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Att scamming its clients. (Chicago area)
I am really angry because of AT&T's lies I call AT&T in May to get their special 2 yr plan for 89.95 per month. It included Uverse (phone and internet) and Directv. There was a $99.00 installation fee, . which is supposed to be paid over the following three months. So, I get my bill this month July, and it is $192.00. OMG where did that come from. I cancelled a 90 day FREE HBO, Cinimax, & Stars Premimum channel package.
I got the bill in an email last week it said I still have the Premimum package.The thing is, I called and cancelled it on the 5th of July. Five days before the three months was up. I called last week and they told me that everything was fixed. When I got the paper bill today, July 21, 2016, it was still the same. I was livid. I called and talked to 4 different people I finally got the bill reduced to $!51.00 after 2 & 1/2 hrs. I still don't have any idea where the $89.95 got to. I am hoping that next month "When I call to complain" that they will figure out that they scammed me out of a lot of money.
One other thing. Did you know you are paying $4.97 a month to get sports on local channels, and AT&T is charging you. It doesn't matter if you watch sports or not. You must pay it, and they will not remove it. ANOTHER SCAM!!! I told them that I do not watch sports and don't want to pay for something I don't watch. They said I have to pay it. Where is the Better Business Bureau?
UPDATE August 4 2016. Now AT&T agrees that I did sign up for the $89.99 package, but if they change it now, I will be paying more. So, I will pay $127.00 plus taxes and fees for the rest of my contract. Not the $89.99. OMG Ripoff.

Aug 04, 2016

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