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Bank Of America / merchant services

1 WA, United States

I will never bank with Bank of America again. I will never use their merchant services and I will encourage everyone I know to find other banks. In all honesty I have felt this way for a long time. Keep in mind, that it’s been middle class, hard working customers like me who have kept B of A in business.

I used B of A merchant services from 7/1/08-1/31/09. I called a week or 2 ahead of handing over my business to a new owner to find out how to close my account etc.
I was instructed to call after business hours the last day to close my account and that my transactions would be processed by midnight of Jan. 31st.

I also encouraged the new owner to use B of A merchant services which I totally regret now. She has had nothing but headaches with their new system.

I received a statement for Feb. where the monthly charges were $38.88. The one transaction left from Jan. 31st was $47.64! Why this was not processed by midnight(1/31/2010), I don’t know, except it’s a great and easy way for the bank to make a few extra bucks on the backs of it’s customers.

Charging me for a whole month for this one ‘left over’ transaction is just wrong and while “legal” is not good customer service or fair in any way.

I called on 3/9/2010 around 4:15pm Pacific time and spoke with 2 women, the second, being Stephanie (ext. 2624) who was supposedly a manager. They both immediately refused to reverse the charges as “it was in the signed contract”. They were both broken records and repeated this at least 4-5 times each. I’m sure they are instructed to do this. I’m sure many people give up
and go away.

After about 10-15 minutes of trying to get some satisfaction, and not giving up, Stephanie finally agreed to reverse the $25 fee, “to end this conversation”. I do appreciate this, however, I still feel that the entire fee of $38.88 should have been reversed except for the fee just for the transaction (which is impossible to really decifer) but which is probably more like 4-6% of the total transaction. I would never have allowed customers to use credit cards on that last day if I would have realized that this was going to happen and that B of A would not consider a better solution without a fight.

I am now an aggravated customer but was fairly happy up to this point with the merchant services customer service. I put up with the fees and processing structure which again, are impossible to figure out and I think way too much for what you actually get. I did this to make it as convenient as possible for my customers. B of A customer service is good when it comes to questions and help and it should be for the prices and fees they are charging. It is not good when it comes to the bottom line – fees. There is no consideration for what is fair or a situation which the bank may be at fault. They have their contract and fair or not, they are not going to budge-even if it means keeping a long term customer.

People are really getting sick and tired of being nickled and dimed to death by big banks like B of A who are paying their executives and ‘higher-up’s’ exhorbitant bonuses, etc. I was just a tiny small business owner struggling like crazy to stay in business and totally over a barrel when dealing with the bank’s processing fees, etc. The system is totally wrong and should be reformed like so many of our institutions in this country.

If B of A would have responded to my reasonable request in the first place which was to reverse the $25 monthly fee, they would have had a very happy customer. Even though the $13.88 is really too much to pay for one $47.64 transaction, I would have let it go. They are actually making more money than I am with this one transaction (they didn't process when they said they would) as it stands.

I will be sending a copy of this letter to the US Attorney General and the Washington State Attorney General. I am sick and tired of the baloney that we as citizens and business people have to put up with to conduct business.

My first home loan was through B of A. I had business and household checking and savings accounts for years. I have an Alaska airlines credit card and will seriously consider cashing in my miles and cancelling it as well. Yes I’m sick of Bank of America. There’s really NOTHING in it for me.

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