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Abusive business practices

My brother attempted to refi an existing ARM as a Fixed Rate mortgage through Countrywide. He was told that they could only help him if he was behind in his payments, which he had not been. Per their instructions he naively let himself fall behind. He was then asked to submit the necessary documents and was then told that he would be contacted and not to call them. The next thing that he heard after having pestered them for an answer was that his house would be sold out from under him at a Sheriff's sale. He lost the house and was given 6 months to get out or he would be evicted. My brother was too proud or embarrassed to ask for help and he knew absolutely nothing about such matters. He panicked, went into a deep depression and on 12/16/08 he shot himself in the mouth with a shotgun, two days before the eviction hearing. This was a man with no credit card debt or any other problems in his life. I have since heard from several other people who were told the exact same thing from Countrywide. Does anyone here have a similar story? I am considering joining or starting a class action lawsuit. I look forward to your replies. Thanks in advance.

home refinance

My wife and I have excellent credit. Because of the low current rates we found we could go from 11years to 10 years on a mortgage saving us about 38, 000 dollars.
We began this process on Oct. 27th. Hardly ever a word. We occasionally receive an email asking for another current pay stub, or a misc. form. A promise saying that "it should be closing soon".
It is now March 1st and this is just nonsense that it would take a mortgage company this long to do a refi.
After reading so many other complaints, I don't think I want to trust Bank of America to service a loan that they are unable to complete.

  • Bi
    bigolfascist May 26, 2010

    In June 2009, My wife and I were interested in the Making Homes Affordable Program offered by BOA---who took over our mortgage from Countrywide, Inc.  We contacted the BOA office in (because:"We're here to help you."), and got the run around on that program, essentially a loan modification program, but were told that we would have to apply for the Special Forbearance Program first. 

    I am a full-time caretaker for my wife, whose health has deteriorated, and medical bills just kept getting higher, even though we have one of those "Cadillac" health insurance programs.  we also had had major expenses on HVAC failure, so things were about to implode.  we had to do something.

    We began the process, provided the required paperwork, and waited to hear further contact.  The representative had our home phone, FAX, and cell phone numbers.  At the end of the month, we had to travel out of state for a few days.  When we returned, we had three messages from BOA (two on the home phone and one on the FAX/answeering machine) asking for more information.  I called back, and was told that we were dropped for failure to respond to requests for further information!  I never got any calls on the cell!

    We decided to try it again, and this time we were accepted into the forbearance program.  We were leery to say the least, since the program allows one to "miss" three payments to provide some financial relief---but then one has to pay back those three months of missed payments in a lump sum, not roll the missed payments into the loan, so we were told.  It made no sense, but we did enter the program, hoping to get approved eventually for the Making Homes Affordable Program.

    We still made the payments (and on time) under the forbearance program because something just did not add up.  I did some researching  online and found too many horror stories about special forbearance options and how mortgage payments actually increased, and people were forced into quick sales.  Glad I did that.

    In November 2009, we received notification that we were approved for the Making Homes Affordable Program----a big $75.00 reduction of our $2000/month mortgage payment!  I was told that the reduction amount could be more after our case was fully reviewed.  We began a four month trial period with a reduced payment.  The trial period ran from November 2009 through February 2010.

    In January 2010, we received a FEDEX package requesting more documentation (Well, the same documentation I had already sent at the beginning).  I provided it, and called to insure that it had been received.  I received confirmation that it had been received and that everything was current and up to date, in fact the package was in underwriting.

    After making the final trial payment in February 2010, I called to inquire as to the next step.  I was told that everything was in order, all the paperwork was there, and underwriting had the package.  It would take 60 days to finalize, verify occupancy, etc. At that time, i was told to continue making the reduced mortgage payment (Remember, a $75.00 reduction!).  I did continue making the payments and on time.

    On 1 March 2010, we verified the status of the package, again.  We were told that the package was complete as of 26 February 2010.  But then, for some reason, we were directed through three other offices, and told that the package was complete, but was "in processing".  To what degree of "in processing" we could not get an answer.  In other words, the right hand did not know what the left was doing.

    At the end of March 2010 we received another package.  It was the same type of welcome package I had received back in November 2009.  Essentially, I was beginning the process all over again!  I had to resubmit everything!  I called, questioned why I was being asked to start the process all over, and was told that it probably was a duplicate copy, but to send in the information anyway.  Yes, my package was still in processing.  I sent everything again, even more than was required.  The package was received by BOA on 21 April 2010; I tracked the package.  It was due NLT 24 April 2010. 

    I called to check on the status on 24 April 2010, and was told that it had been received, was complete, and was being processed.  I was instructed to keep paying the reduced mortgage payment amount.

    On May 23, 2010, we received a FEDEX letter from BOA stating that we were not eligible for the Making Homes Affordable Program.  The reason: "Your loan is not eligible for the Making Homes Affordable Program because you did not provide us with the documents we requested.  A notice which listed the specific documents we needed and the time frame required to provide them was sent to you more than 30 days ago.  We may also have sent you additional notices about missing or incomplete documents."

    Obviously, they don't have their act together.  There never was a main point of contact for my loan modification, and I always received the excuse, that so many modifications are being processed that sometimes items get lost or sent to the wrong office.

    I certainly hope HUD is more competent in handling my complaint against BOA.

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  • Ba
    Bank of Screwing America Jun 29, 2010

    OMG Sounds like the same CRAP BofA put us through for over a year. Send this document send that document send the same documents a million times so we can tell you we have it and then request you send it again. We were two months behind when they told me in September that my first trial payment was due in December. They told me I could pay earlier but the first trial payment wasn't due until BEFORE December 1st. So I paid before December 1st then I paid January. Right before I could pay the February trial payment they sent me one of their famous fedex packages stating I was not being modified. About 10 days later we got a fedex letter stating we were in foreclosure. I called and they told me they denied the modification February 10th and then put us in Foreclosure on the 17th. ONE WEEK LATER!!! They said none of my trial payments would count and I was now about 7 months late. We were 2 months late then they basically told me what to do...and what THEY told me to do made me 7 months late and ultimately put me in Foreclosure...Me, my wife and my 2 year old, my 3 year old and 10 year old. Way to go Bank of America...or should I say Bank of SCREWING America.

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lies and fraud and worst bank on earth

Over the recent months, I have had several run ins with B/A customer service. When Paypal accidently debited my account and caused overdrafts they would not credit my account. I just got 2 more overdrafts that per posted against pending items. I did not relieze that I was overdrawn and had quickly made a deposit to cover the charges the same day. However, B/A charged me anyway (which according to their reps over the years) was different than what I had been told. Great ... now that overcharge will escalate into a significant sum. B/A has no care whatsoever as to how that impact their customer. I am keeping the account open with a min balance of $10, just to cost them money.

  • Ti
    Tired_of_Stupid Feb 28, 2010

    If it was paypal's fault, they're the ones responsible for the overdraft charges, not the bank. What's paypal doing about it?

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  • Re
    realitycheckgal633 Mar 06, 2010

    I'm not sure about BAnk of America's policy but I'm 80% sure it's similiar at the bank I work for. Most banks' policies use BAnk of AMerica as a model. We will refund the overdraft fees IF the merchant acknowledges their mistake and posts your refund back into your account via your card or through ACH.

    I'd rethink your strategy as far as costing BOA money by leaving $10 in your account. #1: What type of an account do you have with them? If there's a monthly service charge, your defeating your own purpose because you have to maintain a certain balance to avoid the monthly service charge. #2: If you're like me and you were lucky enough to take advantage of their no monthly service charge when you opened their basic account online then you MUST keep the account active. They have the discretion of either charging an inactivity fee if you leave the account dormant. #3: My husband had that idiotic logic too. He wanted to "punish" the credit card companies by not using their card again and forcing them to send paper statements each month. Guess who had to waste time by shredding all the documents? Companies are getting smarter and will find a way to save their costs. The penalty is they raise their fees elsewhere to compensate. Thanks for costing us money, "Likonna".

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obstruction and delays to getting my savings out

On February 13, 2010 I wanted to make an online electronic funds transfer from my BoA Growth Money Market Savings to my home town bank checking account. Although this feature had long been established and was last used in August, 2009, my bank account was no longer shown an an option. I was told by phone that when an account is not used for a long time it gets "locked" but that I could call a specialist to unlock it. As the account earnings had dropped to 1/4% and electronic funds transfers, normally free, now cost $3 with Bank of America, I told them to close my account. Two weeks later I called again and was told it would take another two weeks to "process" the closing of my account. Finally I requested to talk to a superior and got my home town checking account listed again but -- before I could take my money out I would have to wait 2 weeks to receive a little plastic card costing $19.95, on which they could transmit an authorization code which I then have to enter online, to transfer my funds. This is another safety feature, to make my money secure. (If I had a cell phone with text messenging capability, this card would not be necessary.) So this saga of my trying to withdraw my own funds is continuing.

home loans customer service

Have you ever wanted to speak to a live person from BAC Home Loans Servicing, LP (Bank Of America)?

Here is how:

1. Dial [protected].
2. Completely disregard all their menus and prompts. Don't waist time typing/saying your loan number, etc. This is all garbage.
3. Ones the initial message is done playing, start pressing 0 (zero). Don't press it too fast, press - let go - press - let go...
4. You're being transfered to a representative.

Maybe more people know about this than I think. I was told that 0 (zero) is usually the default for a representative. However, their menu never mentions option 0 (zero). It keeps asking you about your loan number, the reason you called, etc. without doing anything with the info you enter.

I really hope this helps someone.

  • Di
    Dimskiy Mar 08, 2010

    EDIT: Now have to enter your loan number. Seems to disconnect you if the loan number is not entered. Otherwise, press zeroes as I said originally.

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  • Ir
    irate customer May 19, 2010

    Thank you for your postings about the B of A number and the lawsuit...

    This was EXACTLY my experience and it took much internet searching to find a correct phone number to call... They will not give you one in customer service and keep directing you to lines that do not exist...

    Unfortunately, when you do speak to a representative- they all tell you something that differs from the others and cannot help you AT ALL//////////
    I cannot believe they are being paid just to give people the run around and " claim : that they are working on loan modifications and workout programs...

    I am mad as hell... and i am not going to take it anymore... to quote the movie network !

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  • Bu
    buddy012 Dec 08, 2010

    We applied for a loan mod in May of this year and sent in all the paperwork bofa required. We fit into the criteria we owe more then our house is worth my job isn't steady and our house payment is more then 40 percent of our monthly gross income. Well I called weekly for seven months. I always got the run around its in review and then it was in the underwriters hands. I thought it was a timely process, but I felt we were making progress. At one point I was told by a bofa rep that our trial papers were on the way. We had an exact date when they should arrive by. Then came the fed ex letter only to find out we were denied and when I called them to ask why they told me because I was current on my payments, well being current on our payments is a guideline to enter into the program. I was in shock and here is the kicker, before we entered this mod process we paid our taxes and insurance separate, we would charge those so we could have a lower monthly
    payment. Well during the process bofa started an escrow account for us and now that we got denied we are stuck with a higher payment then before $300 a month more than our original monthly payment. How is that going to help us. This is a scam and the program would have helped us now instead we might lose our home!! [email protected]

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  • Jo
    john Dec 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Please disregard united law group above. They are no longer representing me, but you can find more information about my lawsuit at piggybankblog.com, which I created for all those who have been abused by Bank of America potentially irregular, fraudulent and simply abusive loan modification program.


    My name is John Wright AND I AM FIGHTING BACK!

    John Wright

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  • Br
    brokenangel88 Apr 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am disgusted by the way ya'll have treated me with my making home affordable modification and that you did not lower my house house payments but are now trying to take my home away from me, but yet you will auction my home off for pennies on the dollar instead of working with us and letting us keep it. this is going to stop because if we have to picket bank of america and do whatever else we can do against bank of america we will. call mrs. mccall 980-233-1579 CEO of bank of america and let her know to stop doing this to people and also Mrs. ebony brown who told me that either i can accept the modification, forclosure, or quick sale. i asked her to review the modification and she told me that i had those 3 choices only. my husband had to go on disability because he went in for surgery and he thought he'd be back to work in 3 months instead the surgery didnt go well and now he's on permanent disability. if president obama would do what he said he was going to do this would not be happining. “I support John Wright vs. BofA Lawsuit!”

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hugh increase in amount of monthly payment

My home loan was with Countrywide until the big
Bank of America take over. What a mistake that has been.
After a couple of months BOA deciced I didn't have enough
money in my escrow account so they increased my monthly payments $200 so I would have reserve in my escrow account. I asked if they were going to pay me interest on that money and they said no. I said then you don't need it. If Countrywide didn't do it how can you
just decided to do this. I have not been late on a payment and make payments every 2 weeks and its all automatic.
Why with so many families unable to pay their morgages
and Real estate values falling, why would a Bank be allowed to increase payments when an account is not even short and tell me well its in case your insurance or taxes increase in the future. Doesn't BOA already make enough money that they should have to pay customers interest on all escrow accounts. BOA has the rudest employees who are anything but helpful or concerned for their customers.

  • Fr
    frustrated soon to be grandma Dec 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You are lucky they only raised your morgage $200, they raised mine $900. I started with Countrywide and then been bought out by B of A. They made me impound my taxes and insurance, which I didn't want and then increased my monthly payments. I couldn't afford their raise, so I asked for a loan modification in February and have been fighting them ever since. It is now December and we are still doing the modification plus I couldn't afford the increase of $900/month payments they have put me in foreclosure. And as for rude they are the worst. When they call you with their recorded messages half the time the call gets dropped while your waiting.

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one the worst service experiences in my ifetime

In process of refinancing my mortgage I was told that I was qualify to do so and 3 days later when I called back to start the process I was not able to contact the original person that I talked to and I was told by another person that I was not qualify to refinance and that the person that talked to me "had no idea what she was talking about". I left massages and emailed the original person and never received a call back. I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor and left massages with him (Matt Ellis) he never called back either. When I called back to talk to someone else the person answering the Phone(Edward painter) after few attempts to get someone on line Hung Up on me. This is the kind of bank that destroys other banks reputation. This was one the worst service experiences in my ifetime.

  • Te
    terbear69 Jan 12, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    At my work, the majority of peolpe having the exact problem you describe got their mortgage bought by B of A and the "Hell" as you know is a normal practice with them, Welcome to B of A. The truth is they really don't want to give you a modification and they are going to play the scam, "the left arm doesn't know that the right arm already approved you and you're now in default for paying the new agreed lower payment- because now they want the difference back and your house" But it is too late, you are in foreclosure. It sounds soo corrupt, but they do this tooo often to be a mistake. It's more like a basic unethical practice they adopted. Crummy bank, very sorry. Not many people are sucessful, but I truly hope you are awarded one of the allotted "TOKEN" modifications. Every once in a while they let someone slide through, just so they can claim what a wonderful bank they are with consumers.

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Back in April 2009 BOA raised my mortgage by placing an Escrow on my account. They indicated that it was an Escrow for Flood Insurance and Regular Homeowners Insurance. Problem was...the home was NOT in a Flood Zone and this was proven when the loan began back in June 2005. It took 3 months for ME to resolve this as they made me jump through hoops with FEMA. I finally got their required documentation and yet they still are charging me from Jan. 2009 to July 2009 as July is when I got the FEMA paperwork stating I did NOT require flood insurance. Jan. 2009 to July 2009 BOA claims is justified. I say they are ripping me off.
The property is a property I DO NOT live in. I had it on the market from June 2007 to August 2009; then rented it. BOA states that for 4 months in 2008 I did not have regular homeowners insurance on it. They charged me forced insurance at a rate of almost $4500.00 per year. (THAT'S RIGHT $4500.00). They did all this in April 2009...very delayed charge I might add and I argued this. First it was for a mere 4 months that there was no coverage (my error) and second..how can BOA bill me a year later?
Customer service is the WORST I have EVER seen in any business. Many many many phone calls, can't reach the same person 2X, no one has the same information and bonus for me...I actually Pre-Qualified for a mortgage modification early Nov. 2009 (due to the additional Escrow non-won battle), submitted the proper paperwork end of Nov. 2009 only to finally get an answer in late Jan. 2010. They wouldn't give it to me...WHY?...Because some BOA stupid, incompetant employee CHANGED MY EXPENSE AMOUNT WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE..and now the home is in PRE-FORECLOSURE.
In a nutshell...BOA is going to end up taking my home for a lousy $5000.00 of which we are disputing.
10 letters sent out this week. A detailed letter regarding the entire ordeal, my situation, my plight, timeline of events/contacts, and of my written expenses (so they can't change the numbers themselves). 10 letters...hoping someone, somewhere will help us. 10 letters...The White House, The Fed. Reservere, The Atty General, CEO of BOA, President of BOA Home Loans, BOA Home Loans, etc...IS THERE ANY HOPE?????
What a ### show BOA is giving to their clients. I have banked with them since 1999 & have paid off 2 previous Mortgages...are they kidding????? I am good for it...but not when you make it out of my reach and NOT even care. DO NOT BANK WITH THEM...Pay attention...they are the single bank that is NOT DOING GOOD BY THEIR GOVERNMENT $$$$. I can't wait till I can give my business elsewhere. My husband and I are hard working, respectable citizens and this has not only potentially cost us a home, but tarnished our reputation along with our credit report/rating.
*****************DON'T BANK WITH BOA...KING OF RIP-OFFS***********************************

  • Th
    thisismepissedoff Oct 12, 2010

    Here is a letter I have been sending my congressman and legislators. We have gotten screwed by Bank of America

    Dear Congressman,
    I am writing you as a very concerned citizen and also someone who has lost my home to foreclosure. My husband and I bought our home in June of 2009. I did a lot of research and was able to find a loan through the USDA that would make it affordable for us to buy. Our loan was originally held by Taylor, Bean & Whittaker. In August of 2009 we made our first Mortgage payment to Taylor, Bean & Whittaker. At the end of August 2009 we received a letter from Bank of America informing us that they had bought out our loan and we needed to start making our payments to them. In September 2009 I sent them our mortgage payment as I did every month thereafter. In January of 2010 I called Bank of America to let them know I was having a difficult time in making my monthly payment for January 2010. I was told not to worry, all I needed to do was go online to my account and explain why I was going to be late and give them an approximate day when I would be able to pay. I followed all of the steps they told me and felt that I would be fine. I called back in the middle of February 2010 to Make January's payment and also set up a payment arrange for February for two weeks later. When I called I was informed that our home had gone into Pre- Foreclosure on February 18th 2010 and that I could not make a payment. When I inquired as to why our home was going into foreclosure for only being 38 days late on our account I was informed that they never received our payment from Taylor, Bean and Whittaker therefore according to their records I was 68 days behind on our loan. I had previously thought this issue was resolved because I had faxed in the cashed mortgage check to Taylor, Bean & Whittaker clear back in November of 2009 to Bank of America at which time they assured me my account would not fall behind. I was told that they had taken over many loans from our previous mortgage company and it would take awhile to adjust customer’s accounts. I spent 35 minutes on the phone trying to get an explanation as to why this had happened. I asked if I could speak to a supervisor and was told that unless my account was current I could not. I was very distraught and could not believe this was happening. The representative from Bank of America told me the only thing I could do at this point was apply for a Modification Loan or pay the full balance owing on our house which was $137, 000.00 dollars. Obviously I could not pay the loan in full so I applied for the Modification program. I was informed that I would receive a packet in the mail in 10 to 30 days via UPS or Fed Ex with all the forms I would need to sign and any documentation that I may need to send back. Weeks and weeks went by and I never received anything. I kept calling into Bank of America and all I was repeatedly told was that they were very backed up but to be reassured that because we pre-qualified for the modification it had stopped the foreclosure process on our home and if by chance I did receive anything with a sale date all I would need to do is call in and they would extend it. I also checked every time I called to see if our missing payment had ever been applied. Until this point in time that payment has never been applied to our account. On July 13th 2010 I received a phone call from a gentleman named Mark. He informed me that he had been assigned as our negotiator and gave me a list of documents that I needed to fax to him. At this point he informed me that I had 48 hrs to collect these and fax them and if I didn't our application would be closed. I was appalled, not only was my husband having ankle surgery the next morning, I couldn't believe that after all the phone calls I had made and waiting for 5 months for this process to get moving I was being given 48 hrs to get my documentation in. I informed Mark that I could not possibly do this in the time frame he was giving me because my husband was having ankle surgery the following day and I was his ride. Mark told me that he could give me one extension for 48 hrs and that I would need to have all the information to him by the 22nd of July. I faxed Mark all of the information he requested by the time line he had given me. On July 27th my husband called me at work and said the sheriff had been to our house and served him with the date of sale paperwork. The auction for our home has been set for August 24th at 1:00 PM. I immediately called Bank of America to find out what was going on. When I called in they said that they weren't showing that our house had a sale date. I informed him that he better figure it out because I just had a sheriff at my home. The representative put me on hold to call their legal division, when he came back on the line he confirmed what I had told him. I asked him why this was happening and if we could extend it. He told me no, all we could hope for was the modification being approved before the sale date. I asked him why we could not extend it and he informed me that we were too far out on this loan modification and too much time had passed. I was outraged and distraught. I let him know that the only reason why it had taken so long is because of Bank of America dragging their feet and that I had just barely been contacted less than 14 days ago as to where and who I was to send my documents too and that I had been calling in weekly for months to find out the status on our modification. I hung up with him and called Mark. I was informed that the investor had denied our loan. Their reasoning was that they said Mark was trying to lower our current interest rate and extend the loan longer than it was originally written for. Mark informed me that this was not the case that he had kept everything exactly the way that it was. He informed me that he sent it back to the lender and also sent the original loan documents with it. I can tell you honestly I have never been so frustrated or distraught in my life. So here we are waiting to see if the investor will approve us hoping our home doesn't get sold out from under us. Mark informed me that the investor could come back and deny our loan for another reason and if he did we could look at other options in saving our home like a payment plan or restructuring or even a short sale. I asked why this is the first I had ever heard of these options. Mark had no answer for me. I was informed that to start this whole process again I would need to contact their payment research department to find out if the lost payment to Taylor, Bean and Whittaker had ever been applied so they would know the exact amount that we were behind. I called and guess what. It hasn't and now they can't find the copy of the cashed check I sent them. I asked how something like that gets lost and was told it drops from the system after so much time has elapsed and that I would need to get another copy of the check front and back and the bank statement showing that it was cashed. Then I would need to call them back get it straightened out and then call the Home Loan Retention Division and start the whole process over again. Two problems here. 1- I no longer have that bank account due to online bank fraud. 2- I cannot find that bank statement. I went to my bank to see if I could get these copies and was told that for $50.00 hr they could research it and then I would need to pay $4.00 per page because it was a closed account. I do not have a problem doing this if I knew that it was going to do any good, because as of yet doing everything Bank of America has asked me to do was not good enough to save my home. I am at my wits end and I don't know where else to turn. I feel that there has been a grave injustice done to my husband and I and this never should have happened. Could you please, please give this your attention and contact me as soon as possible. I loved my home and living in Sanpete county. I appreciate your time and attention and hope to hear from you soon.

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I am writing to complain in regard to Bank of America Making Home Affordable - Imminent Hardship Program. I...

cheating customer on $100 promotion

Bank of America is CHEATING customer on its current promotion of $100 bonus. I did whatever it required;...

escrow overpayment reimbursment

I discovered Bank of America owed me $954.26, when I found the escrow check with tax return papers in January...

lost home/home retention fraud

After a loss of income (sent letter from employer, pay stubs and called home retention every two weeks until...

account closure and overdraft

i recently checked my account online and it would not let me in. i went to the ATM by my home, so i could...

closing documents

Hello, if anyone is listing or looking to sell a home and has a Countrywide Home Loans mortgage (now Bank of America) your sale may be in jeopardy, even if there are no issues with your contract or buyer.

The reason is that the ownership documentation required to close is borderline impossible to obtain from them. We have had a signed conract from an approved buyer and Countrywide is unable to find our stock certificate, proprietary lease, or lien. From what our lawyer said, this is commonplace as they have been a complete disaster since the acquisition.

The typical timeframe from doc request (at the time you sign a contract) is 6-8 weeks and then schedule a closing. If your buyer gets antsy, they can submit a 30 day notice and walk away. We are at that stage given it has been 11 weeks since we requested our documents with no indication from anyone at BofA as to when we should expect them.

Just think, the entire hard part is done (listing, price negotiation, selling, and buyer approval) to have bank that either:

1) Cant find your documents needed to close
2) doesnt care to find your docs

Our lawyer says that we can sue them for our mortgage if we lose our buyer which looks like it will happen. thats exactly what i wanted to do- spend my next few months in a lawsuit.

No wonder some people just wak away, this is just a heads up for anyone else in our situation as we have called into the highest levels of BofA and nobody there cares.

  • Jo
    JORGE RODRIGUEZ Dec 10, 2009


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I am frequently being interupped by phone telemarketers attempting to sell me Insurance to protect my identity. I have always asked them to stop calling and if I was interested I would not buy from a phone telemarketer. Today on SATURDAY morning I received another one of these calls. I have never been interupted on Saturday and was infuriated by this action. Please take my name off the list for telemarketers only call if my card has been comprimized.
Paula L. Hueber

  • Kr
    krispix318 Feb 06, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Your complaint isn't going to reach FIA. I believe that as long as you have their card, they can call you. A friend of mine receives a similar call every day from her credit card company. Initiating a call and being nice may get you further than being "infuriated". Remember, you attract more flies with honey than vinegar ;]

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modify loan

I been tried to remodify my loan with Country Wide/BOA for more than a year now and every time I called in they would tell me to call back in 2 to 3 months and all they would said was at the time " you're current and we cant help you". Alot of BOA employees in modify or retention dept. are very rude. Untill now I have not recieved my package like they said I would recieve in 45days. I had to waited for at least 30min and been transfer at least 3 times before I can get someone to talk to me about my loan. With the goverment loan and offer and had funded the Banks they're sure not in the hurry to help the people that try to keep up with their payments all these years and on time. I wish the goverment would do something more effectively for the Banks to do what they suppose to do with the goverment funds.

  • Ks
    ksriff99 Feb 05, 2010

    I just got a mod through BOA...for the first 6 months I did the same as you...got nowhere, I complained to the office of the president and got results fast...I can get the info if you want. email [email protected]

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  • Pa
    Pat Kitchen Sep 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Since June of 2010 I have been in touch with BOA (my original loan was with Countrywide). They have NEVER contacted me, though I have called them at least 1x per week since June. August 7, 2010 I faxed paperwork required to BOA CEO line. Sept 19, 2010 I was finally contected with Loan Negoitatoer's Manager (Dandella Harris, negotiator is Rashimi Kumar) who told me that they had fedexed paperwork to me, but I had called several times and they showed that the paperwork was scheduled to go out but never did. When I spoke with a manager, I was told that it would take 6-8 months to get approved and that this would not stop foreclosure. I have been making payments as I could, payments have been partial to cover principal, insurance and taxes. I am on SSDI (and am scheduled to be re-evaluated in 2011. I receive $1655 per month. My mortgage was $980 and has gone up to $1020 because taxes went up. Yesterday I got a notice of intent to accelerate mortgage and they gave me until 10/20/2010 to pay $1750 or I would be indefault and accelerated payment in full would be due at that time. I payment was not received foreclosure proceedings would start (they also said that they would visit the property to see if I (or anyone)was living at address and if there were any damages, etc...). I have a ton of medical bills that have gone unpaid because I tried to make mortgage payment. This is a FHA loan at 7% interest.
    I have done everything I can to not get to this point to no avail.

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  • Pa
    Pat Kitchen Sep 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too have contacted CEO office and they did connect me with people (sometimes though I was on hold for 20+minutes). But have been waiting for anykind of communication since June of 2010

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  • Pa
    Pat Kitchen Sep 21, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They have 1 excuse after another. I have only been making partial payments and even though have been trying to do the loan modification for the 2nd time faxed over reuired paperwork (1st time in August and again Sept. 19) have just been told that this will not stop foreclosure proceedings. Credit is totally ruined, am on SSDI so a $1020 payment is not possible

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  • Us
    usmcNJ Oct 12, 2010

    I to, was a victim of 6 months...
    They denied me the 1st time (3months), then called me and said my case was going to reopen (another 3 months)... At the end of it, I had to pay back the rears I owed from the trial payment balances. $4000... and I received an intention of forclosure.
    But here is the kicker, in order for them to start forclosure you have to be 3 months behind. I was only 2. So its no wonder why they are under investigation for forclosure fraud. The banks are not here to help, they are only in business to loan.

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  • Us
    usmcNJ Oct 12, 2010

    The banks took the our money... not the govt's money and used it for investments and bonuses... not to reinvest it in us...

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  • Pa
    Pat Kitchen Jan 19, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    USMCNJ same thing with me. Loan balance went up $5000 so new mortage amount was $960. Interesting though, said I would not have to make any payments until Feb, but they accelerated interest and late fees. They told me I needed to earn more money, Duh, if that were to happen would not need loan mod, BUT, I am on SSDI and am not allowed to work. Filing a complaint with USADA (US Americans with Disabilites Act.)

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employment offer

Here is a good one. I was laid off from my last job due to a corporate restructuring. So I had to file for unemployment. I applied to a job with B of A and went through 4 telephone interviews and a face to face interview and was offered the job. They sent me an offer letter, set a start date, and setup payroll and benefits. During my background check they saw that I once in the past worked for Countrywide and that someone had put in my employment file that I "was not elgible for rehire". Seeing that I left Countrywide on my own for a position with a better company I sent B of A a copy of my letter of resigination and a copy of my exit interview, which stated that it was a mutual split. The recruiter said this should clear it up and he would get back to me. After a month of calling and e-mailing I got no response. Finally I heard back from the recruiter that they decided to go with an internal candidate and that they were withdrawing my offer for employment. What sucked was that since I accepted a job I had to report this to the state and my unemployment benefits were stopped. I asked B of A to send me a letter stating that the offer was withdrawn so I could get my benefits reinstated and they refused. What was ironic is that since I did not get the job, and could not get my benefits back I had to default on my credit card debt that was with B of A. Great business practice they have, offering a job to someone who is on unemployment, then withdrawing it, causing them to default on debt owed to the same company that withdrew a job offer because I worked for a defunct Mortgage company prior to them acquiring them. I hope this sheads some light on the type of corporation this is and how we are wasting our tax dollars helping them screw the working class.

cancel of credit card used for overdraft protection

I had a mastercard account for over 30 years that was tied in with my checking account for overdraft protection. Bofa cancelled this card without my knowledge. On 1/14/2010 they cashed a check that did not have the funds to cover. Bofa charged me $35.00 overdraft fees. On 1/22/2010 they charged me another $35.00 extended overdraft fee. A total of $70.00 has been taken from me. This is unjust as had they not cancelled my card overdraft protection would have taken place at a lesser fee. Why is bofa allowed to cash checks that do not have the necessary funds then charge for doing so

loan acellerator

My loan was transferred to Bank of America when it acquired Countrywide. I signed up for a payment plan whereas I am paying each week of the year and along with the posting on a weekly basis I would gain a total of about 9 years. When I reviewed my statement on line I saw that even tough I am still paying weekly the posting is now done monthly. Not once was I ever told by letter of this change due to the fact that BOA system does not post weekly but monthly, so of course it took me 34 minutes on the phone to make them tell me that, and that nothing they can help me with. I feel ripped off especially since I was not given the choice to change to another lender and the fact that no letter went out spelling out this change. I am wondering if this is ground for a class action lawsuit as I am sure many americans are in the same situation. The money sits in a non bearing money account and they want me to believe that they are not using my and others schmokes like me accross the country and play with it for a month before it is posted! I would love to hear feedback if this web site offers it

  • Smelly Mar 08, 2010

    I used to work for Bank of America in the mortgage operations department and let me tell you that you are by far not the first person this has happened to. I was disgusted on a daily basis at how horribly run the entire company is. I am honestly shocked that they are still in business. It only got worse after they bought Countrywide. They started making overtime MANDATORY at 8-16 hours per week and having mandatory Saturdays. What was funny to me is that... here is this company who already sucks at doing mortgages... Bank of America legacy (as they call it internally, referring to the original BOA prior to Countrywide merger) who already sucks at gaining market share. They can't seem to figure out why though so they just keep buying up other lenders and making them adapt to the "Bank of America way", which sucks to begin with. So they brag about their expansion although they did NOTHING to earn it except rape people in fees on their banking side so they would have enough money to keep buying out competitors. NOW here comes along their biggest competitor, COUNTRYWIDE in all kinds of financial ruins. Where as most logical minded folks would RUN from this sinking Titanic, BOA decided... LET'S BUY THIS HUNK OF CRAP! Then, as if they couldn't get any dumber, they retain MOST of the same upper management IDIOTS who drove Countrywide into the ground!!! I worked there for 3 years and to be honest I truly can't understand how they are still in business. The majority of their management structure is people who have NO mortgage background to begin with. As a mortgage professional for the past 9 years I can honestly say I love this business because it can truly be amazing when you deliver great products to great people and help them accomplish the America dream of home ownership. Unfortunately BOA has found the way to suck any possible joy out of this process in an effort to just close more and more loans... faster, cheaper more. That should be their company motto "faster cheaper more". Their sales force or "Loan officers" are ABSOLUTE idiots. They are mostly literate but not all of them. Honestly your BOA sales rep probably knows about as much about mortgages as you do as a first time applicant. They provide them no real training except how to take an application and to shove it into the system. I never once had a single loan officer ask me if I thought the applicants could actually afford the house they were buying. It was only just "how can we make this loan work?" Not that I can blame them because their income was largely based on how many loans they got shoved into the system, not how many of them actually closed or continues making their payments. Internally of course they used to "claim" that customer service was a high priority. Oddly enough 100% of our bonus was based on production and low QA errors so that the loans would be sellable on the secondary market. They tried to base it on customer service for a short period of time once however that didn't work out because literally NO ONE could hit the meager goal. That doesn't mean the employees were bad... it means the company isn't willing to slow their process down enough to allow people to do their jobs completely in order to actually satisfy the customer. They honestly just refuse to accept the reality that the faster you work, the more quality suffers. I tried pointing this out to my site leader once and she told me "we have to have both". As if she could redefine the laws of nature (that going faster leads to sloppier work) just by refusing to accept reality. It was absolutely maddening. I profusely sympathize with any non mangement level employee at BOA because we were all like battered wives and/or sweat shop laborers. I've been gone for over a year and I'm still on anti depressants. I worked there last year when they announced to all of us that because of the economic climate, they were not doing annual raises. I found that HILARIOUS since they suddenly found the money to repay their TARP funds and to pay Ken Lewis a couple million dollars. So here we were, the people on the bottom rung, holding that sh*thole together, working "mandatory overtime" so they could cut our pay and still repay the government just in time for upper management to get nice fat bonuses. Even when I worked there I secretly wishes that the government would let them and all these other big banks just fail because they TRULY deserved it. Bank of America should have gone down in smoke with all of the other big banks and created an opportunity for the little man and local banks to make a come back. The political scare tactic worked though because they made everyone think there would have been another great depression. Little did anyone mention that the great depression was also sparked by severe droughts, hunger and disease which is what helped cripple the stock market which was much more heavily based on agriculture then. Long story short as long as there are still credit worthy people in the world and still some folks who have money, there will be lending. It just wouldn't be this HUGE "big box" model of lending we are so used to today where the end user "customer" means absolutely nothing. One thing I have learned from working at BOA is that the employees and customers mean nothing. The shareholders are the only ones with a voice and their voice is always the same... MORE PROFIT, LESS COST. Whatever happened to slow steady growth by delivering a quality product and earning repeat business? I guess that is just too slow for CEO's who want to make 30 million dollars a year and retire by the age of 50 as millionaires. For the life of me I can't figure out WHO in this entire country is worth paying more than the president of the United States. That may sound silly but honestly, what could one person possibly do to justify making millions and millions of dollars a year? Unless you have cured cancer or AIDS, or have single handidly rescued some third world country, there is NOTHING you could possibly do to be worth that much money. It is just pure old evil greed. The sad thing is that even if it would be possible for one person to create some type of cure for some type of disease, the drug companies would quickly buy they up and patent it for themselves anyways. I truly believe in capitalism however I also think the only way it can work is to allow it to fail when people get too greedy and unfortunately, we didn't let that happen. Now most of the people who have gotten rich based mostly on circumstance, can keep their money and keep sucking it from those of us who actually add value to society. We little people have to quit taking loans from these pigs and start becoming cash based like people used to be if we want to suffocate these greedy ###. I am almost 30 years old and have now paid off all of my debt except for my mortgage (which is now my #1 priority over the next 8 years) and once that is done I will never take another loan from these big companies again. If I can't buy something in cash I can't afford it and don't need it. I want my money to stay where it belongs... with ME! I went WAY off topic from your original compaint but short story made VERY long, I couldn't agree with you more.

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  • Gr
    Greg Jun 11, 2011

    I have my mortgage at Bank Of America. I made two payments in April. One payment was for April's payment, the other was for May. Bank of America applied my May payment to principle. I log in June 1st to make my payment, I could not make my payment because they are asking for a minimum of two payments. They are also showing me 30+ days late. I've been calling Bank Of America to correct this for the past two weeks, they keep telling me it will be corrected in 2 to 3 business days. Its been 3 weeks. Meanwhile, I am being reported as 30+ days late on my credit report. On the 15th of this month they are going to add another late fee. Its bad enough that I have been unemployed for over a year and I am doing what I can to keep current on my mortgage. AND.. I have a potential employer doing a background and credit check on me. I CAN'T have my mortgage showing late right now under any circumstance. I can't believe they jerk people around like this.

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  • Lm
    LM5255 Aug 26, 2012

    If a bank won't deal with you with honesty and with a logical presentation of the options they are offering, then how is a person supposed to make decisions about what to do? Well, I think they don't want us to be able to figure it out. They don't want to help us that is for sure. They don't want to forgive excessive fees and they don't want to extend the time of the loan. They don't want you to succeed. They don't care if you can't make payments that are more than 50% of your income and they don't care if you have a chronic illness that requires a lot of expense for treatment. They just don't care about anything but money - theirs. To hell with normal, everyday folk who want to work out a real plan to pay back what they owe. They push us into bankruptcy or having the house sold right out from under us. Greedy, lousy excuse for a business.

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  • Jl
    J Luttrell Sep 21, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    When my sister died in March, 2017, Bank of America mortgage called and asked to speak to her. I told them that she had passed away. I was trying to make funeral arrangements. Bank of America called again. I asked Bank of America to give me some time to sort through her financial documents. Bank of America called again. And again. I did everything in my power to stop the phone calls, but Bank of America kept calling, asking to speak to her. Bank of America continued to call and reduced me to tears because I had to explain to them at least a dozen times that she could not come to the phone because she was dead. There was nothing I could do to convince them that she was dead, and they should stop calling. Clearly, there was no internal communication within Bank of America, and absolutely no concern for the fact that she had died and her family was grieving. Now, they refuse to talk to me, as I am trying to retire the mortgage and terminate our business with Bank of America.

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  • Th
    th!sman Sep 21, 2012

    Oh my goodness. I feel sorry for you. I know some trolls here won't but they can take a flying leap!

    Ab initio, you need to understand collectors thrive on consumers remaining ignorant of their constitutional, federal and state rights. If they smell this they push and have no problem crossing the legal line - you don't know if there's one and where it's at. Per federal law FDCPA no one has right to abuse you, no one! You need to educate your self on what are your rights before you talk/deal with a collector.
    Google these and become an informed consumer
    1-what to do when you are contacted by a collections agency.
    2-your rights under federal laws FDCPA and FCRA
    3-Validation of debt (VOD), cease and desist (C&D), CMRRR
    4-Your state's Statute of Limitations (SOL) on debt.
    5-post your questions at debtorboards dot com

    You can seek good advice at debtor boards dot com on how to swiftly, efficiently and permanently retire this issue in it's entirety without any recourse to you or anyone else.

    Understand clearly that on this God's green earth you are not responsible for anybody else's debt obligations, morally or legally, nor less than you are for another person's crimes. Collectors like to hoist moral obligation upon those bereaving a loved one. They feign, twitch & twist this warped illusion to make it sound as if carries legal weight and consequences. It carries none and that spin is wrong. They don't care, their intent is to collect from someone somewhere. Thus, the puerile, pernicious, predatory pretend "collections industry." On the other hand if it's within your means and not a sneeze for you to clear up your sister's debts, and it's purely out of your own volition by all means. In which case you request/negotiate the settlement amount in writing. Only then should you issue a check and receive and "settled in full" note. No electronic access to your money or cards.

    If you had known these things you could have nipped this in the bud before you were reduced to tears, that was not necessary but it's what collectors specialize in. They don't accept when you tell them your sister's passed away. It's like talking to a brain dead, maniacal psycho (by now as you can tell you won't be too wrong to think otherwise.) Fortunately there's a language they cannot avoid and respect it much - CMRRR. Guide this closing process as you want via CMRRRs and include a copy of the death certificate. You are not to be demanded upon to prove anything else unless you want to. And remember if a collector's mouth is moving they are lying. Preferably do everything in writing CMRRR and if you must speak on the phone record ALL your conversations. Feel free to tell them you are doing so for documentation and/or legal purposes. If it's not in writing it didn't happen. All the best.

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  • Ti
    Tired_of_Stupid Sep 21, 2012

    You cannot expect the mortgage lender to just take someone's word that the homeowner has died. It is perfectly legal, AND ethical, to expect the debtor's family/lawyer/executor to provide a copy of the death certificate.

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  • Ma
    MadatBOA12 Oct 31, 2012

    I was notified last night that I was late for my Oct. payment. I went into my personal checking to determine if a check was processed, and sure enough- it showed that it cleared before its due date so I called BOA that night and told them my situation. A lady on there told me that it will contact credit report agency by 6 pm today if they don't receive my fax. I had to call back today to see if they got the fax since I don't trust them to do anything right. Another person said that it takes 24-48 hours for a fax to get through which is stupid. It was their error that they screwed this up and could not help me to resolve this quickly. I spent so many hours and time to clean up their mistake and still have no assurances that they will fix this issue especially with the credit report agency. BOA always has poor service but it has gone beyond that. I couldn't get a direct answer who to call specifically rather than get this roundabout over and over again.

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  • Th
    th!sman Dec 15, 2012

    "You cannot expect the mortgage lender to just take someone's word that the homeowner has died"

    True. I just expect them to await the death certificate copy by mail/fax/email, etc timeously. But calling back to back asking to speak to the departed when they were already informed is heinous! If the calls were about where's the death cert. granted but they were not. They focused on talking to so and so.

    "It is perfectly legal, AND ethical, to expect the debtor's family/lawyer/executor to provide a copy of the death certificate."

    That was never a problem. The problem was the annoying calls asking to speak to a dead person.

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  • Sg
    sgim43 Dec 15, 2012

    J & Th!sman - Don't worry about Turd-thats-stupid. He's a bitter troller that goes around only leaving negtive comments because either mommy didn't love him or some other pathetic self-loathing reason. Look at his profile history! Pathetic. Sad really. Someone need a hug Turd?

    -2 Votes
  • Ti
    Tired_of_Stupid Dec 23, 2012

    sgim apparently doesn't know how to read. So sad!

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Awful, awful, awful

I lost my job, and fell behind on my mortgage. I sent them $3415 via Western Union, to catch it up to current. Western Union has verified that the payment was received by Countrywide the next morning, but Countrywide denies ever receiving it. They now want me to send MORE money, almost $4600, or they are going to start foreclosure.

They refuse any proof from me that it was received (I have a letter from Western Union), and demand another payment. I have found cases on line where they do this all the time.

I filed a complaint with my state Attorney General, as well as the Commissioner of Banking. And if they try to sell my house at sherrif's sale, I am going to sue them. Look up this case - McPherson -v- Countrywide Home Loans. He is suing them for this very same thing.

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