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Resolved attempted to change contract!

Signed up for Dish Network through AT&T over the phone after their website kept giving errors. Wife and I were looking for specific channels and was offered a package deal. The Dish deal was suppose to be $37.99 a month after a $10 discount wed receive each month for a total of 18 months with free DVR, 200 channels, free installation, $25 target gift card, and $50 credit on next bill.

Now the fun starts. The tech that came to install the dish puts the dish on the roof where he was told not to as the roof was foam and that the only place that would support it correctly was the wall. Tech put it on the roof anyways angering my landlord. When the tech gave me the papers to sign I looked at them carefully and noticed it was a new contract showing 180 channels not 200, different rates, so I drew a line through each page, said I didn't approve and the tech gave me copies and left.

More fun starts now when the DVR shuts off through half the shows, and channels we were suppose to get we didn't. I call up dish network and am informed that Id have to pay an additional $5.00 for the baby channel and also $10 more for the top 250 to get the channels we were suppose to get when we signed up the first time. When the rep told me that the price will be $59.99 I informed them that $37.99 + 15 doesn't come to $59.99. The rep now tells me that the price is $59.99 and that I am only getting $10 off for only 10 months and that I'm under contract for 18 months. When I told them the $10 discount is for the entire 18 months, I was told that their rates can change without notice, and that what AT&T offered was over ridden when I signed the new contract given to me by the installer. I informed them I in fact did now sign it, and when I was told my verbal acceptance when ordering can be used, I said 'Sure, then you will have to give me the services I paid for and the discounts as that recording is the contract as you stated and binding' By the way, I was transfered to the executive office who said I had to hash this out and if I canceled Id be charged for early termination of contract. I then told them to look at account history in which he then informed me he cant talk to me and that Id have to talk to AT&T's legal dept come Monday.

What brought that about, and now I know DISH&AT&T are very connected is that back in New York back in 1989, I had taken AT&T who was under another name at the time to court and won not once but twice for an incorrect bill and misleading contract. The executive saw the note and that ended that conversation.

So to sum this all up, don't trust Dish Network or AT&T as what they offer over the phone they try taking back by tricking the customer into signing a new contract upon installation.

  • Je
    Jeanne Martin Apr 12, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The same thing happened to me my package included Phone Internet dish & cell for $99.00 (200 )channels + Free HBO when the dish arrived they had me signed up for 100 channels they charged an extra charge for HBO and Ciniamax with rebates for all instillation and 2 gift cards. None of this was true. My 1st
    Bill was over $200.00 when I called to inquire why I was told well we signed you up for >>> Not what I ordered and guess what now you monthly bill will be $158.00 Not $99.00 Line charges $5.00 extra packages $20.00 extra box that was not free @ all $5.00 typical bate and switch. Their needs to be a class action suit against this kind of business tactic with the FCC involved.

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  • No
    Norma Ellen Dowling Jul 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Well I certainly wish I had seen your site a few weeks ago. I signed up for Dish network through AT&T on the phone because of a flyer I was sent in the mail that sounded like a good deal. Many hours of phone calls later, not to mention emails, I have still not managed to get AT&T to bill me properly for the promotion I ordered. In fact AT&T can't remember their own flyer. Or that particular promotion. Which by the way was good sent in May 2008, and was for Dish network added to your bundle, sign up for a period of 2 years, at the rate of $29.00 for 1 TV with a free DVR, or upgrade to two TVs for 34.99 a month, no hidden fees, so said the sales person. I was to get money back in 3 installments, and it was for the America's favorite !00 Channels. I'm exhausted and angry. Bell South was a company with some integrity. Don't even ask me what I think about AT&T. Life has enough problems in it. I don't need this one. Oh by the way there is a $200.00 dollar fee if you cancel the Dish network before the 2 years are up. I can not believe I signed up to save money, and am getting less programming than I had before and paying the same amount of money. This is beyond absurd, it is evil.

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  • Ba
    Barbara Holly Sep 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    So where do you go from here? I've been battling them for over a year for an installation that never took place, after four missed half day appointments and over 20 hours on the phone and now I find they've damaged my credit for charging me for installation services I never got. How do you get resolution?

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  • Mb
    mbrady601 Mar 16, 2009

    Similar things happened to us. We signed up for Dish through AT&T. Dish was supposed to be free for a year, but we were billed for it anyway. My husband called and was told that the rep didn't sign him up for the right package to get dish free, so he was SOL. I called and the rep I spoke to cleared everything up, so I thought. Long story short, we are still getting billed for it, I keep getting shuffled around from one office to another and our dish got shut off for nonpayment. And dishnetwork won't deal with us directly unless we get things straightened out with AT&T. I filed an FCC complaint yesterday, but I doubt anything will come of it.

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  • Lm
    LMoyar Apr 07, 2009

    This is really getting ridiculous! I bought Dish Network services through AT&T and I didn't know they were entering me into an 18month contract. 5 months later AT&T solicits me to "upgrade" to their U-Verse cable service. How can they sell me a different service 5 months after they sold me an 18 month contract?? I figured any contract would just be voided by them selling me an upgrade. Then the installers told me to throw out the dish equipment, they couldn't use it. Now Dish Network is charging me $800 for the equipment that AT&T told me to throw away! Also, a contract cancellation fee!!! I didn't even know Dish was a separate company from AT&T. I figured AT&T owned Dish. I'm going to have to go to court. Wish there was a class action suit!!!

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  • Ti
    timothy planicka Apr 26, 2010

    wow!!! i too have been swindelled my at&t/dish network. i had simular service argreements as did you all. i also paid an extra 50.00 at signing to opt out of any early cancellation fees but dish network has but me in collections for 200.00 cancellation fee. i have written to the ftc and fcc but looks like class action suit is the only way out i guess. im not an attorney and it seems like we have zero rights and at&t /dish have all the rights and goverment in there hip pocket.

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  • Je
    Jerrad Nov 11, 2010

    ATT has now stopped selling dish netowrk service, though our contract was just up. I have been on the phone for 20 days trying to ship this equipment back, they lie every time saying that it will be here in 5-10 days, still nothing. They lied about the price, ATT said 105.00 a month for phone, internet, and dish, it was never under 160 and even went as high as 180.00 a month. We finished out our contract and they owe us a 60.00 refund for a partial month. Ive been told by a few their waiting till after a 30 period to return the equipment and they they will keep our refund and bill us for not returning the equipment. Every phone call to them they lie and I have recorded every phone call to them. DO NOT TRUST ATT OR THE DISH NETWORK!!! Now a friend of mine has fallen to those offers of 29.00 a month and is going through the same thing. She is now paying 79.00 for 120 channels. RIP OFF. I have chosen to pursue this in a federal court.

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  • De
    Deborah G. Feb 12, 2014

    I contacted Dish Network a few months ago, I spoke with a very nice, informative gentleman. He said in order to receive the discounted pricing he would have to run my credit to see if I qualified; I did. He then told me he had to transfer me to a "bundle expert" that would go over everything with me. Upon transfer the lady stated different pricing and different companies they would be partnering with to provide me service. They said AT&T would provide the land line and I objected because I have had service with AT&T for 7 1/2 yrs. I explained to her what the guy had told me, she said "he doesn't know what he is talking about, I am the bundle expert". My fiancé and I decided that because of her unprofessional rudeness, we would decline making any changes at that time and I told her this. A few days later, I received a call from an AT&T tech who was trying to hook up phone service. I told him I already had phone service, he was no to make any changes to my service or ph #. After speaking with him for several minutes, he said that AT&T must have gotten the order mixed up with another. It was not until yesterday when I received a call from Diversified Collections that AT&T had turned me over to collection on an account not only was NOT mine but for a ph # that was not even active. After 2 hrs on the phone with their fraud dept, they emailed me a letter stating that my bill had been credited $114.43 and they apologized for the inconvenience. I spoke with Diversified this morning and the amount AT&T turned over to collection isn't even the correct amount that was credited on this account.. Diversified said if AT&T does not adjust the correct amount that this account will be reported to the credit reporting agencies. How is it that ST&T can fraudulently open new service under my name and social # without my knowledge OR permission and then attempt to ruin my credit which is in very good standing at a 787 fico score? I didn't acquire this rating by being negligent. I have been advised to contact CPUC and the Federal Trade Commission office. What they have done is illegal/unlawful.

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  • De
    Deborah G. Feb 12, 2014

    After several hrs of frustrating time spent being passed from one dept to another AT&T fraud dept emailed me a letter stating that the account opened under my info was adjusted and closed, the amount of the adjustment did not match the amount they turned over to collections against me. Keep in mind this is an account opened without my knowledge or consent. They now are telling me that the amount of the adjustment is $114.43 and I will have to deal with Diversified on the remaining $12.33. They committed a crime against me and in my opinion, this is considered fraud. If it were an individual committing such an act, we would be punished in the courts and would have to pay a fine, serve jail time or both. This is no different than someone stealing another persons identity; the only difference is we are dealing with AT&T who apparently is exonerated from being held accountable for committing identity theft or other criminal acts against individuals/consumers.

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scam and cheating!

AT&T Wireless prints the web site on their card so that you can check your balance. Guess what - go to that...

cellphone of deceased

My 19 year old son was killed in a car accident Feb. 20, 2007. His girlfriend of five weeks stumbled opon the accident and ID his body. He left his wallet in her car earlier that day when they broke up and she left him on side of the road. All my son had on him was a belt, watch, and his cellphone. The police was useing his phone to try to ID him. After she ID him she asked for his phone and they gave it to her. The next day I had it disconnected. The representive told me I was the only one that could have it reconnected if I got possesion of the phone. Two weeks later the girlfriend had it reconnected in her name with a transfer of my sons service with Cingular. Which included his outgoing voice mail message and all of his personal and private information. I called Cingular and they told me there was nothing they could do because everyting is in her name now. My sons last bill also had a 36.00 reconnection fee charged to his account after his death.

giving me the runaround!

I put in an order for dish network with att, it required that I have a visa or mastercard to process the installation fee. I went out and bought a debit visa and put in $64.00, well now they say my order has been canceled and when I call to confirm either they don't pick up or they don't return my phone calls. That order was suppose to be on today, but yet nothing.

Terrible service!

  • Wa
    watch-it Aug 24, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    How is it a person can change from basic service to a data plan, purchase a smart phone for 600.00 ( unrelated to the plan), pay 40.00 to activate, and then be charged an extra monthly fee simply because the expensive phone you bought and paid for is capable of utilizing the services you bought and paid for? What if you purchased a Kenmore refrigerator with an ice-maker, paid someone to hook it up, purchased the water it needed to operate, and sears wanted to charge you an additional monthly fee for the ice? Or say Buckle charges you a fee every time your teenager daughter uses the zipper on the 120.00 designer jeans she insisted on having? Your less fortunate friends/family don"t get a discount from the satellite or cable companies for only being able to afford 19-inch television. Think about it.

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Resolved people need to know this story!

About several months ago I ordered internet service from At&t. I had heard from my friend that At&t had a...

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Resolved reward not received

ATT Referral Program - www.attreferrals.com

I have referred two of my friends under ATT referral program which states that they will give $50 for internet service and $25 for any service referral. My ATT referral account shows my friends referral entries still they claim that they are not referred, the referral code is not used, they registered after taking the service etc and different reasons just without paying any amount.

Till now I cant understand how the entries gets added to my account if I haven't received them and most worst situation is I have ordered for services for my friends using my referral code in ATT website and they state that I have not used referral code which is shock to me.

Resolved refusing to pay getting then customers

AT&T - Rewards For Referrals

I am a disabled senior that lives in a manufactured mobile home community and the assisted manager. I have been assisting the residents with getting ATT as ISP verses what we have here as a alternative Charter Communications. We have 420 residents and a potential for AT&T many of these switching due to dissatisfaction with Charter.

I was told after I had already set up 5 or so accounts that AT&T had a rewards referral program and I would get $25 for each completed subscription or $50 if both Telephone and PC were added. I have since assisted 6 people and have received one reward of $25. I have called and informed them, it even shows 4 of these people on my account, and the people that have switched have made numerous calls in my behalf which some are in their late 80's and God bless them but this is not right for them to have to do this.!!!

3 of these are over a year. 2 of them not showing up at all. And one showing they received it on the 10th of Sept.

I just placed my last and final call to them spoke to a female Jay, I have the names of each person and I have called 9 times. Jay told me that since there is nothing on the system basically too bad. And there is nothing that can be done that I must not have turned them in.. LOL. totally bizzare.

I feel that I have been frauded and stolen from. I also do not charge for setting up people's account and tell that I get $25 if they respond to the email. Therefore they are more than willing and are not ignoring these they are looking for them. My last customer Roy wrote me yesterday and asked if I had heard anything as he has called and so have I and nothing we both have heard nothing. He was upset and put $25 in my mail box. This has caused embarrassment for myself and these people, plus its not fair to them at all to do this to them.

I do not know where to turn,

Thank you

Resolved thinking about at&t or sbc yahoo dsl? don't do it!

Here's a good one! This guy comes to our door and says he can get us DSL as fast as our cable internet plus our phone for what we were paying for our cable internet. He calls in the order for their elite service and comparable phone service to what we had. He schedules the connection of the line by the phone people and tells us it is just flipping the switch and no one has to be there for it.

Turns out, we get a phone call stating that we DO have to be there, and so we have to re-arrange our vacation to be at home that day. The guy comes to do the hookup and they have to dig a trench and lay a new phone line, right across our driveway. The guy said another crew would be out to bury it in 5-7 days. It had been raining like mad for two weeks and the ground was mush, and they mudded it in, and I still have this huge hump where they screwed up my yard.

I plugged in the equipment with no problem. Lights lit up but no internet. Called tech support and they said it must be my computer. I know there is nothing wrong with the computer. After about 3 hours of working on the computer and adjusting settings I get it figured out. I do the speed test and it is testing at the Pro service levels ~3 meg service instead of the 5-7 megs we were promised. I call customer service and they tell me we were signed up for the lower service. The salesman had lied to us! They could give us the higher service but it would be the end of the week until they could get it adjusted. They promised to give it to us at the same price.

We get our first "adjusted" bill because a portion of the prior month is always on there and it is like $130. For service that is supposed to be $46.60 TOTAL, taxes and fees included. So I go through the roof and my wife called in and they tell my wife that the first bill is always higher and to pay it. Stupidly we did.

Next two months have been over $60! They say there is nothing they can do about it, that the salesman has been spoken to and the problem is corrected. Wha? Not for us it hasn't been. They are still charging us too high fees! My next step is an attorney friend of ours. She might be able to get something done for us. Lots more complications to this story but there's the skinny! Thinking about AT&T or SBC Yahoo DSL? Don't do it!

Resolved no one would listen to me at at&t

I got a call about 2 weeks ago from our Family Service Counselor at Sunrise Memorial Gardens. Now for everyone's information we are in the death care industry so it is very important for our main line to function properly. He told me that there was something wrong with the phone lines. Our current provider is at&t. So I asked him what the problem was? He said, "Well I can't get calls in and I can't check the voice mail on the main line." He said that you can't fax out and you can't receive faxes in on the fax line. But, when you call the fax line it rings on the main line. So we assumed that because of some bad weather that we had been having that the lines got crossed outside or something along that line. So, I called at&t customer repair. I talked with a customer service rep. and they connected me to one of the techs. in the area. So he said, "Yeah it must be the outside lines I will send someone out as soon as possible." So about 2 days later a tech came out. We tried the phone lines and it still didn't work. So I called at&t again and told them the problem and that it was not fixed. They said, ok we will send out another tech. By this time about a week has passed and finally another tech shows up to fix the lines. He leaves and we check the lines and they still aren't fixed. So again I call the phone company and proceed to get them to understand how important this matter is considering what kind of service we provide. Then they said that on 9/10/07 they would send a tech out to look at the inside of the building because they think that's where the problem is and not outside. So they go, ok we will send a tech out between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. This time no one ever even showed up at all no phone call or nothing!!!! So I call them and they tell me, oh I have no idea how come they didn't come out. We will send someone out on 9/11/07 to look at them again at about the same time they were supposed to on 9/10/07. Again today it's 9/11/07 and they never showed again. NO PHONE CALL OR ANYTHING!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS??? It has been about 2 weeks to get someone out from at&t to get the phone line fixed. I had to take time out again and call at&t to tell them that I need this fixed immediately and how ridiculous there customer service was. So here I sit after 2 weeks with no phone line at that location because I can't get any kind of help! All of our corporate offices use this phone company and how uneasy is it that we can't even get our phone lines fixed so a Funeral Home can call us to tell us about someone who is deceased because AT&T won't give me a straight answer or get the job done like keep telling me they are going to do.

  • Da
    Dan McFall Nov 09, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    According to the person I talked to today at AT&T their new slogan is "If you don't like it go someplace else". I'm paraphrasing just a bit there... the actual quote from their tech supervisor was "If we are not meeting your needs, there are many other providers out there to choose from". WTF? At least in the old days they pretended to give a ### about their customers.

    Background: We notified AT&T on OCT 10 that we would be moving our office effective Nov 2 and needed our phone lines and Fixed IP DSL moved on that day. Perhaps trying to show us how efficient they are they cut our phone lines at the old location promptly at 8am. Unfortunately it was 8am on Oct 1 and we were left with no phone or Internet the entire last day before the scheduled move.

    Phone Lines were up and running at the new location by noon on Friday Nov 2 as scheduled except... oops. Only one of the office lines and the fax line has dial tone. No second line and no dsl. Called 611 and after they mentioned 4 times that there would be a $95 charge if a tech came out and the problem was on our side of the dmarc and I explained 4 times to them that we had no dial tone on the line at the dmarc and that they had just set the lines up the previous day they said they would send a tech out the next day.

    Next morning tech shows bright and early. diagnoses a bad card somewhere back at the switching office and assigns a new pair and bingo dial tone. He then checks the dsl line and after going back through his order ticket says there is no dsl order in progress on this line. When we ordered the change back in October we were informed that there may be a few days delay in getting the DSL provisioned at the new location because of our desire to keep the same phone number and IP addresses at the new location. OK, fine, we're moving and getting stuff set up so not too much actual work time lost... Well now it seems that their definition of a few days means 8 to 14 business days.

    After calling DSL tech support number and playing pick the menu for 10 minutes and then another 10 waiting for a supervisor of the first tier script reader, it was explained to me that it would take the biggest tel-com company in the world 8 to 14 more days to move our DSL service a mile and a half.(In addition to the three weeks prior to the move heads up we gave them when we ordered the change).

    So after all this we are still SOL on the DSL for at least another week and I am once more left all warm and fuzzy by how well we are served by giant corporations who care so greatly for each and every one of us little people.

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  • Ry
    Ryan Mar 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was reading your post and thought to myself, self, this is exactly my experience that I have just gone through with AT&T for my residential phone. How hard could it be to get a phone line changed from one location to another, apparently a month and still screwing things up. I would like to mention, I am now a Verizon customer. Never again will I use AT&T for ANYTHING..

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  • Sa
    Sandip1353 May 22, 2014

    I've had the same problem with att here in South Carolina.

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Resolved welcome to the new att!

I've been an ATT, Southwestern Bell, & Bell South customer for over 40 years - well before the breakup and now remerger of the various systems. Quite a few years ago I designated ATT as my long distance provider through my local Bell South system to maintain continuity with my previous service. Since I make few long distance calls and use my cell phone to do so (also have ATT cell service), I decided to notify ATT (formerly Bell South) that I wanted to discontinue this designation. This would save me over $8/month. Note that this billing charge is just for having designated ATT as my carrier and does not include any actual long distance call service time. No problem, "There will just be a one time charge of $2.50 to make this change." So they're charging me to quit charging me. I was getting ready to switch to DSL broadband service, but now...??! Cingulair is now ATT. Bell South is now ATT. Welcome to the new ATT.

this is really crappy service!

One of the things that is really annoying about AT&T a.k.a SBC a.k.a Pacific Bell etc... is that now when you bring up their web based email you have to sort though adds all over the screen. I could expect this from a free service like google but on that I am paying for and I still am forced to sort though adds. This is really crappy service.

they won't let me shut it off!

I called At&T to disconnect my long distance service (as my teenage stepdaughter was making many calls out-of-state- $80.35 worth in June.) I first spoke with Jack, who stated he could not disconnect this service but could block my long distance for $13. He transferred me to a young lady who stated she could not disconnect my service because she was with the New AT&T and my service was with the Old. She transferred me to Trinity of the Old AT&T, who stated he could not disconnect my service because my local service was with AT&T as well. He stated I would need to speak with Jack again to disconnect my long distance. I was transferred somewhere and remained on hold for an extended length of time until an automated voice came on the line informing me that AT&T was now closed. I spent nearly an hour and a half on the phone that day. I called back, after a short out-of-town trip, on Wednesday, 7/11/07. I spoke with Rainier, who informed me first that my long distance had been terminated involuntarily (which it hadn't,) and then stated that my service had been "migrated." I asked for an explanation and he stated it was just "jargon." I asked to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to an automated-voice system which stated there was a high volume of calls and I should call back later. I hung up and dialed customer service again, and spoke with Nicole. I explained my situation again and was transferred to Julius, a supervisor. Julius stated that my telephone service had been in the process of "migration" since prior to Saturday, 6/29/07 and was still in the process of migration. Julius stated that no changes could be made to my account while my service was migrating. He stated there was no way to make any changes whatsoever to my account until this had been completed. He then offered to place the $13 block on my long distance. Julius said he could not waive charges for my inconvenience. I asked Julius when my account would be done migrating and he said it generally takes 2-3 weeks, but he could not provide an exact date when I could successfully disconnect my long distance. I am supposed to keep calling until this migration happens. Is this even remotely legal? What am I to do about these obscenely high bills that I can hardly afford to pay? I did pay the $80.35 (which brought my entire phone bill up to $122.92) and I am stuck with continuing this service for an indefinite amount of time. My family is getting very sick of eating pasta.

  • St
    stacia trimmer Apr 22, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ATT is scamming customers with long distance billing errors. The send you through hell to try to resove the matter with various people across the world for hours of re-telling the same story. I SIGNED UP FOR A $50 DOLLAR A MONTH PLAN. MY PHONE BILL IS $637 ACCORDING TO att.

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  • Ha
    Harassed09 Sep 25, 2009

    Did this get resolved. I am in the same situation now. Any pointers will be appreciated.

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  • Si
    sick of AT&T Oct 16, 2009

    I am looking into trying to contact someone above the ###s at the customer service number, because it seems that will be the only way to get anything accomplished. I called several years ago from my mother's phone and canceled her long distance service, at her request. At that point, everything went smoothly, the account was canceled, and she never heard from them again. Then, several weeks ago, she got a card in the mail stating that their records indicate that she is an AT&T Lifeline customer and that, beginning October 1, 2009, a $9.99 "minimum usage charge" would be applied to her account (which had been canceled several years earlier), so if she made calls that totaled less than $9.99, the difference would be added. Not a single long distance call has been made from her home phone for many years so, in other words, beginning October 1, 2009, she could expect to start receiving bills every month charging her $9.99 for absolutely nothing. Since I was the one that had canceled the service for her, she asked me to take care of it for her and sent me a photocopy of the card she had received. On September 24, 2009, I called the toll-free number on the card and the idiocy began. First, I went through three different people...all of them had the same heavy accent, but each had a different, very common American name (personally, I think it was the same person giving me different fake names)...and I got absolutely nowhere. Finally, after begging, pleading, and even screaming, I got to speak to a manager named Pat who, believe it or not, was actually American and actually knew what she was talking about. She checked my mother's phone number and verified that it had, indeed, been canceled several years ago, but she suspected that the problem was caused by some kind of switch at Verizon. She gave me a phone number (1-700-555-4141) and told me to have my mother call it from her home phone. If Verizon had not done there part when the service was canceled, she would get a recording that said something like "Thank you for being an AT&T customer", but if the problem did not involve Verizon, she would get a different recording that said something like the call could not be completed as dialed. She told me that if my mother got the first recording, we would need to call Verizon technical support and tell them to "check the switch". She then gave me another toll-free number and told me that I should be able to use it to bypass all the customer service idiots and get directly to the managers. After taking care of everything with Verizon, I was to call her back and let her know. She also stated that my mother should NOT receive a bill but, if she did, I should then call her back and she would take care of it. As soon as I hung up from her, I had my mother call the 700 number and she did get the first recording, so I called Verizon. It took a while to go through the channels to get to technical support but, when I did, they knew exactly what I was talking about and took care of it right away. Although they told me to allow 24 hours for it to take effect, my mother got a robo call within less than an hour that verified that it had been done, and then she called the 700 number and got the second recording which provided further verification. At this point, I called AT&T again in order to let Pat know that it had been taken care of, just as I had been instructed. Unfortunately, I never managed to get through to her. In fact, it seemed that I was being passed back and forth between one female and one male, both with heavy Hispanic accents, who provided a different, very American name each time I was "transferred". Finally, the male claimed to be a "supervisor" (though Pat was referred to as a "manager") and said that he would update the record. Since it had become blatantly obvious that I wasn't going to be allowed to speak to anyone else, I simply gave him the information and left it at that, assuming that it didn't really matter because Pat had already verified that the account had been canceled several years before on AT&T's end, and Verizon had now verified that they had done their part. After all, I had already spent 3 hours on the phone that day between AT&T and Verizon, and I was pretty sick of dealing with people that I couldn't even understand. Soooo, fast forward to now. A few days ago, my mother told me that she had received a bill from AT&T. (The funny part was that it was for $14.95 rather than the $9.99 stated on the card she had received.) She mailed a copy of the bill to me so that I could call AT&T yet again and have them take care of it. Yet again, I got to deal with the same two people...one female and one male...who passed me back and forth until the male yet again (calling himself "Nick" this time) claimed to be a supervisor and refused to transfer me to anyone else. After I explained the entire fiasco for the umpteenth time, he said that my mother's account had been created in 1998 and had never been canceled...then he hung up on me. Needless to say, by this time I was livid, so I called back yet again. Of course, I first got the female (calling herself "Betty" this time), who did everything in her power to avoid transferring me to anyone until I started screaming at her and threatening to sue, then she finally transferred me to the male (who had now changed his name to "Clive" and was calling himself a "billing supervisor"). He, of course, reiterated that my mother's account had never been canceled and that she "had" to pay the bill. By this time, I was so angry that there was probably steam coming out of my ears, so I called him a few choice names and hung up on him. That, in turn, led me to the internet in an attempt to find out the names and addresses of AT&T's corporate officials and members of their board of directors. I haven't found that information yet as this was the first site found in my search results but, as soon as I find and verify everything, I will post it here just in case anyone else wants to take the same route.

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rebates never issued - just promised

Signed up for phone and high speed internet service 01/02/07. Mailed in rebate for the modem within days. Was billed for modem on first statement. Two months later I was billed for the modem again. Contacted AT&T. Error supposedly corrected and file marked so my next statement would not reflect a late payment or negative balance. Next statement said payment for modem was in arrears and they were disconnecting my phone. Contacted AT&T again. They said they would correct bill, but I elected to discontinue the service after being a customer for about 4 1/2 months. Next month I received a notice from rebate center saying my rebate (which I should have already received by that time) was being denied because I was ineligible. Contacted AT&T who acknowledged the denial was in error and said they would expedite the rebate (but still wait 5 to 7 weeks for it). After two months I contacted the rebate center again. They said the rebate had been approved that very date (July 5) and that I should wait 5 to 7 weeks to receive it. And the stall continues... As for the credit card with a nominal balance that I was promised when I signed up for the service, well, that's another battle. Ironically, I keep getting letters from them requesting that I become a return customer. Dream on!

  • Je
    jenny luke Sep 17, 2007
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    Verified customer

    i was spose to get a rebate and they told me i will not , i was told i will get a $50.00 rebate , when they told me that i cancled thanks jenny

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  • Na
    nascarchick424 Sep 26, 2007

    Same thing with me. They mailed me my phone and no receipt was in box...only way to get rebate was with receipt so they said . They are a rip off.

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free dish that is not free

I signet up for AT&T phone service, internet and free dish. The quote I was given for my total bill wa...

rebate offer is a rip off!

AT&T High Speed DSL Equipment Rebate SCAM - Holland, Mich. Back in February 2007, I signed up for AT&T'...

Resolved cingular warranty department scam on making false accusation

On 3/5/07 I upgraded my phone at the end of my current contract. Upon ordering / receiving the "newly...

switching carriers problem!

On or about April 11, I contacted AT&T long distance with a question about my bill, at which time their representative encouraged me to switch my local phone service to AT&T as well. He stated that the cost would be less than $25 per month and no mention was made of any other charges. Shortly thereafter I received a bill in the amount of $142.52, a far cry from what I was expecting. Included in this bill was a charge listed as “Service Order Charge – Installation” $65. SURPRISE!! Nobody mentioned this charge to me nor did I ever agree to same. I promptly canceled both phone services with AT&T on May 10, effective May 11, at which time I made it clear that I would not be paying the surprise $65 fee and that they should play the tape to determine that I had not, in fact, been informed of this installation charge. Had their representative advised me of this fee, as required by law, I would have declined to switch carriers and left my phone service as it was. Obviously they chose not to play the tape of the conversation in question and a demand is still being made for their surprise fee. I didn’t agree to it and I will not pay for it, since it represents almost as much as my weekly grocery bill and as a senior citizen, I would never have knowingly chosen between eating and switching telephone carriers. They continue to demand payment, using the statement that this is a mandatory charge. What? Isn’t it also mandatory to advise the consumer that there will be such a charge? They are threatening to compromise my credit rating unless I pay and I cannot and will not pay for something to which I did not agree. There must be a law against this type of predatory charging/billing as well as AT&T’s bullying collection tactics. I have requested an itemized bill for the remaining charges for which they say I am liable. I will pay what I legitimately owe but that is all! I have also requested a copy of the tape of my conversation with their representative, which proves that I was not advised of their $65 fee. They have denied both requests. I have a right to both an itemized bill and proof that I was told of their outrageous installation fee. AT&T does not agree, at least not according to their third-world country representatives.

Plz advise smb!

  • Mi
    Michelle Sep 05, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I hate AT&T with a passion. I moved out of state to an area they don't provide, so obviously I cancelled my service with them. They explained that I would need to pay off my previous balance in full. Done. Next month, I find out that they not only charged my credit card, they charged my boyfriend's credit card from the online bill pay. We experienced the same run around, the same routine of explaining the situation to multiple, clueless operators, and still no resolve. In fact, now AT&T is claiming that I owe them approximately $40 and now have a collections agency after me. I have responded with a letter, proof that they charged me twice, and demanded that AT&T review this rebuttal. After reading all the complaints on here, I doubt this issue will ever be resolved.

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  • Valerie Aug 13, 2008

    I received an advertisement in the mail from AT&T Consumer Services which offered unlimited local and long distance for $45 per month and AT&T High Speed Internet for $19.95 per month. The offer also promised a $50 rebate for local and long distance service and a $50 rebate for internet service. I ordered the phone service plus in-line repair plan and AT&T High Speed Internet Pro which were installed on March 3, 2008.

    I called countless times concerning the rewards to no avail and finally wrote them a letter including a copy of the offer. They responded to the letter by leaving a message on my voice mail telling me to call the same reward center I had already been calling! During my last call on July 21 I was promised both rebates in 3-4 weeks. This week I received information in the mail telling me to log on to the reward center. There was a reward of $50 for the Internet Service, which will not be mailed to me until September 12. There is still no information on how to claim my reward for the phone service!

    Also, the monthly phone service should be $50 per month is over $65 each month after the addition of all the surcharges, fees and taxes. My bill for phone, internet and wireless services is over $130.00 per month!

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  • La
    Laney Aug 13, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ok…why do you sound so surprised? You almost sound shocked! Welcome to the NEW AT&T!!!

    As I’ve said before, in their bottom line…they count on the fact that the customer will get the runaround and FINALLY give up on the rebates. I once asked…”why don’t we just give the customer the rebate automatically on their bill after 90 days?” Response: “Because statistically, only 15 to 25 percent of rebates are actually ever paid out on rebates that the customer has to follow-up on themselves.” To add to that, I had a manager tell me…”within the 90 days the customer has already called in and hopefully, has been changed to another package and that new package no longer qualifies them for the rebate…”. Oh yeah…no one ever told you if you change the services during the rebate processing time, you won’t get the rebate!!! Genius isn’t it!!!

    Also, when you took the service…I can sure as hell guarantee that the rep said “all these services are only going to be $45 per month…plus fee and taxes…”. The customer only hears what they want to hear…and then they pass out when they get the bill for three times more than what they “heard”. Of course, that is IF the rep ever mentioned that last part at all.

    1) People…people…people…always…always start with the basic service and go from there. In some states, it cheaper to add to the basic service, in others, the basic service is almost $20 and it’s cheaper to go with a package from the get start.

    2) To whatever service you do get, add $8-9 in federal charges and another $10 in taxes and that doesn’t include the taxes that you’re going to pay on your long distance calls.

    3) Don’t take a service because of a rebate you may never get and when you do, it’s been so long and such a hassle, that it didn’t make a difference anyway.

    4) DSL Lite is crap!! The company knows that but is federally required to offer a cheaper high speed internet service to their customers. Also, you get no rebates with the dsl lite but you need the same equipment for dsl lite that you would need for the other dsl’s. Again, it’s to the company’s benefit that you get dsl lite (no rebate at all to worry about) and realize it crap and then upgrade.

    As always, this information I’ve provided is completely FREE and I’ve told you nothing here that you couldn’t have found with a little research. Good Luck!!!

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deceptive business practices!

In February of 2005, I received a promotional letter from "AT&T Wireless" offering a free phone when signing up for new service. I called and was offered a choice of phones and service packages. Within the next couple of hours I received two phone calls from AT&T Wireless, one to confirm the order and the other was an inquiry.

At the time, I made sure that I would have 30 days period of trial meaning that I could cancel the service with no extra cost. They provided me with two cell phones for free. Because I was unhappy with the service provided, I terminated the service. They instructed me to use the return address provided to ship back the phone, and I would be responsible until it was returned.

I returned the phones as it was asked. They claimed for a long time that they did not receive the phones. However, I called UPS and collected information and documents and proved to them that the phones were delivered to the address provided. In addition to the false claimed, they charged me a termination fee and high phone bills (U$628.61) from a phone that I just had for 14 days.

6 months later, I received a collection notice from ENHANCED RECOVERY CORPORATION demanding $150.00 on behalf of BCS Wireless. This was the first time I heard of BCS Wireless.

I contacted ERC, the collection agency, and was first told that BCS Wireless claimed that the service had been interrupted by AT&T, and I owed for service. Knowing that this was not true I questioned them further, they then said I had cancelled the "Contract" for the phone. I told them I had use the phone for 14 days, and I had 30 days period of trial. After they review my case the “Collection" agency says BCS Wireless said they never got the phone back, it went to AT&T. At no time was I ever led to believe that I was dealing with anyone other than an AT&T. So now I have been told three different stories why I owe $150. Finally, after 4 months calling them and trying to explain my situation, they said that I did not need to worry about the bill or my credit report.

Since ENHANCED RECOVERY CORPORATION, who was hired allegedly by BCS Wireless to collect is now offering a settlement, I asked for an address where I could write or a phone number to contact BCS Wireless myself regarding the collection. They claimed they didn't have that information. I called AT&T who is now telling me I owe them nothing; they show the service was cancelled in February of 2005.

After 2 years wondering why my credit line was not good at it was supposed to be (I pay my bills on time and I do not have any debt). In order to find out the reason why I don’t have good credit, I decided to go to experian.com and run my credit. Extremely upset I saw that a had “Collection Accounts and Public Records” lowering my score. I called the credit report company and the little that I knew that BCS wireless/AT&T wireless were the responsible for my bad credit.

being cheated and lied!

Cingular wireless keeps charging me for something from "m-qube" on my phone bill. Last month the local office in jefferson city, mo. Gave me credit for several months worth of charges. This month i once again had charges from m-qube on my bill.

I went to the local office again but found a waiting line of about an hour. While waiting i phone cingular to try and get the charges stopped. They told me they could only request m-qube to credit the charges be credited. A ms. Amissa baca and her manager named elma (in texas) said we had requested this service and that cingular had no control over them. They told me i had to go call [protected] to cancel the service. They also told me that we had to open each message to not accept it. Interesting since last month the local store rep said we were charged since we opened the message and that we had to delete them immediately to not be charged.

I'm sure cingular has control over m-qube and even makes money off of each charge. We not only are being cheated - we are being lied to and made to try and believe that it is our fault that we are being charged.

Thank you,
Jack Markway.

  • Bh
    Bhupen K Jun 18, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had a similar experience with Cingular wireless. This is a complete rip-off. I call Cingular 3 times and they assure me that this service had been canceled. But it keeps showing up on my bill month after month after month. The funny thing is that I had requested a block on all such services for this account and I was assured that the block was active. However Cingular conveniently avoided telling me that they cannot block these so called “third party” charges. I have just spent the entire morning trying to clear up the issue Cingular. Let’s up hope by God’s grace we do not see these changes next month.

    The number of M-Qube is junk and not very help full.

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allowed infiltration of telephone security by national hate grp

For seven years running I have complained about the breach of security regarding my DSL and telephone service operated by SBC communications here in the Midwest, Missouri and now Kansas. The situation is so egregious that a mixed group of "separationists" and other so called "patriots" parade up and down my street day and night creating a disturbance of the peace while I am on the phone or emailing or using chat or Skype services. It is also true that my cell provider T-Mobile is routed through SBC ATT stations here and is also vulnerable to such invasion and sharing of data and conversations. The local repair centers have ex military and other such sympathetic employees who think this is just a fun "game" for the citizens here to play... "America, love it or leave it". The security of my phone line and all things related to SBC is then in the hands of people who are in fact of one stripe and who are incapable of investigating themselves in these and other regards. Att and Sbc have a clear monopoly of communication services here and elsewhere and I am certain that those employees are well shielded from prosecution by the average person such as myself.

I have been to the local F.B.I. a number of times about this situation and they defer back to ATT and SBC who are simply unable it appears to investigate themselves or to reign in the offenders who make the breach of my privacy possible making this communication itself today anything BUT private to the local Hate based groups here in Leavenworth Kansas, a Military town and home to no less than 5 prisons. I am told that the union surrounding SBC repair is one of the problems regarding accountability in these matters and the fact that the company is so huge that it only takes a few determined employees to hand over my line and my data and any confidential communication to what amounts to a local hate "fest" in proximity of my property here or on the roadway or anywhere I use a phone because these people do not want their friends within the SBC ATT affiliated family to be "outed" in this hate based daily and nightly game. It only takes a few university interns or other well placed individuals such as the ATT central offices to "cover" for such a breach.

So it becomes apparent then that the foxes are guarding the hen house of American privacy and in this case because these hate based groups have determined that I am "unAmerican" then to them and their families I deserve no such lawful protection. This is a sad comment about America and our military related families as well, not to mention our young people who have fallen under the sway of such hatred.

On a weekly basis I speak with any number of people and countries and have traveled to places many Americans would visit if they could... So there is a clear jealousy and reluctance on the part of Att and SBC to engage themselves about the real nature of security for ALL Americans.

This lack of oversight clearly then places my life and my peace at risk both here and abroad.

r.k.j. 2007

  • De
    Debbie May 29, 2008
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    Verified customer

    This living lean is stealing money out of my checking account and i keep recieving nsv at 38.00 at a time. I am single and on a fixed income and at this point i may have to close my account and take the chance of distroying my credit and possibly going to jail because i don't have the money to cover the usv and the money this company has taken from me.Why is this happening ? how can it be fixed?...HELP

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