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Bank of America / bank causing high overdrawn account & unnecessary fees

1 Olympia, WA, United States

Filing a complaint and want to file a claim against what ever department has left me with such a huge financial mess, taking my entire income for the month of january 2019 after charging my account 2temporary credit reversal of $400&$40, which was posted to my account as a positive credit of $400&$40, appeared on my bank statement for december 2018. I have several charges in overdraft fees that should not be charging me. Than the 200$ chime bank account deposit from boa to chime I have proof that there was plenty of money in my account at boa to make that happen. I got paid the 29th of november 2018 and the deposit to chime bank account went in the same time. My account had more than enough. The dates on all the statements from boa are not dated correctly. Than paying several boa overdraft charges of. $35 on top of not telling the truth about the dates and than saying I didnt have enough funds to cover any of it
I want to file two seperate claims against b oa - first one is for the overdrafted charge's for years that I have banked with them I want to be reimbursed for all the charges on my account, the overdraft charges, the charging me $2.50 for simply checking my balance at an atm that never said I would have too pay that added fee ontop of the $3.50 for the fee to take the money off my boa account and than ontop of that fee the $2.50 fee. Which both fees should be reimbursed to my account for every time I paid one for all the time i've banked there. Boa doesn't honor their part in protection for my account not do they aknowledge any responsibility for what damage they have caused me to have overall.. Part of which is, my phone bill was shut off on the 5th of january, 2019, I had to beg my phone company to give me an extension til the 9th of the month of january, I made them aware of boa causing my account to be this badly in the negatives. That I am contacting my ├čocial security office tomorrow morning to let them know about what this bank has done to my account, leaving me with no phone as of the 9th being my last extension day to pay my phone bill that I have no moneu to pay, thanks to bank of america taking all $751 of my social security disability benefits check that came in direct deposit to my bank of america account. I have no money to pay my storage bill, no money for food, no money for any other bills due, or any hygiene products I need, or too take care of myself. On top of this all my bank of america bank account is still over drafted by $174 that racked on by more fees and charges.
Thank you
Dawn christine tolman

Jan 8, 2019

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