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Bank Of America / bank of america is the very worst one to deal with

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Bank of america promised me a settlement on my account. The account was mishandled and they never even came close to settleing with me as promised. Everything they told me never happened and was a complete lie. I have worked with several credit card companies, but bank of america is the very worst one to deal with. They are not trueful, and they could care less about their customers. They do not work with individuals with disabilities. Do not consider opening a bank of america credit card! There are many good companies like chase, discover, & capital one. The very best being chase! They will work with you and be kind. They will lower interest rates. They will not lie like bank of america and ken lewis.

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  • Va
      1st of Dec, 2006
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    Once again I realize why I don't deal with this bank.

    Today I tried to deposit my gf's paycheck for her into her checking. They must not want her money since they were too lazy to look up her account number for me to do this. You'd think with 5 people sitting doing nothing someone would want to at least do something.

    Just another reason to stay away from this bank. One of the many reasons I cleared out my accounts years ago and left.

  • Lu
      13th of Dec, 2006
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    I recently received a loan application in which my mortgage officer entered the wrong mortgage amount. When i tried to follow up with a phone call, the 1-800 number i was given forced me to choose an extension, which was not given to me. Then when i tried to contact via internet with 1-888 number being advertised for service until 11pm i get a message saying to call back during business hours. Interestingly it was extremely difficult for me to find an email address to send my complaints to on the bank's web site. Either update your site or update your service, cause you suck bank of america.

  • Lu
      15th of Dec, 2006
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    I tried to resolve a problem with Bank of America with overdrafts. I tried to set up my overdraft protection once when i opened the account and twice after that on the third time they finally set it up. during the previous two times i tried to set it up i got screwed out of money. The reason I overdrafted so much was because they put credits before debit. so the money you spend is taken out before the your money is put in. also know as screw you over. I was under the false pretense that i had protection and the funds were there. When I realized the funds were not there i put the funds in and i still got the overdraft fee. Bank of america will not work with me to resolve the problem and I am very unhappy. I have made 6 phone calls and gone to a branch. No one is willing to help. My suggestion Use commerce bank or another bank that is focused on your satisfaction instead of the banks. All I want is the overdrafts refunded to my account.

  • Mi
      19th of Dec, 2006
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    I'm writing to make a complaint about the banking tactics of this said "Bank of America". I'm actually making the complaint for my girlfriend. My girlfriend applied for a Bank of American Credit card and was granted a $6,000 limit. She was on time with her payments and paid ahead sometimes. All of the sudden they decided to cut her limit to $3,000 which showed to be a mark on her credit. She didn't want to keep the card so she was able to get credit with another bank and pay off the card nearly off. After paying almost $3,000 against the card, they so graciously gave her a limit of $600.00. My girlfriends credit is excellent and pays her bills on time, but this goes against her credit but they still get their money. Is this called BANKING? Well, it's too bad if it is. I call it almost stealing. My girlfriend had this card in case of an emergency, but I don't guess you can trust the banking industry anymore.

  • Va
      17th of Jan, 2007
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    In March I had a severe car accident and I was unable to work for almost 8 months. I lost 100k in income and was using my credit cards in order to keep my home and credit standing good. I have two mortgages, a checking account and three credit cards with Bank Of America. I use the online services through Bank Of America and I noticed that my credit card interest rate went up to 32.9%. I was overwhelmed when I saw this as I am just starting to make money again at work and trying to payoff the debt that accrued when I was unable to earn money. I am a straight commission employee so I did not get paid a penny while I was in the hospital and home recovering from a hit and run car accident. I called Bank Of America and apparently if you go over your credit limit two times in a certain period of time your account will default to an interest rate of 32.9%. This is almost 12k per year of interest on a credit card with a balance of 30k. The woman I spoke to Katherine Wendt at Bank of America told me that I should go into a debt consolidation program and then consider bankruptcy. I am not sure who gave her the right to consult me about my finances. I was then quite irritated by her remark as I do not feel that it was the appropriate answer to give someone in a hardship. I have been a loyal customer for about 16 years with Bank Of America. After speaking to Katherine Wendt I hung up the phone. I then decided to call back and speak to her supervisor. I found out when I called back that Katherine Wendt closed all of my credit accounts with Bank of America out of spite. I told her that my intent was to pay the cards off in two weeks with a loan from my family and I wanted to see if my interest rate would go back to normal. Instead of having anyone assist me everyone said that they could not help me and that I could just pay my accounts down and once I brought them to a reasonable level they would consider reopening the account after pulling my credit again and that the rate would remain 32.9%. I think that there is something to be said about this company. They do not have any personal treatment or any compassion to clients in a hardship. I was treated very unfairly. This one person affected my finances with a click of a button. I am not sure who has a credit card or any other account with Bank Of America but be warned if you are one day late or go over your limit twice you will be put into a rate that is absolutely to high to ever pay off. I think if credit card companies want to avoid having customers go into default then they should be more understanding of their customers needs. Especially when you should want to keep your loyal customers. I am sure if I had a million dollars in my checking account they would have behaved differently towards me. Be aware and be careful when using Bank Of America for any of your credit needs. They have horrible customer service and terrible client relations.

  • Va
      30th of Jan, 2007
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    I have been having the problem of bank of america since 9.2006/ when i had called and asked for a forbearance on our loan because of me going through some medical issues(lump in breast) and my husband who injured himself at work and was of for almost 4 weeks, let alone we have a house payment and 4 children to support.

    we had never had any problems before this i was told to write a letter in regards to why i wanted the forberance so i did, i was also told to back date it as of 8.1.06, and i sent it out the same day. they told me that they would send me a claim form because i had no fax machine. i never received the claim form so in the end of oct-beginning of nov made a cash payment in the branch in marysville, and never heard anything never had any messages.... so dec 5th,2006 comes rolling around and there is a repo guy parked in back of my van while i had just got a job offer and started on the 10th,, my children where crying i was crying the repo guy said the he had the order and that if i called them the next day that i would be able to work it out and get my van back so i did i called at 8:00 am the next morning and they absolutely treated me like a piece of garbage...... then the fun really began i talked to a friend of mine who is a paralegal and she was dealing with them,,, they told her that we had to notarize a letter so they could tatk to her, so we did the same night.. then they would not return her calls or just leave her on hold... then she talked to the repo department..who stated that they had to hire a private investigator because we did not give them our current address,,, but they had been sending me bills for the last year at our address.... also that we were hiding from them and some other slandering i need some help any kind of help...

    I work 45 minutes north of marysville, and my husband works in west sacramento, so with only 1 vehicle we are doing what we can but i dont know what to do if me or my husband loses there job, also having 4 children who attend daycare, we need our van back as soon as possible and they are being totally impossible to deal with.

  • Va
      1st of Feb, 2007
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    BOA is absolutely the worst bank that I have ever dealt with. They are in the business of making money by squeezing the most possible fees out of their customers. Their customer service personnel are like automated machines reading from a script which only benefits them. Their policy of honoring the item of highest amount allows them to get away with charging customers with unnecessary overdraft fees. I beg you, DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS BANK!

  • Jo
      7th of Feb, 2007
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    A B of A employee forged a visa merchant application and caused my business to go under. Plus they held over 400k in a reserve account and have not release 1 single penny in almost 1 year...all without statements, return of my calls or any correspondence at all.


  • Va
      9th of Feb, 2007
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    In January 2007,I paid the total balance due on a Visa Card. When the next statement came, I expected to see a zero balance. It seems that unless one calls for a payoff amount, according to the first response I got from Customer Service, interest continues to accrue from date of statement to date of payment. In my first E-mail, I politely requested, that as a long time customer (35 years), that the interest of $128.39 be reversed. The statements do NOT state in a clear, visible place that a customer must call for a payoff. I was denied the request and was advised to call the next time. I sent another E-mail, still polite but much stronger, that for client satisfaction purposes, they reconsider my request. I know that budgeted programs exist at Bank of America to grant such requests. I suggested that a supervisor review the request as it is not unreasonable and does not violate any laws. I also pointed out that "policy" is flexible and supervisors are given established authorities to grant these requests. I also noted that the practice to accrue interest in this way, cardholders are put in the position of a vicious cycle - unable to payoff the card. Again I was denied because the "the policy for finance charge assessment was disclosed in the terms of agreement". This is true that disclosure is sent, as it is with any type of bank account. Disclosures outline Non sufficient funds fees, service charges, returned check fees, etc, etc, etc. But, as a former bank operations officer, I had the authority to waive and/or reverse these disclosed fees/charges for errors or customer satisfaction. Hiding behind "disclosure" is not a proper way to assess a situation or keep customers happy. I may not have alot of money with the bank, but all of my accounts (2 personal checking, one savings, a credit line, 3 Visa accounts, joint tenant with my mother on a 3rd checking, and various car/home loans in the past) and a long relationship should count for something. I did indicate that I would contact the FTC, ABA, and consumer agencies, which I will still do, but I thought of your service. Hopefully this will start an awareness of these banking practices and get the message to my bank that I am serious about this issue and highly indignant about their lack of responsiveness.

  • Va
      12th of Feb, 2007
    +1 Votes

    Bank of America recently changed the look of their monthly credit card statements to resemble junk mail so that some of us throw it out and get a late pay. They appear to be looking to collect late fee payments and to hit you with their "DEFAULT" interest rate. They no longer put their name on the outside of the envelope and increased the envelopes size to make it look like junk mail. I'm writing to warn others to watch carefully for their statements.

  • Va
      16th of Feb, 2007
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    I had MBNA card for over 10 years and as far as I know had always made timely payments. One day, recently, when I wanted to get another card, I was turned down because Experian, the credit bureau, is reporting I was late about six years ago for this card on either "one occasion for 90 days" or "three occasions, 30, 60, and then 90 days" depending on who is asked.

    I do not recall this happening and highly doubt it so I contacted them for more information, and said I was disputing the claim unless I could be provided with more information. I was sent a letter saying that was on their records. Well, then Experian "updated" my account to say I disputed it, but also wrote that Bank of America MBNA said it was "valid" therefore it won't have to be removed. How can they say it's valid if they have no records from back then? I am certain it is an error but what can be done? I could see missing one payment but not three in a row unless I was in a hospital, which I was not. It is affecting my credit worthiness. These reports carry over for seven years and people can makes human errors, so how does one prove that, if we do not keep records for seven years and they can't or won't provide them? I was totally unaware of this entry as I had not applied for a new card until now. I am wondering if this is done to have an excuse to justify higher interest rates for customers or what? By the way, I believe these interst rates are akin to "legal" usury and that is why debt is on the rise and savings are falling. Just my opinion.

  • Va
      16th of Feb, 2007
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    I wire transferred over $5000 to an account holder at BOA for the purchase of a watch. I learned that the account holder was a fraud and had scammed other people.

    I had my bank call them immediately to return the wire transfer. They put it in hold for 24 hours and said even though you say this guy is a crook and he is committing a felony by by taking your money, we WILL NOT RETURN IT TO YOU WITHOUT THE CROOKS PERMISSION! Needless to say I'm out the $5000 and the bank won't even take my calls. I spent over an hour on the phone trying to reach someone, but was transferred around until I got back to where I started. Apparently, no one at BOA cares if one of their account holders is defrauding people and laundering money through their bank.This is in direct conflict with their own statement on fraud and abuse and terrorism. This "customer" of theirs resides in Russia and has apparently been aided in his efforts by BOAs unwillingness to stop the FRAUD.

    My own bank went out of their way to try and help me but BOA kept putting up roadblocks.

    Now Bank of America is courting illegal aliens for their credit card business. I bet we all get to pay for that one. If I were a stock holder, I would sell and buy a solid bank like M&I or Wells Fargo. If anyone wants to check this out, try calling customer service and you will get a royal run around. BOYCOTT BOA

  • Ka
      26th of Feb, 2007
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    I've done my best to stop purchasing items via BOA. I've had an account with them for a while, back when they were MBNA. Now I'm climbing out of debt. The high credit limits were good when I was an unpaid intern, but now I am paying for it, one month at a time. Once it is paid off (ahh, what an ideal), my business with them will cease. I'm doing most of my purchases via a personal bank card. That has helped a lot and let me rein in my bad spending habits (BOA isn't completely to blame on my account, but they were a insidious enabler).

    Also, FYI: Credit card companies inhabit the real world in places like Wilmington, Delaware. They occupy smaller states and take over their economies. They are instrumental in getting people like Senator Joe Lieberman re-elected. They are, in a small way, responsible for the bloodshed in Iraq and other foreign policy fiascos. Follow the money! They have yours and here is what they do with it. Elect spineless feebs like Lieberman who rubber stamps the policies of the Bush administration. (Campaign contributions from more than oil companies, Halliburton and the bin Laden family.)

    Okay, a little off-topic, but not by much. BOA has blood on its hands, paid for by the people they are ripping off. Their usurious practices are criminal and depraved.

  • Jr
      26th of Mar, 2007
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    I have been a customer of Bank of America for the past 17 years and haven't had any major problems. Well now I do! I am not a US citizen/resident so I don't have to pay taxes on my money in the bank. Now they have suddenly started deducting federal taxes! I don't even live in the US. I opened the account when I was a college student and didn't close it. I thought it would be good to have whenever I came to the US to visit.

    I have been complaining since the past 2 months and each time they reply my online complaint saying that the necessary forms I need to fill have been sent. I have yet to see those forms.

    Bank of America employs incompetent, incapable, lazy people who can't do a simple task. They keep replying my emails with the same, redundant, meaningless responses.

    I will simply close my account. I just fed up already!

  • Mi
      7th of Apr, 2007
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    I deposited company (ADP) check for $100 via the Bank of America ATM , but the check had never been credited to my account.

    I contacted BOA conflict resolution center, but they did not want to cooperate insisting that the check had never been deposited. After talking to a multiple managers, BOA agreed to consider $100 deposit on condition I can provide them with the front and back copy of the check cashed by the BOA. Please note I have provided them with the number of the missing check and they stated the check never was entered through their system.

    I contacted the ADP company who issued the check and ADP sent me back and front copy of the check that was cached by the BOA. After I presented this evidence to the BOA conflict resolution group - they still refused to deposit it suggesting that it was deposited in November as a part of $5,00 deposit. I found that this was a deposit of my federal tax refund... had nothing to do with the $100 check. How much more time needs to be spent to resolve this case? Is my case an exception? how we can trust the bank like this?

  • Li
      14th of Apr, 2007
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    Sub: Unethical practices

    I was a customer of Fleet Bank for over 20 years, when it became Bank of America. I recently over extended my debit card.. seven small transactions totaling $21.00. I would not have had an issue, but BOA took out two service charges totaling $20.00 that should not have been taken out of my account.

    Consequently they wound up charging me $245.00 in service charges. I spoke with the local branch, the online service, and called the service center.

    Instead of listening to my complaint, I was told that there was nothing anyone could do about it. I feel that this was a very excessive charge for an overdraft that was not my fault in the first place.

  • Ni
      13th of Jul, 2007
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    My name is Nirav Patel, I am a physician in Tampa. I would like to tell my story how big banks can rip you off.

    I have big account with Bank of America for last ten years. Usually I have very pleasant relationship. We thought of building house of reasonable size in Tampa. As it has to be construction loan we started looking at different options with other financial institutions. As I was willing to pay 20 percent down, getting construction loan was not a problem. I did get good rates from different bank.

    My local branch in Carrollwood, Tampa asked me to talk to Frank Mace ( works with mortgage loans for Bank of America). I did talk to him briefly couple of times on phone. He was never available physically to see you. As I have other accounts with Bank of America, I decided to go with Bank of America for ease of my handling.

    This was my biggest mistake of my life. Closing was on Sept 9, 2005. This is how they cheat. Once they processed my loan, we have to talk to Dallas branch for all questions, most of the time they are not there, not even their supervisor is reachable by phone. ( Even though they record in their answering machine that, "if you are not satisfied with me you can call my boss ", that is just a bogus claim, their boss will never answer. This is just small thing. This is how I got ripped of.

    My loan would be initially construction and than will be converted to permanent loan. I had 10 year ARM. I suppose to have fixed rate for ten year. When I was talking to Frank Mace I told him it will take at least 16 months to finish the house (This is the case in Bay Area and he knows about it, this is his business, it takes 6 months to get even permit to build house !!, And I had repeatedly made him clear of that fact). Now he sends me contract more than 200 pages fine letters. On summary later says 10 year arm 5.5 interest rate, than LIBOR.

    Now surprises,

    1. During construction phase I will pay LIBOR which is typical at least two points higher, I would not lie I realized that before closing. But it was too late in process, so whatever time my house is being build I would pay substantially higher interest than my contractual rate. So, I lost thousands of during construction phase.

    2. Biggest surprise I got only after18 months in to loan. When there was time to convert loan to permanent phase I was told that, they will have to redo my loan!! In contract my construction phase was 1 year. And it was told to me that is typical and you can extend it. They did tell me coast to extend loan is 500 dollars for 3 months, but nothing more. So I did get two extensions. Everytime they send me letter for extension it was written that if I want to protect rate I will have to pay percentage of loan, they did not mention about anything more. I presume they were talking about construction part of loan and as it was only for few months I should not pay extra to keep rate only for few months. But.. When we convert loan to construction loan, my loaned was considered default, and they will have to re do loan and my interest rate will be one percent higher than it was promised. Even they have changed the loan my new rate will be affective only for original ten years ( including construction phase of loan!!)

    So, even though my construction was finished as planned. I was robbed in at least 25000 dollars over life of loan. This is even after being so called premier client with Bank of America ( I have premier banking account). I never got rate I was promised through, I never received 5.5 percent) and I paid thousands of dollars extras without any fault,

    Now I am trying to move somewhere else!! And there is nothing like customer service dept at Bank of America, I have still yet to talk to Frank Mace. Even efforts from my personal account manager from Bank of America has failed.

    NEVER go with Bank of America mortgage.


  • Ch
      2nd of Mar, 2008
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    With me, they waited until day of closing to realize "Oooops!" Oh My! We wont be able to do that loan we discussed, afterall. We need to have an arm.

    I had already signed and looked over the loan at home, so this changed everything. Now I would be signing under pressure and I dont like that.

    Next time, I walk away with the knowledge that I have a Plan B for financing.

  • Em
      11th of Mar, 2008
    0 Votes

    I also have had problems with them, just getting worse every day.

    How do they get away with this?

    Why doesn't anyone stop them?

  • Sa
      22nd of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    A woman that I work with had a problem with the bank of america here lately. Her home mortgage is thru bank of america but her bank account is with another bank. she has her mortgage payment come directly out of her bank account. last week they took out her mortgage payment twice resulting in an overdraft of her account and causing other checks and transactions to bounce. She was hit with over 200 dollars in overdraft fees, they said they would reimburse her and 4 weeks letter that hasnt happened

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