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Bank Of America / unauthorized transaction keep showing up

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After four months and countless phone calls and emails to cancel an unauthorized charge; Bank of America still keeps mistakenly drafting $15 dollars from my business account!

It started out of the blue in April I notice a strange charge on my account for “Online Business Suite Account Management Services”, a charge I did not authorize. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with BOA and finally got a representative to remove the charge and then they had the gall to try and sell me more services I didn’t want. They said the will remove the unauthorized subscription to the “Online Business Suite Account Management Services” and credit my account for the $15. They said I will not be charged for it in the future. The next month (May) rolled around and it happened again! Same thing, spent an hour plus sending emails and calling just to get them to remove this charge and service from my account. June came, same thing again, this time I demanded through emails that they get this problem in front of a manager, because I didn’t want to have this happen every month. I sent about 8 emails total, each time they sent a form letter back and each time I asked if they even read the emails. Every reply keep saying they credited me for the $15 charge and that we were removed from that service. Each time I said this keeps happening and I don’t want to keep going through this, that this was the 3rd month in a row and it keeps happening and to please explain how they will make sure this does not happen again and to get this email to a manager. It was to deaf ears! It happened again this month of July!

I’m so feed up with this and Bank of America could care less! It seems like a scam! Automatically enrolling someone over and over again as if they hope unaware victims will let it slide so Bank of America can make some extra money! I know first hand and my friends do to, how Bank of America is so greedy. BOA orders the largest to the smallest charges on an account when an overdraft happens with in the same day so BOA unfairly makes a lot more money on fees. My friend was only around $10 short one day, but since BOA unfairly stacks the cards against their customers he was charged $175 for 5 overdrafts! If they ordered it from the smallest charge to the largest only the largest charge would have been over-drafted and he would only have had one single $35 fee! I won’t even get started to BOA’s “keep the change” scam like program. It’s the greed of large financial corporations that has gotten this world into this huge financial crisis. When are they going to learn that it’s unhealthy to treat their customers the way they do? Only when large corporations don’t have the power of a monopoly and we have more choices! The customers and citizens loose while the CEOs win! Too big to fail? NO, too big fails!

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  • Ma
      21st of Nov, 2009
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    BOA is scamming me to right now! I had a miscellaneous withdrawal from an ATM card in a different county. I deposited money an hour after the withdrawal took place. I was at home with my bank card when the transaction took place. It took place 45 minutes from where I lived. The investigator decided that the card pattern did not show any signs of an error because I made a deposit with the same card. I am still fighting with BOA about this. I have never used my card out of the county I live in and that is a fact. They are putting another investigator on the case. It sounds to me like I will lose this money. Did this happen to anyone else?

  • Ds
      12th of Apr, 2011
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    They scammed us too, in spite of their online form where we cancelled the service that we never signed up for. We also called the number they gave and left a message to cancel.

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