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I thought that I muct be the most inept person on the planet to not be able to balance a checking account. This bank has literally robbed me. A company put a payment through my account for $500. and I filed a claim to their check fraud dept. and Norma (the person in charge of my claim) Indicated that it was not a bank error nor is it illegal for a company that has your banking info to use it and take any amount of payment!!! I was shocked. But that one cost me about 800. in fees. To make a long story short, It has happened several times, I have stopped payment on these items and BofA still allows them to go thru and when they do they steal so much money in overdraft fees it has now reached almost $4 thousand dollars. I cannot close my account because it has to be at a zero balance and everytime I get it to zero, some other fee or payment goes thru that night and not only does it not close it is usually up to another $300. or more the next day. I have literally been trying to close this account. I have called so many times and talked to every person there that will listen, praying that I find one person that will help me either freeeze my account or close it. But its been over 4 months and I am not back up to negative $754. and I just put in a thousand dollar payment friday and I promise, everybit plus $754. has gone to overdraft fees. I think this bank is literally stealing from me!!! I have the biggest resentment and I have never felt more violated by anyone, let alone a BANK. I have transferred my direct deposits but the account just continues to grow and I owe everywhere fees and payments since they returned every payment and check I should have been able to pay no problem. I have literally cried on the phone and when I get off the phone with them more than 5 times. I just don't know what I can do????

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  • Bo
      Aug 31, 2009

    Hire an attorney and sue BAC immediately. That is the only way you will get them to close your account. They probably can't block these electronic charges but they should close this account .

    Alternatively You need to talk to the headquarters people not some local yokel at a branch. You are the victim of identifty theft. You need an consumer attorney not some local idiot that doesn't know anything about these problems.

    Also you can complain to the Comptroller of the Currency, Administrator of National Banks, the federal agency that oversees all federal banks. You can call them at Toll Free: [protected], do it today.

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  • Am
      Sep 04, 2009

    You need to go through the company that is making these transactions. Why would you not go after them and sue them for the trouble they're causing you?

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