Bank Of America Corporation / a denied credit card dispute

San Diego, CA, United States

I purchase a car hood and bumper, the bumper was received and the hood was not i filed a dispute for the hood plus shipping fees, the claim department processed 2 claims that same day 1 for full invoice of 2 parts and shipping $515 and 1 for the missing part and shipping $363.78. the one claim for $363.78 was correct, BOA credit and debit both claims i called claims department i was told they received merchants information invoice and freight receipt which in deed stated that they only delivered hood therefore claim department open a 3 claim and it was refused once again. i finally went into a branch for help they asked to write a statement and fax it to claims department. as of today the dispute was refused again and im lost at $363.78 i don't understand why if BOA has all information they need for refund of the part that i did not receive. can someone please contact me and help me resolve this issue i have been a customer for over 10 years and cant believe that your are company is not helping me. im not asking for free money im asking for a refund which is my money and i have a right to get refund for something i did not receive

Oct 18, 2018

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