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Avis Rent A Car System, Llc / Because of poor customer service, I am now out an expensive pair of glasses!

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I rented a car at the Sky Harbor Airport site on 2/16/07. When I returned the car on 2/19/07, bad traffic caused me to hurry a bit too much and I left my prescription sun glasses in the front of the car, either in the console area or sitting on the passenger seat. I called Avis the minute I got to the airport to let them know I left my glasses. Since they were calling my flight, the customer service rep said to call when I got home. I did so, but they were closed so I called the next morning and left a message for lost & found to call me back. They didn't so I called again. They still didn't reply so I called customer service and they said I should hear from them before 4 p.m. their time. I didn't so I called again and was told that they closed at 3 p.m. I called again the next day and still didn't get anyone in lost & found so I called customer service again. They called the rental place and got me in touch with a manager. He called me and said that nothing had been turned in yet but it might take a few days for it to trickle down to lost & found. I called again yesterday (3/5/07) and received a call back on 3/6/07. No glasses. These glasses cost me over $200 and Avis says too bad. Although their people aren't supposed to mess with items left in the car, it appears that someone did. Because of poor customer service, I am now out an expensive pair of glasses.

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  • Ri
      31st of Oct, 2007
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    I telephoned Avis whilst in Orlando as I had left a sweater in their reception area at the airport. I made three calls on three consecutive days and never received a reply within 24 hours of any call as they stated on their answer phone. Waste of time and effort.

  • Cy
      20th of Mar, 2008
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    Avis Rent A Car, LLC - Dishonest Company. I rented from them six months ago. When returning the car I rubbed the bumper leaving a small black mark on it. Neither the integrity of the paint or fiber glass were harmed in any way. It should have taken a solution at the car wash to take this spot out for about $15.00 US dollars. Otherwise, the car was perfect and sparkling-clean. Being the honest consumer that I am - I reported the issue right away- they made me fill out paper work with insurance information, etc... Instead, some five months later I receive a bill for 611.00 us dollars, phony photos with claims for repair to both front and back bumpers. I don't know if the pictures are altered or if this was damaged done over the five months by other renters and then they just decided to try and pin it on me. I believe the photos to be altered. The repair reports they sent in were phony & I believe generated from their own system. Fortunately I was smart enough to take my own photo of the mark before leaving. Even though the paper work I filled out shows the mark in one area of car-they are claiming all kinds of damages to the front and back bumpers. When I called them on the phone they tried to con me into promising to pay an amount but then wouldn't tell me what the amount was. I remained firm because I knew this was non-sense. They finally said the actual damage was really only $500.00 us dollars but would I agree to pay $300.00 us dollars. I told them I did not like their business practice & I would respond to them in writing. I sent certified paperwork with a return receipt in my hands dated Feb 28th, 2008. I received another letter dated March 10, 2008 stating that they've made repeated attempts to reach me...failure to respond may be deemed as admission of liability. Keep in mind that not a single letter is signed by anyone.

    Who runs this company? It is very seedy business practice that left a bad taste in my mouth.

    If anyone has had a similar issue I would be willing to back you up with a written statement pertaining to my experience. You are not alone. From my experience they do fraudulent business and have a very bad bed-side manner for doing business. I feel that businesses like this should be banned from doing business in the US.

    As a consumer I do my best to report stuff like this to prevent others from being taken advantage of. I have never had a problem with other car rental companies in CA before.

    My issue with Avis is not resolved at the time this post is going up.

  • Ed
      16th of Aug, 2008
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    On 8/09/08 in Atlanta GA I attempted to rent a vehicle @ the airport location. I encountered an Avis employee who attempted to assist me with my problem. The vehicle I wanted to rent that was brought to me had stains on the seat and was VERY dirty around the arm rest and the steering wheel. The Avis employee attempted to try to get the areas cleaned (which was not this persons job) the employee brought the car back to me and proceded to apologize to me because he could NOT get the car's dirt and stains removed, why? and this is exactly what they said to me " Sir, I'm sorry but the individual did attempt to clean the vehicle again but because the management at Avis only gives the car cleaners glass cleaner, because it's the cheapest to use, he was sorry but the dirt could not be removed.
    I was also told that many vehicles are only wiped down when there has been blood in the car and NOT sanitized.
    This employee again apologized and suggested that I go next door and rent from National. I'm sorry to say I would have to suggest that people think twice before going to Avis Atlanta Airport as the vehicle are not as clean as one would think. The have lost me as a customer. Is this a corporate policy or just a management team in Atlanta trying to save money at the expense of the public.

  • Tw
      5th of Aug, 2009
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    Every single Rent-A-Car company on the globe, clearly states on their terms that personal property left in rentals upon return is 100% at your own risk!

    Should have gotten there early and checked the car for your belongings yourself.

    But of course, you wanted to use the car to the rentals last possible minute...

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