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I rented a Hyundai Elantra for a wedding. I only needed it one day but I was told minimum rental was 2 days for the weekend. I only drove the car to the wedding an back. When I went to return the car the guy checking it in said the car smelled like smoke and needed to be cleaned. I'm not a smoker and the only other two people in the car were my 13 yr old niece and 7 yr old nephew. I was told his "friend" could remove the smoke smell for $50 or Avis could clean it for $250. I wasn't going to have his "friend" clean it so my credit card was charged $250. I also have a friend who had the same situation with the same company. I will he contacting the better business bureau and the Avis corporate office

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      8th of Dec, 2010

    We rented a car from Avis in Joplin, MO their policy of no smoking is a scam, just another way of charging you extra money. We were chared more then the posted 250 dollars for cleaning and did not smoke in the car. I have used Avis for years but after this I will never rent from them again. Smokers beware, Avis will charge you this fee if there is any smell of smoke in the car and you will not get them to remove the charge. Customer service is joke, district managers are not available bottom line is do not rent from Avis!

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      25th of Mar, 2011

    "Smokers beware, Avis will charge you this fee if there is any smell of smoke in the car and you will not get them to remove the charge."

    that is because there is no smoking policy, and stickers on all the windows of the cars that say
    "no smoking, a $250 dollar fee will apply"

    if you ignore that then you are accepting the consequences

    However with this gentlmens complaint he has grounds, on of the few on here. We all know a smoke smell, even professionally done is hard to get out of vehicles. The agent, in my opinion, probably knew the car had a faint smell before he rented, probably qualified the renter and knew he was going to a wedding, and took a gamble that someone had smoked in the car.

    This is where car rental companies do have issues, The agent needs to be able to see more than just easy dollar signs and respect the customer, especially those who respect the rental vehicle itself.

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  • Cm
      10th of Apr, 2018

    Hi! I, a non-smoker, recently rented a car from Avis and had a similar experience. Two weeks after returning my car, I received a $250 smoking fee. I have never smoked a cigarette in my life. When I called to have this reversed (as I assumed this must be a mistake), they sent pictures of the supposed "tobacco and ashes", which, to me, looked like some white sand and salt from snowy weather. They have refused to reverse the charge. I am stunned and will certainly never rent from them again if I can avoid it.

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