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Barclays Bank Of Delaware / Turned in to credit bureau

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Phone: 845-434-3811

My husband and I have worked hard to have good credit all of our lives. We always pay our bills on time and/or pay them off. We've made several real estate investments. We found our future retirement home and we are in the process of purchasing. We found out the Barclays Bank of Delaare had turned us in to the credit bureau. Thus, making us have bad credit and a higher interest rate on our loan. Spirit Airlkines said that we applied for a card. We do not have a card, do not remember ever applying for a card, and there is no balance they say on the card. BUT, they want us to pay an annual fee and because we didn't then they turned us in. I can't believe this is happening. I am a good patron of Spirit Airlines. I've been flying on the flights for several years, but never again. Now the loan for our retirement home is at fault and we have to pay a higher interest rate. I would understand if this was a bill that we let go and never paid, but we never even USED the card. Please, help us. My husband has been on the phone with Barfclays Bank in Delaware and they are saying it would take months to get rectified. This is totally ridiculous.

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      4th of Jan, 2010
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    I am not surprised. I recently applied for the Spirit Mastercard issued through Barclays Bank and was denied based on the following primary reasons:

    1. High number of recent inquires
    2. High utilization of another credit card
    3. Recent delinquency

    When I read this letter I freaked out. I pulled my credit report from all three bureaus (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian) expecting to find a mistake or fraudulent activity on one of my accounts. Instead, I found my spotless credit - 10 years of NEVER making a late payment (NO delinquencies!), a FICO score of 741, and an all around solid credit history. Let me also mention that I have not requested any kind of loan or CC in over two years NOR have I even used a credit card, let alone "highly utilized" a credit card, in over 14 months. In fact, I usually pay double my minimum payment every month on every balance. I am a responsible borrower.

    So what do you think happened when I called Barclays Bank to try and solve this mis-matched credit mystery???? They told me to call the Credit Bureau! I said, "Sir. There's nothing wrong with my credit. That's the point! I think Barclay's Bank ran someone else's Social Security number on my name... Do you see the problem with this????" They said NOTHING in response. They would not acknowledge any wrong doing, offer any solutions, or explanations. According to Barclay's Bank, this was apparently my problem. End of story.

    This happened 2 days ago. I have still not resolved this. If anyone has any advice on who I should complain to, PLEASE HELP!

    p.s. I'm really tired of watching this banking system get away with making such flippant decisions over people's credit histories -- and futures. They hold such stringent rules for us to uphold, but they don't even pretend to abide by any rules themselves. Is it too much to ask for some accountability?

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