy agreement.

I was surprised to hear this, I even told him, that day before I had called your hotline and they advised me to go to damansara branch to open the account, his reply was even amazing, he said " call centre people have no knowledge, they just say anything, is this a joke? This how a bank is run and is this your customer service.

Utterly disappointed

Best regards
Himanshu kaushik

spoiled money withdrawn from atm

withdrawn money rm2400 frm atm machine at jinjang selatan on 30april19 damages/spoiled when to do payment thru cash deposit machine to cimb itself when failed to transact to other bank cdm. i spent till late night tried to deposit to several atm but fail. these could be shared with others to ensure these will not repeated as fews pieces rm50 note had spent at merchandise. thanks.. hp0193973552

spoiled money withdrawn from atm
spoiled money withdrawn from atm
spoiled money withdrawn from atm

late and finance charges-credit card

Hello..Im Asiah, CIMB credit card holder. I feel not satisfied when I receive my latest statement which CIMB charge me late and finance charge of RM 107.68. I am overlook to pay the outstanding amount of RM 4235.93. Due date is 2nd Apr, and i make transfer from my cimb account on 3rd Apr. It only not even one day delay.

I was thinking to cancel my credit card. Please kindly proceed to cancel



service tax

I would like to complain customer service not allowed me cancell for credit card coz of service tax 25, I said already settled outstanding except service tax I won't pay ...she is Aini, I wan cancell my card why cannot allowed ? Must ask me pay service tax ... I'm really unsatisfied with this service ...pls call me [protected] for waiver of service tax & cancellation of credit card

service treatments

I'm not [censored]ing sattisfied with one of the staff. The staff named rafidah is rude to me and family. If she's having a bad day or periode she doesn't have to talk like i'm the most dumbest person in earth. You can talk politely to us right? And you're supposed to talk politely to your client. The treatment that she gave me are really unpleasent. I'm so irritated by her behavior. This is my first time having an account at cimb bank. And she treated me and my family like this?? I hate that she's looking down on my family and acting like she's really irritated by us. I'm definitely not gonna have another account ot making any loan to this bank. Cimb bank please consider every staff that you have. I see a lot of comments about your stuff behaviours. Please tell your staff to be profesional and polite to your client. I swear to tell everyone that I know about this.
Please do take some actions to rafidah. She's working at one of the cimb bank in mentakab.