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Bank Of America / making home affordable

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I am trying to make sure that anyone who is trying to get a loan modification through the Making Home Affordable program and their mortgage is with Bank of America knows that all of us must band together and file a class action suit. Bank of America is not going to help you with your loan.
Bank of America wants to put you in foreclosure. That is the simple fact. It is not going to suffer losses to shareholders. It is my prayer that an exceptional class action law firm comes across this and notifies me their is pending class action or they will be willing to hear what Bank of America is doing to destroy the lives of Americans. Unless their abuse of the Making Home Affordable program is publicized, no one can expect that Bank of America mortgages will be modified.
My story is long but, I needed to write this today. It is Christmas and my contact with Bank of America on Chrismas Eve resulted in this being the most joylessness Christmas I have ever had.

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  • Pe
      16th of Sep, 2010
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    As a former Countrywide customer and now a Bank of America customer I have been told several times that my paperwork is not complete. Since July of 2010, I have resent the supposedly missing documents an additional three times to their fax number, with the appropriate loan number, attn: HOPE TEAM, and still they claim the hold-up is the paperwork not forth coming.
    UNDERSTANDING that this is the problem, Since day one with a fed-EX tracing number they are claiming lost paper work included in the envelope. I asked what happens to the envelope with my documents, personal information, and bank account numbers, and every other kind of document asked for lost???? HOW.
    The representative could not answer what happens to the envelope upon opening, if it is checked before tossing or if they shred the envelope. She did not have a clue; neither did the other three individuals I spoke too. I worked for Bank of America and the procedure use to be to retain all envelopes for 30 days then shred all the paperwork, but if a customer calls about missing documentation they would have someone go through the dated materials if it wasn’t shredded. I know what I sent them is accurate and I have done my due diligence.
    Bank of America does not even contact me or e-mail, or send a letter to inform me that there was a problem, I am the one that has to do all the calling, waiting 45minutes or more to get a quick answer of wait 30 days, then 90 days and I will get a response. I am not the problem. I am beaten and about ready to go through a third party, “Mortgage Attorney”.
    I had my hopes up when I had a message from Bank of America, but sadly it was one of their “Advisors” inquiring why I hadn’t sent my payment in. I explained about the problems I have been having and I get the rehearsed I’m sorry. I lost it!
    If there is true representation in our government for all of us who are struggling in a declining job market, they need to have strong regulation for the mortgage and banking industry; accountability and fairness. This is our shelter, saved for, cared for and contributes beyond the banking industry’s profits. It houses human beings, pets, establishes community and its community is in need of real help, When anyone of us call’s Bank of America it should be I am happy to help you and mean it! Not the same old rehearsed lines (lies) that it is my fault and I don’t send the paperwork, when it has been sent.
    Thanks for the opportunity to sound off!

  • Ir
      25th of Dec, 2010
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    I'm am so with you on that one. Personally, I would love to see across-the-nation class action suits against all the big corporations. B of A isn't the only bank that benefitted from the bailout and they aren't the only bank profiting from the billions we all paid from our tax dollars to, not only make money, but make sure they destroy the credit of the borrowers while making sure they put as many borrowers as they can in foreclosure. My guess: within another year or so, all the banks will be demanding yet another bring on the lawyers to represent the people!

  • Te
      12th of Jan, 2011
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    I found out that even though a lot of banks got money from government (i.e. taxpayers!!) they are not required to give loan mods of any sort, even obama's little "making homes affordable" The fine print is what most Americans weren't made aware of and several people have tried to take B of A to court and lost. The courts stated these banks are not obligated in anyway to help consumers. And, yes I know there website makes them sound innovative, helpful, with loan modifications, principal reductions, etc. They do only a few token mods, just so they can say, "see, we are helping the American people stay in their homes." They took over my loan, they are a rotten fee [censored]er bank, run by teenagers. I would still be able to afford my loan if they never took over my loan, I'm having a forensic audit on the points, impounded tax/supplement discrepancies that changed mysteriously when they took over. That is the only way to get them for being corrupt, and it takes patience to get even in court. I know they did something with my Country Wide loan, an attorney is going over everything, the only way to catch them. Good luck to you, hope you don't lose your place..

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