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Bank Of America Corporation / boa allowed scammer/money mule to take money from victims

1 Houston, TX, United States

This review is strictly about my experience with BOA as a non-customer US Army veteran. I wish I could give them no stars at all. I was getting a shipment for a friend from overseas. My shipping agent had a Bank of America checking account to accept payments. I made a total of 3 deposits (2 of them were over the counter with cash and my name was on both deposit slips), and 1 was a wire transfer to her checking account back in August 2015. Long story short, I never got my shipment by the end of August 2015 as promised by my shipping agent!

By the beginning of September 2015, I then learned that my shipping agent was actually working as a money mule for a scammer! I reported the entire situation along with all my evidence (withdrawn records from my bank, multiple emails, 2 police reports (Houston and Sarasota Police Departments) that their customer had been scamming me during August 2015. After she took my payments, she committed money laundering by sending my payments overseas! BOA Fraud department believed that I was the victim of fraud but they refused to reimburse my payments. Again, they kept saying that they would never let criminals open bank accounts with them but it was all a lie! I knew if they could put a crime alert on my shipping agent's account, at least I wouldn't have to suffer any financial loss.

I was extremely depressed over this whole thing all the way from August 2015 till today. I lost a total of $45K. That was my entire life savings.

Noted that I am a US Army veteran. I read about how BOA would always do something to help veterans, but I guess in this case, they don't care about making it right for me.

To those who are currently banking with BOA, do you really like to bank with someone who allows scammers/money mules to commit crimes ripping off others? Also, do you like the fact that BOA isn't truly giving helping hands to any veterans as they promise they would?

All my family members, relatives and good friends had left BOA after knowing my fraud story with BOA. Working in the real estate industry, I don't even bother referring any clients out to get home loans from BOA. Please do yourself a favor. Stay the heck away from BOA.

Updated by dragonmom2013, Mar 17, 2017

3/17/17, I just had a chat with Karen Thibeault. She is one of the executives of BOA. She pretty declined my request for my $45K.

Mar 17, 2017

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