Bank Of America Home Loan / fraudulant forclosure

Spokane, WA, United States

My house was forclosed on back in 2010 i recieved letters stateing that a auction date had been set and that if i wasnt out by sept of 2010 that sheriffs would be there to kick me and my family out i had been told by boa that i had no options as i did not qualify for home mod and it was to late for a short sale i then asked if i could continue makeing my regular payments plus an additional 300 a month to pay back the then 5000.00 dollars i was behind i was told no. then i spoke with the help numbers they provided and was informed that once the auction date passed the forclosure was done and that since it was a non judicial forclosure the bank could not sue me for the remaining balance so i picked up my family and moved into my moms basement in montana. Two months ago i was checking my credit report and found an active mortgage with boa showing that i was 41, 000.00 behind in payments with no mention of a forclosure i then did some research and found that in sept of 2011 a full year after the forclosure that boa did a discontinuation of the forclosure and furthermore a month later in oct 2011 changed the locks without at any time makeing me aware of the situation fast forward to today and ive been fighting with them for two months trying to get the situation resolved and they keep passing me off from one person to the next ive been calling every number ive gotton from every manager i can get and now it seems theyre just refusing to call me back

Bank Of America Home Loan
Bank Of America Home Loan

Apr 12, 2013

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