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Bank Of America Making Home Affordable / fraud

1 NV, United States Review updated:

I am writing to complain in regard to Bank of America Making Home Affordable - Imminent Hardship Program. I called in in August to ask for assitance due to a pay cut. I was struggling otherwise I would not have called. Was given instructions on what documents to send in and called back to make sure they had received my paperwork. I was told 90 days. A few weeks later I received a call from the "Imminent Hardship Program" . The agent told me I qualified and to apply. I did at the end of Septmenber. They told me my financilas were still godd and that they would ask me if they needed any update. I asked about the time fram for approval and I was told 90 days. I waitd a little longer and called again in November. I was told that my application was actually submitted and still under approval. The Agent was very nice and told me "it will be approved, dont' worry". After the Holidays I received another pay cut. I called in again in January and spoke to a represantative who told me that I had no application and that he didn't know what I was talking about. He hung up the phine when I started crying. I called again and spke to a supervisor and she told me I would receive a packet in the mail within 2 weeks. This was January 19th and as of today 02/18 I have not received anything. I called again today, was on the phone 52 minutes only to be told that my application was submitted on january 19th!!! They all lied to me and how can I be sure that the last person I spoke to today is not lying to me too? I was told AGAIN that I have to wait 90 days, I have been waiting 6 montha whic is more than double the time and I am BROKE! I do not have the money and resources to go on! During my last call I was told to write a letter to Jennifer Brooks who is the director of the Making Home Affordable program fro Bank of America and I will write her but I will also wtite to all the newspapers and TV news to make sure this is heard!!!

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  • Ka
      22nd of Feb, 2010
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    While we were trying to work with them regarding our payments (after the loss of my husband) I was given the runaround as well. It did take a loooong time, I was told 90 days again and then that I wasn't qualified. It seemed everytime I called they never had any record of the information that I submitted to them! I don't understand why there is such a lack of communication between departments and employees, people put notes in the computer!!! NOT THAT HARD BANK OF AMERICA!

    I wish you the best of luck, I am now in the foreclosure process because they said my income was simply too low and that I didn't qualify for any government programs for assistance. Go figure! My advice to you is to bother the hell out of them! I know it is very frustrating to wait on hold for an hour and still feel like you have gotten nowhere and not know who you can trust. But you have to be persistent, the bank is not out there fighting for your house, unfortunately you have to fight this battle on your own. Don't give up and don't allow them to lose you in the cracks. Good luck!

  • Ka
      22nd of Feb, 2010
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    Also you might want to try to contact some local housing organizations regarding your problem before things get very serious. They might have contacts or be able to get some updates on the progress of your application, I can only imagine that they have much experience dealing with this crappy company. I believe many of the services are free especially due to the foreclosure crisis this country is currently dealing with.

  • Ma
      13th of Apr, 2010
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    Same experience - submitted my paperwork in December 09 and was told today (4/13/2010) that I need to resubmit everything because they lost my case information when they changed systems!

  • Bo
      30th of Apr, 2010
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    Very similar situation. Was told I didn't submit my information in time (dec 09), but was told by a sup (jan 10) that as long as I got the paperwork in b/f the end of Jan 10 that i was good to go and to make the trial payments. I made all the trial payments and was told we were denied b/c of the date of the paperwork. All along, we should have never been able to make trial payments and follow the plan if my paperwork was not received in the time they state...even though i spoke to numous people indicating that we are the MHA program and to keep making the trial payments.

    Now I am 60 day behind b/c of the decreased payments that were set up and have a balance that has carried over because of this. They are expecting us to come up with the 60 days work of payments (2/normal monthly payments) before they would consider us to start the process over.

    This company (BOA) is the most unorganized company out there. They force people to go default to be in the MHA program and then lie or misdirect consumers on the process. I followed all their directions on the process and somehow this is now my fault and may end up facing forclosure or brankrupy because their inablity to correctly follow the rules and process of their company's policy.

    Does anyone know if there is a consumer complain going against BOA where we can file our issue with?

  • Bo
      6th of Jun, 2010
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    Company phone = 800-669-6607
    Incident = In February 2010 I contacted my mortgage lender Bank of America about their Making Homes Affordable Program in which I was solicited via the internet. I did call and inquire but was told I did not qualify. About 6 weeks later I receive a FED-EX package about the program. I called Bank of America and was told the documents were sent by mistake and to "toss them in the trash." That is exactly what I did.

    On June 4, 2010 I noticed that $199.16 was missing out of my checking account. After looking through my bank statement my fixed rate mortgage had jumped from $424.17 to $523.75 in May of 2010.

    I contacted Bank of America and was told "this is your new payment as we opened an escrow account to pay your property taxes and insurance for the Making Homes Affordable Program. I explained to 7 people over a 2 hour time period that I was not eligible for the program, never signed any documents nor submitted an application and have paid my own taxes and insurance outside of the loan since I first purchased the property.

    The bank did admit that I did not qualify for the program but the escrow account had been set up and it could "never be terminated." "You will have to just live with it Mr Russell the rep explained." I told her my taxes are $199 a year and my yearly insurance is $250 but your withholding almost 1, 200 a year? Response: "well at the end of the 27 years we will refund you the difference". I then informed her that Bank of America fraudulently changed the terms and conditions of my loan without permission, my knowledge, or any signed documents. Response we do this all the time its perfectly legal for us to withhold for your taxes and Insurance. I stated my taxes are paid to date and so is my insurance, you cant legally raise my mortgage!

    I explained to the representative that I may not even be able to pay my mortgage next month as Bank of America has funneled out $199.16 out of my checking account due to the "increase in my mortgage." Well Mr. Russell if you don't pay your mortgage, we will simply have to foreclose on you and have the Sheriff remove you." I explained to her I have a limited amount of money and pay my property taxes each year with a small bonus check I receive from work, my insurance is paid in small increments monthly and I cant afford a $100 monthly increase in my mortgage. The representative then hung up.

    I called Bank of America back and basically was told pretty much the same thing after speaking with 4 more people and a supervisor. The supervisor informed me that he could "try to opt me out of the program"(could take months) you know the program I did not qualify for, and never returned any documents or applications I stated. He said yes sir that one. I demanded my $199 back (1/2 of next months mortgage payment) that Bank of America had fraudulently removed from my bank account via auto-pay. The authorization was only for $424.17 a month not $523.75 Response: its not possible Mr. Russell. Because of Bank of America fraudulently increasing my mortgage and illegally withdrawing more than agreed upon I'm sure I will have overdraft fees as I only have $9.00 left in my account.

    It is quite apparent that Bank of America is committing blatant fraud in order to account for the TARP money they have received. If you are wondering why their numbers have increased by 70% in one month, allegedly enrolling more people in the Making Homes Affordable Program? This is how their doing it. I no doubt will loose my home as I will never be able to catch up or pay the higher unlawful increase in my mortgage. Did I mention my taxes, insurance, and loan payments have never been late!
    Damage Resulting = My end up loosing my home.
    Contact me = Y

  • Bo
      1st of Jul, 2010
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    Thanks for the info. I did what you said and they failed ...I am hiring an attorney tomorrow afternoon to sue the living crap out of them. My State Senator has been a big help and reported them to several Government agencies on my behalf. What they did was fraud and Illegal! I am possibly going to testify to the senate to show them how poorly Bank of America is ripping people off under this program.

  • Up
      26th of Aug, 2010
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    Can we ban together and start a class action law suit. My personal nightmare.

    This program only benefit the banks so they don't end up with another foreclosure.

    Back in October 09 I called Bank of America and only inquired never signed up. Plus I did not even qualify since I was on unemployment. You all know how thorough I am I called several times to find out more information about the process finally a supervisor actually told me it would ruin your credit. They hold four payments as if they are late waiting to see if you even qualify.

    Thinking I had no worries since I did not sign up I continued to mail my payments in regularly as usual.

    I had a new roof put on and had to send my insurance check in to the bank for their signature. When they did not send it back I called the bank and phone call went directly into the collections department. (what the heck I have always had perfect credit) They kept telling me it was a computer glitch. Finally I got the check back.

    Then in December I noticed my house payment had not cleared the bank and was going to be late. I called the bank and once again my call went directly into collections. After several calls and being put on hold and then being hung up on I found out I was put into the Making Home Affordable program and they were holding my house payment checks for four month, which would ruin my credit. I went to the nearest branch and sat for over four hour refusing to leave until this was straighten out and my payment was made. Actually the bank had closed and I was still there. Finally they said is was straightened out and I had a receipt for December's house payment.

    This continued to happen and it has been a terrible struggle for me to try and clear this up. Finally one Branch Manager has helped and got BofA to pay one house payment for me for all my trouble while they attempt to straighten this out. They continue to say it is a glitch in the system and they take the codes out of the system and some how the codes were back in there again the next month. At one point I went from the MHA program to the Forebearance program which I did not agree to either. The codes appeared and more form letters would generate and be sent to my address. Bank of America has been unconcerned and I am just a number to them.

    I should of sued them and been done with them. I tried to contact Clark Howard but his rep just told me there were so many complaints for the MHA program and BofA just to contact the OCC. I tried to call the news station with no help.

    I finally wrote a complaint to the OCC and that got their attention. After being passed around to four different employees at a higher level as they all remind me now that my account goes directly to the Office of the President instead of collections. I hand fed each person all the information and lead them to the code problem and they remove the code and think they are a hero... One lady was actually cleaning up my credit month by month while everyone else told me since I was current it had not affected my credit even after I showed them my credit report stating I was put in the MHA program and only able to make 1/2 of my payment. (beware of this program it will really mess up your credit and you still owe all the money) as far as I can see it only helps the banks. The lady that admitted my credit needed clearing up no longer works for the bank and all my messages just went to her voice mail until it was full. When I contacted the office of the President they acted like they never heard of her and she did not work there. Then a rude person was assigned to my case who knows nothing about my 8 months of hell as she started with my case in May. She continued to tell me my credit was fine and all I received from BofA were form letters showing each month they sent some type of corrections to:

    Equifax, Experian, Innovis Data Solutions, and Trans Union Credit. I have a three ring binder full of documentation.

    I asked the latest rude person from BofA what they were going to do for me. She offered me a gift card to Target for the hours I had put in (which was way over 200 hours.) But she boldly stated no more house payments would be made. My payments are low as I had to take my escrow away from them as I found them way over charging me and oopps there were more glitches in the systems stating they had mailed me escrow checks that I never received. Now I pay my own taxes and my own insurance. Needless to say I don't trust BofA at all.

    Since I still had no resolution to my original complaint I contacted the OCC again (they are an organization like the Better Business Bureau for Banks) and they asked me to fax in an addendum. Which I did and now I have faxed and mailed in two more addendum complaints.

    Lo' and behold as soon as I sent in another complaint this employee made another house payment which is a small amount in comparison to hours I worked. She never called me and told me. She does not return my calls. When I fax her document I have to refax them. Wow I did received a FED EX with another wonderful form letter stating I had been DECLINED for the Making Home Affordable Program after 10 months of HELL. I wonder what detrement that has caused my never blemished credit.

    I wished we could stop mortgage companies from selling our loans to these high powered Banks. Why do we have to use these banks? Since we are paying the payment why can't we pick the bank. Why does a refinance cost so much money? the banks have already been bailed out why don't they refinance all our loans for the lowest rate and cut the amount due since our houses not worth much anymore. We bailed them out why aren't they forced to help us why do we have to ruin our credit. It makes no sense that they force people out of their homes and then have to find someone else to buy it at a lower price. Why can't they lower the price and let us stay in our homes. I am thinking about just walking away from my home and just renting. Your thoughs and advice on a Short Sale. At this point I just want the heck away from Bank of America.

    Sorry this was so long. I just saw an advertisement for the Making Home Affordable Program on Yahoo and wanted to warn everyone to beware of this program.

    If you have decent credit there is no help for those of us who truly need the help.

    P.S. August 25, 2010
    Today, I received a second statement for my September payment stating I owe $1, 464.99 for escrow. I went through a lengthy process back in January and qualified to have my escrow cancelled. At that point my February payment was calculated with out the escrow. I need your assistance Bank of America is continuously billing me incorrectly and making mistakes on my account.

  • Al
      30th of Aug, 2010
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    I totally agree I have beem fighting with the making homes affordabble for months.I was never late on a house payment before I applied I sent the partial payment in per BAC, now since I wa denied they have held my payments and state that I am over $3000 late and if they don't get that money I could face foreclosure.WHERE IS OUR GOVERNMENT . WHY AREN'T THEY OVER SEEING THIS PROGRAM FOR THE PEOPLE NOT THE BANKS.Everytime I call the bank they say they didn't receive all the information that was necessary. For gosh sakes they sent someone to my home and she took copies of all the info. I'm 63 years old, I was finally able to get the home I wanted and now I have to deal with this with everything else that, s going on.I need help and I don't know where to go...

  • Li
      15th of Sep, 2010
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    I have been trying to get some kind of decision from B of A since 2/10 . I was told my income did not qualify for me for a B of A refinance. The B of A mortgage officer suggested I apply for the making homes affordable plan and gave me a number to call.
    When I called, I was told the approval process would take about 45 days, then I would pay a reduced mortgage amount for 4 months. If I made these reduced payments, my loan would then be permanently modified to the lower payment.

    Nothing like this has happened. Today is 9/15/2010, and all I can learn is my application os still being reviewed

    I've spent hours on the phone. I've had numerous calls dropped so that I had to call back and start the circle of automated voice mail all over. I've talked with at least a dozen people, each of whom, told me something different.

    I was told I had been approved on 8/05/2010 by one person and that a letter of approval with a modified amount had been sent to me via Fed-Ex.

    Not two minutes later a different B of A employee said this wasn't true, no letter had been sent. My request was still being reviewed. I was told it went to QA on 8/9/10 and I would have definitely have an answer by 9/09/10. This date has come and gone with no contact from BA. I called yesterday and was told just to continue making payments that it usually took 30 to 60 days for QA to finish their process.

    My payment has increased from $1506 per month to $1934 because BA required I start an escrow account for taxes and insurance. BA paid an insurance payment that I had already paid. The insurance company sent me a refund which has allowed me to make the increased payment on time, but that has run out. I've been selling a few thing to help, but things to sell are running out also. If this program was designed to help those struggling with mortgage payments because of a change in wages, in the hands of BA, it has failed miserably.

    I was told by one agent that MHA program would not negatively affect my credit, by another that it would. I've been told so many different things it's impossible to make heads or tails of what is actually happening!!

    In my opinion BA is either deliberately defrauding it's mortgage customers or it is the most inefficient, disorganized company on the planet!!

    Linda Courts
    Wichita Falls, Tx.

  • Aa
      22nd of Sep, 2010
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    I did what John Wright suggested today and e-mailed Brian Moynihan about my issues with BOA. TWO HOURS (!) later, I got a call from someone in his office who told me they will be looking into it personally. They even gave me an actual name and direct line to call. My mouth is still open in shock. Thank you John! You're the hero of the day.

  • Mr
      13th of Oct, 2010
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    after reading all these complaints, i realize that we are not the only one in this boa shoe. its been 13 months since we have been in the "MHA" program.

    we have gotten run arounds from the very beginning. getting a response on the website in november 2009 saying modification was approved, you should be receiving documents soon. do not call back before january 18 as this can cause your modification to be delayed or cancelled.

    as you must know we never got the documents.

    received in april 2010 via fedex an approval letter and that they (boa) are in the process of preparing our permanent loan modification documents.

    again never received any documents.

    during this process which started back in september 2009, we have called boa every 2 to 3 weeks, to check on our status. they have always said we are "still in review".

    on a call i made on 10/6/10, the same response "still in review". i called back again on 10/7/10. this time they say our modification was declined.

    now what, they say that because of the decline our loan goes to a "second review".

    we are so disappointed and stressed out by this. we have made every single trial payment on time.

    the MHA program through boa is not working.

    i called again today, to update my information such as income and expenses. they say there is no other referral at this time.

    we really feel that we should not have been declined, especially after receiving documentation stating we were approved.

    what else can we do???


  • Jo
      13th of Oct, 2010
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    I have created for all those who have been abused by Bank of Destroying America's potentially irregular, fraudulent and simply abusive home loan modification process.

    My name is John Wright and I AM FIGHTING BACK!

    John Wright

  • Co
      18th of Oct, 2010
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    I know how all of you feel. I've been trying to work with them since last Feb. I was told to fax my papers in and to pay a certain amount each month which was much less them my payment. In April I recieved a letter saying they had recieved my papers and they were in the process of seeing if I would qualifie. To be patient that the it would take another 6 weeks. I called in May and they told me just to be patient. In July I recieved a forclosure notice. Icalled and they said they didn't know what happened they didn't see where anything else had been done, so I would have to star over. I should recieve a package in 2 weeks. I called at the end of 2 weeks to be told "oh they have 30 days to get it out". I called again the end of 30 days. The lady puts all my information back in and says there will be a package to me in 2 weeks. Another 2 weeks have gone by and I call to find out all the last lady had done was start me over once again. Now this lady tells me to fax my paper work in again. I did. I got a notice they recieved my paper work. I called Oct 5th and was told a stimulation package was sent out on the 5th that morning. As of today I still haven't got it. Because I'm in foreclosure no payments could be made so now I'm so far in the whole I couldn't make up the payments if I tried. I called today to be told it was coming and should be here they still had till the 19th to get it to me. Why don't I feel it's coming? What a night mare. I think these banks are the biggest crooks I know.
    I'm going to be taking a look at your site next John.,
    Connie Bernhardt
    Loveland, Co

  • Jl
      30th of Nov, 2010
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    BofA MHA is a joke! Clearly they do not know what they're doing, never had the man-power, knowledge, training, nothing to handle refinancing America's Working Class population. I applied (upon the advice of a Branches Loan Officer) in August 2009 and after resubmitting papers several hours of phone calls, very little correspondence from B of A, I finally received a letter that their decision would be made in 30 days, that letter was dated August 5, 2010. Again after weeks passed I receive my loan payment with an Escrow Account (never had an Escrow before, and never signed any papers indicating one would be opened) hours of phone calls I've made trying to find out the reason or if there had been a decision made. This has gone on forever and each person you talk to has a different story, 1) my paperwork is under review, 2) it's lost, 3) it fell through the cracks, 4)they will put an urgent msg to have someone contact me, 5) I will receive a letter soon...When I ask to speak to an underwriter or supervisor, just more of the same BS... I started insisting that SOMEONE contact me as to what is going on with the changes being made to my "Fixed Rate" loan. Well again after hours and I mean hours (it took over an hour one day to just be put through to a supervisor) I was connected to a woman who said she would be my personal contact person from here on out, gave me a direct phone number and apologized for the delay in receiving a decision. Well did not hear from her again and the number she gave me was bogus. Next supervisor I got on the phone, had the nerve to question my hardship and stated " you're current on your payments, what’s your Hardship then". December's payment comes in the mail and show a negative escrow amount and that they had paid my Property Taxes. Great, I was just about to make the payment myself, well fed up with getting absolutely no help, I went into my Branch, closed my accounts and reported my complaint to the Branch Manager. It was an emotional day for me as I have an my account opened for over 30 years, she had me give my info to the Loan Officer and I then learned this was happening to alot of people, the complaint was formally filed and two days later I was told that my account was being returned to original amount and the Escrow Account was being deleted. This was being process by the escrow dept not any dept. part of the MHA. I am waiting to receive my credit report as I was instructed to check it, as other customers were reported to Credit Bureau by BofA as delinquent even though they never missed a payment. Can't wait for this to be over, we'll just continue to struggle with other payments and grocery shopping, but I won't have to deal with MHA anymore! Over this whole odeal, I have tried to stay calm and patient, but this was it, I'm pissed that this Corporation (whom at retirement, I will receive a pension from) has with the American Government (President Obama) taken advantage of and assaulted the Working Class America. There has to be justice brought to these criminals.

  • Ge
      4th of Jan, 2011
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    Got a trail solution via NACA in June 2010, have not been contacted since the trail solution, which ended in September 2010. I contacted BAC, subsidiary of Bank of America, and was told it had been (3) months, and I would have to resubmit my current paperwork, expenses, budget, income, bank statements, etc. which I did. In November 2010, , I contacted NACA, and was told to update my documents, hardship letter, budget, income, bank statements, home insurance, etc. I faxed to NACA, on Nov. 17, and was told the information was sent to BAC via fax on 11/18/2010. Well, I received a statement yesterday, stating that I have until January 28, 2011 to pay 3900.00 dollars, when I called to state that I am in the process of a loan modication. That my paperwork was sent again on 11/18/2010. I was told they have no record of those documents. So, I refaxed the documents to HOPE and to NACA. There is defifnitely a stall in progress. I also spoke to my congressman assistant today, and was told to call back next week.

  • Am
      5th of Jan, 2011
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    I'm in agree with John Wright, i have been fighting with boa since 4/10, and now it is 01/11 i don't know what is going on i have documentation of each and everytime that i have called b of one point they said that i was approve for making home the are saying that it is in review. boa is really not doing the right things, they are lying, over, and over if there someone out there that know who we can contact or file a lawsuit against this b of a.

    Boa is going to be like a parking lot...lots with plenty foreclosure

    Please help Da!!!

  • Th
      16th of Jan, 2011
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    I am so stressed to the max about what boa is doing. i received my mha loan papers stating that i was approved. i called and spoke with a rep and a i told her that i would still be struggling to make my payment on time with this new payment. i stressed to the rep that i am living from pay check to pay check and do not have any extra funds. the rep sent a request to the litigation department and the under writer to review my new payment and see if they could lower it. they are know cutting hours on my job. i want to stay in my home but just make it affordable for me to make my monthly payments on time.. i sent in my paper work with a letter stressing to boa that i would still be struggling to make my payments on time. they want this pay on the 1st of each month this is unreal... they are making this so hard for me... i am waiting for someone to get back to me and i have not received a call.. i will call them back on 1/17/11 to see if someone had a chance to review my loan again. i did stress rep was this the best possible program for me. i feel that this was rushed and they dont care about their customer at all. please help...

  • Qv
      29th of Jan, 2011
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    I was denied with the making homes affordable program as well. It all started last year (FEB 2010), BOfA mailed the application forms and requested for me to submit all the required financial information. I waited and waited to hear back from them. I called them countless times to find out if I was approved or not. Though I was still making my regular monthly payments on time, I finally got an answer on(April 2010), when I called and spoke with a representative from the Home retention dept., who informed me that my trail payments went down $600.00 a month. When I found out, I was so excited and thought that "Wow, BOfA is really here to help"! So I did the trial payments for 8 months, until I received a FEDEX letter from BOfA stating that I was denied of the program. When I finally got a hold of a rep by phone, the first thing this representative asked me (after verifying my account) was that I owed BOfA $6000.00 and how would I like to pay that? I was shocked and asked how I owed them that money as I informed the rep that I was paying them monthly with my trial payments on-time! The representative said that because I was denied, that the $600.00 deducted during my trial period was due back to them, which also including the late fees! I informed him that I was never late with my trial payments and he said that all modification trial payments must be received the 1st of each month and that late fees will be included even if payments were received the 2nd of each month (meaning no grace period what so ever)! I informed him that 1) no one ever informed me that if I was denied that I still would owe them the $600.00 that was reduced during my monthly trial period and 2)No one in BOfA ever informed me that there was no grace period! Then the rep. mentioned that I should have received a letter confirming about my new monthly payment. I corrected him and said that I NEVER received a letter from BOfA about my trial payment plan. Instead of him assisting me, he was drilling me and questioned by saying "Well, how did you know about your trial payment amount?" I told him that because I was so dedicated to getting some financial relief, that I called every week asking about my modification approval, and that one of BOfa rep informed me BY PHONE about my trial payment. He didn't believe me, but I said to him, "You guys seem to know when you mailed things to me. Why don't you check your system and see whether you sent me a letter about my trial payment?" He checked his system and he said that even though we did not mail you that letter, you should have received that information during the first initial package back in Feb. 2010.

    Even though my family were struggling to make ends meet, I always made sure that I paid my bills on time and I actually had excellent credit until BOfA screwed up my credit due to this program; and here I thought that this program was supposed to help home owners with their financial situation, ensuring to find alternative financial solutions in order for us to keep our homes. Instead, this bank found hidden ways to alter their words, even their system by putting my hard-earned money into a "trial payment escrow account" and not my principal! BOfa found a way to rob innocent people for more money leaving us in more debt. They basically ruined so many peoples' credit scores and finances. Leaving more people in debt and homeless. They have ruined my credit and ruined my life! No one is helping! They have done nothing but put stress and anxiety to so many home owners who have done nothing but asked for their help! If I only knew that this Bank's plan was to ruin my perfect credit score, made me more in debt, now giving me the option to foreclose or deed in lieu, then I would have NEVER EVER have done this modification.

  • Ti
      3rd of Feb, 2011
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    I have been dealing with BOA for the last 29 months. I have been making each and every payment under the so-called MHA. I was told as recent as October 2010 that I was in the final stages of approvel. Well here is the straw that broke the camels back. I received foreclosure notices saying that my house will be sold on March 1, 2011. Needless to say, I have contacted BOA each and ever day starting on January 21, 2010 with no resolution. I have had it with them. I have been asking for the president of BOA info and I am told that they do not have ths information. I went online and googled it. I intend to write the president of BOA a nice nasty letter and the same will be emailed to him on tonight. They should not be allowed to do this and they will not get away with this. BOA is in for a fight of their lives. This is my home and it will not be taken from me without a fight!

  • Ms
      11th of Feb, 2011
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    Thank you for putting this together. My frustration level is at an all-time high! After 10 months of negotiations for what was supposedly a assistance in lowering my rates and my payments I finally received my new loan paperwork! It DID NOT match what I was told would be my new loan at ALL!
    I then began the pursuit of answers to my new loan paperwork only to get the run-around (while the clock was ticking on foreclosure if I didn't return the signed documents with payment of course). Only to find out that my "Negotiator" had been changed and the NEW Making Homes Affordable program was completed by someone that I have never spoken to!
    I filed a complaint with the OCC which I do recommend to anyone having these troubles. To which I received a call from the Executive VP Office secretary who promised me resolve.
    I did then receive a call to which they had no answers and promised me a return call the following day. Never happened. 3 days later I called again and got the run around and transferred to the FHA at which time I was told that there was nothing I could do.
    Now mind you, this was over the entire month of January. I spoke to more than a dozen people who promised to "escalate" my situation and get right back to me.
    I am leaving out a lot of details right now, because I just plain hate to type.
    I finally located Mr Moynihans office number and received the same run-around treatment and still no answers.
    Yesterday I got some resolve which allows me to at least afford my payment, but I am now hog-tied to this BS loan.
    What really annoys me is that as soon as I qualified (or so I am told) for the loan, it closed off any other options available and includes an enormous ballon payment and is considered a Junior Loan, making it a bigger challenge to re-sell.
    Yes, it is a nightmare and I want on board your platform!


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