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Bank of America screwed me over. I was away and overdrew my account several times through automatic payments of a few dollars here and there. each time it happened i was penalized a $35 fee. For about $50 in purchases i was charged $600 in fees.

Never got an email alert or anything. This despite many years of being a good customer and lots of money in other accounts.

Now i know some would say it is my fault for letting my account default but the issue is that they know i am a good customer and might have said something.

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  • Sj
      7th of May, 2010

    i got robbed by the cab driver who was taking me home when i was drunk as hell and couldn't even walk to the ATM when i realized i didn't have any cash to pay him for the ride and just me being nice and willing to pay cash... son of a ### looked up my PIN and took my card because i forgot to take it out of ATM, after that all cash was gone and account was overdrawn, BofA seemed like a good deal when they refunded money day after and straightened everything up but the branch worker who live across the street from me was insistent that his ZIP code is the same as mine when it was different ( los angeles, baby) and put in my address wrong ZIP so i've never received any paperwork to fill out about the fraud with ATM, after one month i got charged for that refund, money were taken back and put me overdran with 10 transactions pending so do the math - 350 in just fees and then for each automatic payment from my cell phone company they charged another 35$ for each attempt from the side of the cell phone which took them like 5 times to realize, my account is not givin any money... so i had to pay BofA around 600$ in fees plus that 500$ that was stolen... then they were pushing me around that they're still investigating my case and they will return everything that got affected... yeah, one day i had to call and talk to supervisor because it took them about 3 months to investigate it and then i get a letter that since PIN was used - they're not gonna do a thing about it... slap to my face... i pay everything off, close account and forget about those ###... now i bank with chase and got no problems...

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  • Si
      10th of May, 2010

    BOA is not there to hold your hand. It is your responsibility to know what is in your account at all times. They have many, many, many customers and you are not special. Try using a check register and keeping track of what goes in and what goes out correctly. I have been with them for 20 years and when the occasional issue does come up I don't get a call. The fees and everything pertaining to your account is spelled out in the booklet that you get when you sign for your account, or you can request one at customer service.

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  • La
      6th of Feb, 2011

    Bank of America has never failed me in 10 years of banking with them. You gotta know the rules and what you sign up for... if you wanted to get e-mail alerts, then sign up online for the "overdraft alerts" option they offer... that simple. They even have a "low balance" alert to prevent you from getting any fees. If you dig into it and really care about your finances... you can even tell the bank to freeze your card when your account is overdrawn, and they will do it. They use a system called "coin" in which a simple code will make that happen. BOFA has saved me many times from fraud. They disable my card when they see suspicious activity going on and let me tell you, 90% of the time, they were right. I can live with the other 10%, knowing that they did it putting my safety as their first priority.

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