Avis / late email replies, overcharged rental

Oslo, Norway

My friend and I rented a car from Avis on 9/4-14/4/17 in Oslo, and we got charged NOK7691.03. We did not know why we got charged so much so we decided to start sending emails and make calls to customer service (Norway, Uk, USA). We tried all three. All I wanted was to get the full invoice from Avis Oslo because I did not receive any when I returned the car on 14/4. Avis Norway & USA did not get back to me but Avis UK did but they took more than a month to reply my emails and attach me the full invoices. There are a several documents which I did not know why did we get charged for, e.g. Belastning Av P Bot & Bompassering, Administration fee, Winter service fee (Autopass/City Fee Og Vinterservicegebyr I Sesong), because we were not informed and aware about these fees. We have agreed on the rental of NOK3293.03 but we were charged NOk4363.03.

Next, because of the delays of receiving full invoices from Avis, I did not know that we were fined by Oslo council. As we're a student+tourist, I did not understand Norwegian and we did not know that the parking rules there, and we only parked at the side just to unload our luggages but after we returned, we saw a yellow paper on our windscreen, we did not understand what was that for. And after I got the invoice, I realized it was a fine of NOK1350 and I wrote to Oslo council but they told me the appeal time is within 3 weeks from the date it was issued (13/4/17). I've missed the appeal period because I didn't know about it only after Avis UK attached me the notice from council which was on 16/6/17 (2 months late).

As a conclusion, I would say Avis customer service is terrible and I would like you to look through my case and deal with the city council.

Jun 26, 2017

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