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On 21/06/2012 I hired a car from Avis (South Africa) from their East London office. I had earlier been given a quotation of 3937 South African rands(see below), and a total of R6708 with the holding deposit; the deposit was going to be refunded in full after I had returned the car without damage or ticket fines. To my surprise I was asked to pay R8000 when I went to collect the car on June 21, which I duly paid because I was desperate for transport. I was supposed to return the car on 22/07/2012 at 13.00 but I returned it on 23/07 at 08.00. For the last 3 weeks I have been battling to get my deposit back and I now resort to your office to help me get the money back.

13 June 2012
Thank you for affording us the opportunity to provide you with car rental.
Your reservation is confirmed as follows:
Reference #
Rental Days
1 Month(s) & 1 Day(s)
Renter's Name
Rental Location
Return Location
Rental Date/Time
Return Date/Time
Car Group
Group A (KIA Picanto or similar)
Rate Code
KM per Month Included
Rate per add KM
Month 1 Estimate
ZAR 3809.88
1 Day Estimate
ZAR 127.00
Period Total
ZAR 3937.00
Estimated Monthly Authorization
ZAR 6708.00
Rate Includes
Rate Excludes
14% VAT
Monthly Contract Fee
All Surcharges
Collision Damage Waiver
Theft Loss Waiver
Liability Amount
In the event of loss or damage to the vehicle, an amount is payable, subject to terms and conditions of the rental.
TP (Theft Protection)
ZAR 11200.00
Collision Damage Waiver (CDW)
ZAR 11200.00
Optional Extras

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  • Jo
      May 06, 2014

    I've also had a car from AVIS and they had me pay a deposit with my credit card which was supposed to have been returned with the return of the car.
    I've returned the car on 3rd of April 2014. Today the 6th of May I'm still struggling to get my deposit back. Excuses on excuses and still no date on when I'll get my deposit back.

    Jorge Correia

    Ref number 750666022

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  • Al
      Apr 02, 2015

    I've also made a booking for one of my employees at Cape Town Avis, Reservation no: 4822-7364-ZA-3, pre-paid. The car was refused on the date of collection. The employee was stuck at the airport at 21H00 tonight, Avis do not care for customers, or at least the person behind the counter do not care!

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  • Ay
      Jun 27, 2015

    I have made a booking for someone, I was in Margate airport he collected the car Kokstad. He used n returned the car, I was contacted, the car has been dent. Okay that was fine, I asked the driver and he said they lying the car had scratches and dents, to my surprise that the car has dents to where it was said to be scratches, on the exact spots. That's what they said, I need a platform when I can be assisted, reservation is 0750 7279 ZA3. This is a big scam. Now I am forced to sign and repair this, this so fraudulent.
    See these pictures here, corruption.

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  • Ni
      Nov 16, 2015

    We have also rented a vehicle on the 2nd of November 2015 in Germiston and dropped it off in Mafikeng on the same day. They were quick to debit the monies for the km's charged extra from my account, but still no deposit. Phoned Avis on Tuesday, I was told that Thursday the money should reflect. And up to today still nothing. Will never make use of Avis again.

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  • Ar
      Jan 28, 2016

    I rented a Hyundai i10 from the Avis branch in Strand street, Cape Town, for about three months with a monthly contract with Super Waiver. I had this contract from August to October, and paid ZAR5951, 46 per month (E596148862 is one of the rental agreement numbers).
    Mid-October I made a new contract from the airport branch in Cape Town, with the same terms, a monthly contract with super waiver. After the end of my contract period, I discovered I had been charged ZAR10940, 63 per month (E596905105 is one of the rental agreement numbers). This is double the fee that I paid for my contract made at the Strand street branch.
    The reasons I was been given about the doubling of the contract fee were that it is more expensive to rent a car at the airport branch than at the other branches, and that the company is free to change the car rental fee at any time.
    I do not deny that I have signed this new contract, but I was not told about the high monthly price when I signed, and the price is double the price informed about on your internet pages (, and also double the price I paid for the car rental in Strand street.
    I think the Avis company should refund to me half of the fee that I paid for the monthly contract made at the airport branch, but after having had unfruitful and unpleasant conversations with the Avis customer service, I doubt this will happen. Avis, which is an multinational company, appears unreliable and crooked, and I will never use it again or recommend it to others.

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  • Ni
      Aug 29, 2018

    We hired 3 vehicles from Avis Safari for 20 days, (second year that I have done this hire). We paid in full prior to pick up. A few days before we picked up we were told that we had to also now pay the driver insurance up front, an additional R30 000 (this is normally secured against each drivers credit card and is not a physical payment). I did this. Remembering that we had already taken out 100% insurance cover. On returning we were only refunded R24 000, R6000 short. I have tried now for over 4 months to Avis Safari South Africa, Avis Safari Namibia (one of the directors) and Avis South Africa complaints. No answer or explanation at all from any of them. This is outright theft. My advise to travelers "Do not think that Avis being a big name is protection" I will not hire vehicles from them again.

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