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Bank Of America Corporation / fraud analyst has discriminated against me and is reporting false information in her notes.

1 Chicago, IL, United States

2/15/18 I received a call from a fraud analyst named Latecia Nelson. I was told my accounts were frozen for opening a checking account and a fraudulent joint account. I informed her that I had proof and she stated that I needed to fax all proof. I did and I asked her when would my accounts be fixed. She stated that if I had proof, things would be resolved no later than Friday 2/16/2018. I tried reaching her, she never answered. I just wanted to know if she received my documents. My attorneys office faxed them 2 times and I faxed them once. I called and a rep answered the phone and told me exactly what was going on. He mentioned that I was accused of id theft. I was not happy. I do programming in a retirement home for seniors so I do tons of things that they ask me to do. Going to the store, buying medicine, even loaning money. This particular case, I was asked to make donations and give out cash gifts to workers and staff. Given that the residents are seniors, I make sure that every thing is documented because people can for get. Fast forward I got inconstant with a woman by the name of Amber Eden from the escalations department. I really had faith in her. I explained the situation and asked what I could do to take care of the situation. She stated in order to get my accents unfrozen quickly, I would need to go into the bank with the person who supposedly filed the claim and have a banker call the fraud department. We did on Monday, February 26, 2018. We walked into a bank of america branch located at 2163 N. Clybourn Ave, Chicago, IL. We spoke with a Banker by the name of Felipe Juarez. He verified both people even a State certified helper. We spoke with the analyst and the other party stated that she didn't make the claim and she wanted it withdrawn. The banker spoke back to the analyst and the analyst asked the individual extra security questions and she answered correctly. Long story short my accounts are still frozen, the analyst put in the notes that i never went into the bank with the individual. I continue to call and no one wants to help. I finally was told by a rep by the name of Marc that if i went back into the bank and had the banker confirm that i was their, my accounts would be unfrozen. He called and a woman by the name of Rachel stated that she couldn't be sure that the accuser came in. The banker stated that he verified us to the analyst in charge of the case. He even mentioned that all calls are recorded and they have cameras. She insisted they we go in again. Why do i have to continue to go through this. The woman is elderly and i don't want her to continue to go through all this back and forth. Why is the analyst not reporting correctly in her note. Today i was told by a helper of the woman that Latecia Nelson thinks i bullied her into coming and i'm taking advantage of her. The analyst has stopped everyone from helping me and she hasn't even called me to update me. I currently have an eviction notice. I have filed several complaints with wit OCC, BBB, and consumer affairs. This analyst is taking matters into her own hands and even lying on her notes.

Mar 1, 2018

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