AT&T Washington / misleading sales

WA, United States

It makes me mad that I ask the sale person how much I'm going to pay for Iphone/family plan including taxes... tells me one fee.. I get my first bill and it's 60 dollars higher than before! I knew out of experience with other cell phone companies that they only give you a guess without the tax.. So this time I wanted to get down to the point and asked him if he could tell me what the the whole bill is a month including taxes. I don't understand how they can quote me on one thing and then my bill tells me another. If it would have been even 5-10 dollars of, I would still have been ok with it... but $60? I'm so tired of be scared to get phones these days because I know I'm always getting screwed over. Everything they do is in their computer system, I don't even have an actual contract in hand to read over other than the receipt indicating how much I paid for my phone, the 36 dollar activation fee.. and how much money i saved on a 2 year contract. I'm looking everywhere for an actual contract and nobody can get this to me. I called customer service and man.. If I provided a service like that at my job, I would have been fired. I explained my concern as I felt like I was mislead.. I wasnt given any solutions or recommendations on what I should do... so it came down to either 1.) I cancel my phone after 2 weeks of service and pay for each phone 175 dollars.. or 2.) pay this 198 phone bill that was totally misquoted. I've only had this 2 weeks and I can't believe how much this is going to cost me... How can they get away with this and how can they try to sell me on a monthly plan that cost 140 dollars and now I'm at 198 for 2 phones?

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