Barclays Bank Plc. / Funds transfer requirement (S) :

I keep receiving this in my inbox. I have attached the letter.

Is this true? I am concern, the bank is asking me full personal detais which are very sensitive.

From the desk of,
Mr larry beckham
Barclays bank plc.
England. Registered no: 1026167
Registered office:
1 churchill place, london, e14 5hp


Welcome to barclays bank of england plc (C) , our goal and mission is to provide quality international banking solutions which exceed our expectations at a competitive cost. Our aim of providing global excellence in international banking is provided by our staff members and worldwide network to serve our clients/customers better through the next century.

Barclays bank of england plc is a confirm affiliate of the bbc lottery, and its stipulated/regulated by the financial service authority (Fsa) , the authority that handle all financial activities here in th uk. The e-mail herein is to inform you that your particulars have been received & verified in this office and we have confirmed that you are the rightful bbc lottery beneficiary of 500, 000.00 pounds. This means that you have been officially cleared for payment by the verifications dept.

Your prize money worth 500, 000.00 pounds was deposited with barclays bank of england plc to be transferred/remmitted to your bank account via a telegraphic online bank to bank funds transfer. Meanwhile; to begin with the process of transferring your winning funds to you, you are required to send to this office the following informations as outlined below:

Funds transfer requirement (S) :

Bank name:
Bank beneficiary name :
Bank account number :
Address of bank :
Swift code:
Personal phone number:

On receipt of the above funds transfer requirement, we will immediately put inplace the various modalities that will effect the transfer of your preffered bank account, as well inform you on further funds transfer requirement.
We await your urgent response as regard this matter.

Mr. Larry beckham,
Fund transfer officer

Barclays Bank Plc.


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