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Bank Of America / posting me 5 nsf's with a $1300 balance

1 Eden, NC, United States Review updated:

05/1/2009 -

Complaint:: My check is direct deposited every two weeks on a Thursday so on Wednesday (day before I get paid) I go around town and pay 3 very large bills with a check and I write 2 small checks for cigarettes, drinks and mail off an additional check. Thursday morning at 12:00am I am monitoring my online BOA account and I have a small overdrawn balance and I update until my direct deposit is received @ 12:05am I have over $1300.00 now I am showing a positive balance and no returned checks I also signed my account up to send me alerts to my cell phones for NSF, direct deposit, and a daily balance. I go shopping Thursday morning after I woke up and dropped my vehicle off to be worked on and got a rental and went shopping and out to eat I pick my car up Thursday afternoon and paid for everything and go home all the bills are paid and I have gone out to eat and shopped and still have money left over I feel good that I have paid bills and got the kids summer shoes and my car is up to date on everything so I'm happy I can relax now. I log into my account first thing when I get home on Thursday and see 5 checks that I had written the day before next to a C for cleared status so I check off in my check book that these checks have been cleared and are paid because the online banking center says the bank paid them and I have plenty of money in my account. Later on Thursday night I log back on to my account to make sure all my debit's have cleared from shopping and vehicle repairs and I see that BOA has credited me back for all 5 checks this is the same day that I have gotten paid I then notice five $35.00 pending fee's conveniently they do not specify NSF (yet) I called the bank and they explained that the checks where presented electronically on the day before (Wednesday) all 5 of them on the day I dropped them off were presented for payments and I asked why they where not posted on the account the day before they said that they are marked NSF when they are presented for payment then they go into review at 12:00 midnight meaning Thursday I asked why they where not posted NSF on my online banking account on Wednesday when they decided to return them and why I did not get my Alerts sent to my cell phone for NSF the supervisor said they are not responsible for not receiving emailed alerts and that the system updates between 12:00am and 6:00am of the next day and I said well why were they marked cleared as if you have paid them and then you credit them back they have nothing to say at all I said if they are in review at 12:00am midnight at the same time my $1300.00 pay check is being direct deposited why did you return them they said they can not refund me the NSF fees because it was not the banks fault that the balance during review at 12:00am-6:00am is more than enough to cover costs that the day after something is posted does not count for the item being presented for payment that the balance for the day before (the day it was presented for payment) is the balance that is effective for the item being returned which is the same thing as moving things around in the system to make the bank more money in fees but instead they make it a "policy" and I told them that I could have prevented another check that I have mailed out from bouncing if I had known that these items we're returned and I was charged $175.00 in fees when all 5 of the checks were returned but it was not posted to my account on Thursday at 12:05am for being returned Wednesday and I did not receive any alerts for NSF and they will not give me my $175.00 in NSF back and I told them to note to the account that I am on my way to the ATM to take out every dollar left before they take the $650.00 left for something that they didn't post the day they decided to pull something out of their ###. I took all this money out so I can go and pay those bills which after $175.00 in fees is not enough and the check I mailed off is not important as Rent, Water, and Electric which is what was returned and then the check I mailed off has now (a day later on Friday) just been posted to my account as cleared and about 30 minutes ago it shows them refunding me the check they took out and is showing a pending $35.00 fee (not specifying NSF conveniently) now I have made a deposit to make my account in the positive by $1.00 and as soon as I pay all the checks they have returned I will close this account I have already called my employer and stopped direct deposit from this bank. I also have a Wood Forest National Bank account (Walmart bank) and they are the best! WoodForest gives you your direct deposit pay check a day early and if they return my check they post it to my account immediately and they post NSF instead of 35 pending fee and then a day later post NSF. Woodforest also does not do credit checks and I have a $400.00 line of credit to over draft now that I have had my account with them for 6 months. I changed my payroll from Woodforest to BOA to get the keep the change where you get money for debit transactions and I have not yet signed up for this service but I will not be signing up for it and I am going back to Woodforest where they refund you 1 NSF or OD Fee a year and they know your face and name and if you OD your account to bad they will put in on a loan for you with no credit check and charge you a small amount monthly until you pay it off so you wont get continuous OD fees and most importantly they admit when they are wrong unlike Bank of America.

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      19th of Jun, 2009
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    We have had a bank of america account for about 3 weeks now, we transferred all of our money to this new account with them. In addition to that had both of our paychecks direct deposit to the account. Quickly we recieve our check card and welcome package. NOW, we never have cash until we get it from the atm and we dont have checks so as I said we transferred every penny we had to this new account since payday was around the corner. We work for two different companiesbut are paid on the same day. We both recieved word that our pay would be into the new account, payday for both of us was 2 days ago and we still have no paychecks, our employers have proff they were sent to B of A, whats worse it that we made 2 other deposit before payday, two for 600.00 each. Means we should have had 1200.00 opening and with our paychecks thats about 3500.00 that should be in my account today. We opened this account online because the small Ky town that we live in doesnt have a good bank so we cant drive to VA everytime we have an issue. So for a week I have been trying to sign into the online banking tells me our account info is not valid. So I call this morning to find there is finally something in the account after 3 weeks but its only 600.00 my husband goes to the ATM to withdraw the entire 600.00 since we have no money at all right now since B of A has it all. He swipes the card and enters the pin number that we chose and it says invalid pin and puts a freeze on the account. After 4 hours of yelling at customer service reps who dont seem to care, we finally talked to a lady who agreed to unfreeze the account but claims it was due to use swiping our debit card too mnay times in another state. Like we could get up drive 5 hours to an ATM and drive another 5 hours back on no cash and doing all this within 2 hours time. They are wrong but she still tells us that we can only use our card for credit purchases and it will be 7 - 10 days till we can withdraw cash because they have to resend us a new pin code. All this and I still cant use online banking and she tells me that she doesnt see any pending deposits either. So somewhere is over 2000.00 of our money . . . I told my husband in 7 days when we get the pin lets go over to the ATM and withdraw everything that should be in the account. The lady tells us that she doesnt know when that it will be on there but B of A can hold the checks on new accounts to make sure that they clear and are good checks. She seems to think that a month is acceptable to wait for a check to clear. I am sure that when we go to the ATM and withdraw 3000.00 that we will have a large overdraft fee and we will probably never know what happened to our money. But we have all the proof that our money was sent to them and when they take us to court we will have the proof of the money and all the times that we contacted them for proof at least we will get our money back. This is crazy I wish that I had read all these complaints before I signed up with them. We were using BBT and I am about to go back they are a great bank we just changed because of the benefits you are suposed to get with the B of A checkings that you didnt get with the other bank. I would trade the benefits for this anyday. Just dont let them do this, scream and kick its your money.

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