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Complaints & Reviews

poor customer service

AT&T is outsourcing its phone support. The dept of Internet services, And its customer service is been...

used cell phone

My wife and I have never gone through such measures to ever post a complaint. But this retail organazation is a joke. Their is a at&t wireless store in the altamonte mall that actually isnt even a real at&t wireless location. Buyers beware if you are looking to get a new at&t phone do not go to the altamonte mall it is not a real at&t store, it is a franchise at&t wireless store. A franchise store does not operate like a real at&t wireless store. My wife and I went in to the franchise at&t altamonte mall store to get a battery for her lg cellphone. The sales person told us that they do not make batteries for her phone anymore, and if they did it was cheaper to to get a new cellphone with a 1 year warranty. Well at the time we agreed. So we get a new samsung phone 42 days later her screen goes out and she can not see who is calling her. We go to the winter park at&t store off 17/92 and they said the phone that we had purchased at the at&t store in the altamonte mall was a used phone which came without a warranty. They told us that their had been 2 previous owners before us that had actually owned the same cellphone that we had received. After making minor adjustments to the phone they had it working again. The winter park real at&t store told us that the altamonte mall store is not only a fraud but that they receive numorous complaints from them and that we should never do business with again. Trust us we wont.

bait and switch scam

AT&T appears to be running a bait-and-switch with its FastAccess DSL Direct promotion.

I signed up for FastAccess DSL Direct 6.0M at a promotional monthly price of $19.95 from this URL:


At the bottom of the first box highlighting this service are the words "No term commitment."

Despite this, when I called AT&T to cancel my service, it informed me that a $150 early-termination fee would be charged. I spoke to three representatives (after being disconnected from the first), including a supervisor.

I tediously recited the URL address to the supervisor, pointing out to her where on the page the words "No term commitment" clearly appear, to which she replied she saw no such thing and that they were not on the page she was looking at.

AT&T insisted the service I signed up for had a term and stated I will be billed the $150 early-termination fee after canceling the service today.

I also read aloud to the representatives Section 5(a) titled "Early Termination Fee" of the Terms of Service AT&T mailed me, which reads: "When you purchased the Service, you agreed to a specific price and plan, which may have included a term. You agree that if you cancel your plan before the end of the term, you will pay the early termination fee associated with that plan. If you did not sign up for a term plan, the term for you Service will be month-to-month."

I informed AT&T I would dispute any early-termination charge as it would be in violation of the customer agreement and the law, but am disgusted at what appears to be a blatant bait-and-switch, to which other consumers should be alerted.

  • Tr
    Trobelsm May 17, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    AT and T has the worse customer service of any of the phone companies I have EVER dealt with. My 15 year old son made a mistake purchasing services for his GO phone and we called them as soon as we saw it on the debit card and they would do NOTHING about it even though they had records which showed the service that he always had gotten and had used no airtime on the service he had purchased. Customer service reps at AT and T shouldn't even be allowed to have the title because they are so unhelpful and don't care. I hate AT and T and am posting bad reviews about them on the internet anywhere I can because I got no satisfaction from this company so I am giving it to myself. Selfempowerment. As consumers and americans we can vote with our dollars that is what capitalism is about. DON'T USE AT AND T. LET'S PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS AND SEE HOW BIG THEY ARE THEN!

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  • Mi
    Michael79 May 17, 2010

    Try T-mobile, I get good service from them.

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  • Jo
    jonh Nov 11, 2010

    att is robbing they say you have unlimited webbing and texting, but when the bill comes its alot of money . they give you your data plan coverage of 200mb and you can easily go over it, then they say if you go to 2gb plan for 25 dollars, and if you get a warning to say you used 90% of your data they charge you and extra 10dollars. with unlimited texting, how the f*** can you go over your "unlimited texting" limit. att just like to rob you

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  • To
    tonyaverez Nov 21, 2011

    I had the same problem as you and could get nowhere with their phone customer-no-service reps, but luckily I did a screen capture of each screen when I signed up for the no term DSL Direct service and I took them direclty to one of their local stores and stayed in the store and had the employee their make all of the calls to their customer service, and it took them 3 hours to take care of cancelling the account and doing away with the bs early temination fee (and the att store employee had to ask whoever he was on the phone with to get a supervisor to override in order to do this) I WILL NEVER EVER NEVER DO ANY BUSINESS WITH ATT AGAIN AFTER THIS BS EXPERIENCE. Hopefully u got yours worked out.

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service and repair bs

For one and all:
At&t is wasting your time and vast amounts of money on useless bull.
1) at&t has "bet the farm" in terms of investment dollars, on u verse service, which is fine in some places, like texas, but utterly sucks, sucks, sucks here in n. Calif. Due to at&t's policy of not replacing or maintaining infrastructure to boost their bottom line. U verse is stupid in large areas because, simply put, the wires it depends on are old and screwed up, they have labor practices and investment policies and budgets that keep it that way, and failing lines are getting more numerous every day.

2) at&t has cut service personnel and customer service to the bone. Consolidation to texas does nothing to serve the california market. Nothing. Reps know nothing, can do nothing, have bad records, lie about appointments to save their ###, and give you ### responses on a consistent, uninformed, corporate attitude basis.

3) I know what I am talking about. I am ex-pac bell. I am a telecom pro in the field and working every day for 40 years.

4) in one week alone this month, I calculate that at&t has cost my company $1200 in lost labor cost waiting for at&t to show with no notice, no schedule, no apologies. Knowing something about their wage structure, and after talking to one of the techs who also got torpedoed on one of the missed appointments, their cost was in excess of $1000. And that was one job out of 3 they ###ed up.

5) field personnel are not the problem. They're mostly service minded guys and gals. At&t corporate is the problem. It's an excess profit over service mind set. They hire mba's to do efficiency studies (Trust me, I have this verified by multiple local people in n. Calif) , all the field guys seriously dislike the way labor is handled and know it's not efficient and really do not like at&t p0licies or that increasingly management is policy driven and not enacted by anyone who has the slightest idea about field phone service issues and manpower. We might as well be in the early 20th century when "efficiency experts" started to re-organize businesses and labor practices for the sole benefit of the god of $$$$$ these people bow to.

6) the one week record for my company:

A) made a 611 repair appointment for a rural address in napa county. At&t mis (Or intentionall mis-) logged it as a "customer will call back with results of premises equipment testing". Such conversation never happend. So, they either don't understand clear english conversation or are lazy or are lying to keep records to a minimum.

B) repair appointment for our company cost us 6 hrs. @ 100/hr=$600 in standby time on one job, $600 on a second. Repair tech on 2nd wasted one full day trying to get access to a terminal and figure out what was going on with screwed up work orders. He was tech #2 on a job that could have been handled by one guy in one hour. Total value to at&t probably over $1000 for wasted time over 3 days.

C) 1.5 hrs. On the phone with (Texas based) repair supervisor and agent who essentially said I was misinformed about an appointment I had a ticket number and time recorded for. More lies. Made a next appt. For this remote gated property for the following monday. On this thurs. A tech called and said they had him scheduled to be there this afternoon!!! So: either the person who placed the order yesterday for monday did not understand a 30 minute repeated detail request for next monday, or she incapable of entering information accurately, or someone else down line ###ed up for the 3rd time in a row on one simple repair job.

I say this not out of vindictiveness. Having at&t actually care about customers would be an enormous help to our business, but all evidence points over the last 15 years to the fact that they have lowered all standards regarding training, investment, labor practices, and management to a race to the bottom. I used to ### about nynex in nyc... Nothing compared to the bs at&t is up to today.

  • De
    Deborah Kimbro May 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Since Dec. 2017, we have been charged for long distance calls we did not make. I have had to call At&t every month since trying to correct the issue. Every month we have to do the math to get the amount we owe At&t. Every month new charges were billed to us. I have talked to every department since trying to get help. Recently I called the Sales V.P., Debbie Story, who put me in contact with the fraud department. I was promised this matter would be taken care of... Fraud researched our problem and discovered that At&t was in error, our phone number was put in the system by mistake for these charges!! Yet, we received our current bill, dated May 4, 2017, with additional charges. According to our bill no credit to our account was made. It has now been six months with no correction made!!

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customer service

On August 10, 2010 two representatives from AT&T were canvassing my neighborhood to offer services for the...

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billing scam

I went to ATT to renew my plan and get a new phone. The first phone died on the sales rep right in the store. The second one (same model) died on me the day after.

I went back to the store to exchange. They wanted to charge me a 35! Dollar restocking fee. I started arguing that all the phones have the same problem and I am not willing to pay that. The store manager came out and said he would need to charge the restocking fee but give me a 35 USD credit on my next bill.

I was ok with that.

My bill came in and it was about 20 Dollars higher than usual. I called customer service and they told me that this was an 18 Dollar fee for upgrading to “new” equipment – equipment that died on me and I returned. This fee the sales person “forgot” to talk about. And - the credit that was promised in the store was not on my account.

Also, just as a side note – since we don’t have a texting plan we get charged for every spam message – usually adds for visiting websites. I tried blocking online but that doesn’t work.

In no other country than the US the wireless carriers charge the RECIPIENTS fees for wanted/unwanted calls and sms. And in no other country people just go along with it. Must be the greatest country in the world

customer service

I've just concluded a horrible experience with at&t trying to get uverse installed in my home. I signed up...

misinformation; false contract; fraud

Attention mr. Chase carey (Direct tv president & ceo) : october 21, 2010

I’m a soon-to-be, former at&t and direct tv customer. I’m writing this letter in hopes that justice can prevail and my account can be set right. This letter is in reference to my account through at&t in june of 2010. At the time I was told the bundle service included home phone, digital tv, and internet. When I called and spoke to an at&t delegate regarding my direct tv plan, I was informed that I had a 12 month plan, due to the equipment I owned and because I didn’t want the dvdr or hd access.

Upon the day of installation, my grandmother called me at work with the installer on the phone to discuss my setup; and he stated that my equipment was out dated, need to be changed, and it would be at no cost to me. I have been undergoing financial hardships, as a result of being laid off from my job about two months now, which requires me to cut back on services.

On 10/15/10, I spoke with direct tv customer service rep, ken during. On that call we talked about the error that at&t had made by misinforming me about a 12 month contract I was deemed to be under when no such contract existed at the time. Direct tv agent ken during, assured me the matter would be addressed and corrected by contacting at&t and direct tv and have them explain the miscalculation on behalf of at&t.

Today, on 10/21/10, I spoke with agents from both at&t and direct tv. A direct tv supervisor tells me that they cannot honor the verbal agreement that both the direct tv representative (Ken during) and myself conducted via telephone; in spite of the fact that at&t acknowledged it was a mistake on their end. I know from my own personal experiences working in a call center environment, that all customer service calls are recorded for quality assurance. Therefore, the conversations that took place between both parties should be verifiable in their entirety.

I’m asking that the company review the dialogues of myself and the representatives from at&t and direct tv; and honor the verbal agreement between direct tv representative (Ken during) i. After all, i’m not asking for any unlawful compensation, I am merely requesting that I be treated fair as a long standing customer of both companies.


Husani blake
At&t/direct tv customer


The AT&T Microcell rebate is a scam. Don't buy one and except the $100 rebate. They make you keep unlimited calling on the Microcell for at least 2 months at $20 per month and then you get a letter saying you won't get your rebate. When I pointed out to them how they had charged me 2 months already it didnt help. They said they would run it back through. But, it might take 2 more months. In other words, I pay they $80 for a service I don't need and have a chance at a $100 rebate.

Spread the word...don't even turn on the service or for that matter...DON'T BUY THE MICROCELL!!!

  • Bo
    Boyd9292 May 13, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Mostly agree. Like the person above I did ask several times about the rebate. I did eventually receive a URL where I could get the paperwork to mail the rebate. Filled it out properly. Then several weeks later I get a letter saying that they do not have my wireless number on the form or it was illegible and I have 7 days to re-submit something (I assume just my phone number). I find this hard to believe that they were able to mail me back a letter and not know what my phone number is. This seems very suspicious like they have created artificial obstacles to actually claim a refund. Also the original number on the letter had me call another number where I waited on hold for quite a while. They definitely do not seem to be eager to assist you getting the refund. The microcell I bought because of the crappy coverage in a metropolitan area. Jeez, guys the least you could do is honor the rebate you said you would. At the time leaving this message I'd been on hold for 10 minutes and I don't expect to get satisfaction to say the least. Don't buy a microcell unless you want to pay full price.

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poor service, bogus charges, false statements

AT&T has a horrible customer service. We cancelled the service and they owed us the money to be refunded. A lady with name Mellissa promised that she will refund the money. Never got refund, Instead they kept on charging us for next two months and kept claiming that we have not cancelled one of the three numbers we had. After numerous hold and talking to four people (Natelie, Alma, Tom Gossin, Daniella laymen), they still not buzz even though we had not used that phon for last six months at all! They just kept repeating like a broken record the same thing that number was not cancelled (it was!!). They again connected me to customer service, and after another 20 minutes wait the call got dropped (shame on them)

Customers be aware, AT&T is a cheat, dishonest company with extremely poor customer service. I will recommend everyone AGAINST any AT&T service.

Drop them before they cheat you!!

billing inconvenience

My son is a freshman in a college in NC. I live in Turkey. During the first week, AT&T had a store in the campus, and we purchased a phone/service from AT&T for my son and a friend as a family package.

WHen the billing period came, my son used the web site to pay, One of the choices was to pay with checks. My son entered the info for the bank and account, and the payment was accepted. He did the same for his friend's payment, and it went OK too. A week later, my son sent an e-mail that the service was disconnected. I called AT&T, as the service was on my name, and they said the bank did not pay for the two checks, as the bank/account numbers were invalid. SO, I paid with a credit card over the phone.

A month later, now I am trying to do the same, and AT&T does not accept any payment other than walking to a store and paying cash. Apparently, those two failed payments were taken as "returned checks", and the account was blocked for non-cash for 6 months! From Turkey, I talked to probably 20 representatives from billing to customer service to finance, for 4 hours last night, and 3 hours tonight. Everyone explained me that they understand the problem, they were sorry I was inconvenienced, but they cannot do anything. They all are powerless, and their best advise is for me, living in Turkey, or my son, living at a remote campus, to take $320 cash to an AT&T store!

I kept asking for them to find to someone who can fix this, but they say "the system does not allow them" - almost like Wizard of the OZ. I hope I can get this fixed, because it will take 6 months.

racist, abusive customer service

I had a new line added to my account, then noticed improper charges on my bill --- one for a reconnection...

manila's customer care center

I had a nightmarish experience with one of the Manila based call center of AT&T. All I wanted was a little assistance regarding the coverage issues in my area and I get hours of waiting, extremely difficult to understand Reps on phone and no resolution at the end of nearly an hour’s ordeal. Did someone have a similar experience like I did ?


  • Ma
    Maria C Williams Aug 14, 2013

    My call was taken by a call center rep from Manila who spoke like a robot and kept asking me the same question even when I clearly said I did not have the information she needed. Then the information she entered was incorrect so the technician closed my ticket and the half hour I spent with her on the phone was completely wasted. They clearly do not understand the American culture and norm.

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installation service

After scheduling an appt and waiting for an entire month for installation, the guy actually shows up on time (between 1pm and 3pm). After spending 20 minutes looking around he says he has to check for service down the street and would be right back. He leaves and NEVER returns. Doesn't call...nothing. That evening, I get a call from AT&T installation asking when i would like to schedule with them. Are you kidding me? I tried to explain to the lady what had happened and she refused to listen. After telling her 3 times that they were fired, she asks me when I would like to schedule.

I talked to a co-worker today and the SAME THING happened to her yesterday. Unbelievable. Thank you, At&T for the wasted day of vacation.

other person using my social security and i'm not paying bill

Attention At&t: Date: 10/07/2010
Referal number: [protected]
My name is Crystal Nicole Anguiano my social security number is [protected]. Back in 2006 i did have a phone on under my name but i Did turn it off because i moved to Sacramento California in June of 2006. I found out later on my mother used my S.S number to turn the phone back on under my sisters name Kristie Anguiano. Aslo recently found out from At&t that ther are 2 other phone lines open under my social security number in 2008 or 2009 and 2010 for the amount of $434.39. I refuse to pay these phone bills because i did not turn these phones on and i would like them to be turned off. I notified At&t I had to send proof of address that i was living in Sacramento my Califorina, Identificaton card, and also my S.S card. they said they would turn the phone and apologized to me for their mistake also gave me information for Fraud. All this information At&t will have. I did call and and put a fruad alert on my social securtiy. I really would appreciate it if this matter be disputed. Thank you for your time.

Crystal Nguiano

  • Fl
    Fleurpis Oct 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Damn are you dumb !!

    Can you also please provide us your date of birth, your full legal name and address, your banking information along with your mother's maiden name. Within a short time you won't have to worry about any of this as you won't have anything left to pay anyone.

    Why would you put your SSN online???

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  • Vi
    vivalasusan Nov 04, 2010

    omfg! how can u be so stupid to post your ssn online! if u truly are that stupid, u deserve to be ripped off!

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  • Qu
    QueenJB Dec 12, 2010

    Please stop calling this Person, Human Being names and Help Them. We are always so quick to point out Negatives! My Goodness! Are we ALL not here on this site because we've All been scammed Somehow and 95% of the time, it's ALSO because of something WE didn't do right either? Like follow up, due diligence, Checking a Consumer Fraud site BEFORE doing business and reading a 144 page PDF document of FINE PRINT before agreeing to or signing anything???

    Miss/Mr/: Stop posting your SS# ANYWHERE online. Be mindful when out in public when you give it to a counter or desk person; they should NEVER repeat OR write All 9 digits. Get extra protection on ALL your accounts NOW. Close ALL your active accts. Go to the DMV (if applicable) and tell them what's going on. Then, go directly to the Social Security Administration office in your district/county/town/city, taking with you ANY/ALL hardcopy documents showing he fraudulent information/transactions. Then, ask God/the spirits/angels/your guides for clarity, direction and Focus and Ignore ALL negativity and only take In the Good. You will survive this, recove and learn a valuable lesson; we ALL eventually do. God Blesses you :0)

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  • Dl
    D L McKinnis Jan 26, 2011

    My suggestion is that you contact who ever it is who is in charge of monitoring this site. I would beg them to take down my post and if necessary do another without the social security number. I agree with the post above me, that the remarks are not necessary. explain why not to post your personal information online. There are bad people out there unfortunately.

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  • Ba
    babeemonsta Aug 12, 2011

    nuff said

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  • Lo
    Lovel69 Apr 04, 2013

    ((IM HER SISTER!!))


    Now I know my sis wuhhd NEVER do this purposely!!! She must have thought she wuhhs sending a DIRECT EMAIL to the AT&T HEADQUARTERS in Texas & accidently & without noticing she put it as a complaint on this website!!!

    I apologize & sumhow im gonna try and get in contact with the CEO of this website ASAP!!!


    Her sister,
    Kristie Anguiano

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  • Ta
    Taylorh2 Apr 04, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    No way that anyone is stupid enough to post their SS # on a public forum. I say this one is fake.

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no refund if cancel service

At&t prepaid cell phone go phone will not refund prepaid money if you cancel service.

I prepaid $100 so minutes would not expire for one year.
I road cross-country on my motorcycle - poor coverage outside cities.
I came home and wanted to cancel service.
They still have over $80 of mine which they will not refund.

  • Tr
    tracybrooker Jun 06, 2011

    my name is tracy brooker i had my phone for three years and i woke up one morning and they cut it off because i was own the party line too much. I lost 33.00.

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tech support discontinued!

Bellsouth for years has had free personal web pages for those who subscribe to their DSL services. Suddenly they have discontinued ALL tech support for the personal web pages. I spent two hours on the phone trying to get some help because I suddenly couldn't ftp files to my website. Nobody could help -- nobody! Finally some guy with Verio (who handles their paid website hosting) told me the tech support for personal web pages had been discontinued. And he couldn't even give me an address or phone number so I could write or call with my complaint. I think it's time I switched my phone service.

no service for almost 3 months

Has anyone see that advertisement yet about [protected]@T's new service for $14.95 a month ? Stand Alone DSL. The service is nothing new actually, it was requirement mandated for them by the FCC after aquiring SBC Global. Problem is they didn't want customers to have so they didn't actually start advertising it until now. I have had the service before in 2007 and it took me the this same ringer to get, but then it was new so I chalked it up to that. Now after seeing the recent marketing promotions and adverts, I decided to take them up again on it, and see if they could connect me . Here is what happended which was almost a repeat of the exact same thing in 2007 when trying to establish dsl service.
Still waiting for dsl service in New Oleans metro neighborhood. Original Date was given from online order of 8/12/2010. Around the 13th I eagerly hooked up my modem, and no dsl sync . I remoted in to modem to look at log file, no dsl sync ( IE no service), checked pots line outside, not syc from test jack outside house ( this is the MPOE to the house so as any dsl tech would tell you, that means no service). I called for about a week straight 24-30 calls, seriously ! Each call round 1-2hours of explaining the same thing over and over and over and over and over again, and they kept insisting it was a problem with my modem ect, even thought I myself am a dsl tech and have proven this was not the case. Finally they did a test after the 24th call and verified just as I had said that there was no sync to my line. I was then given a new date of 8/24 because they had to do some work in my area. That date came and went and repeated the same incident of me calling and explaining the same thing over and over and over to about 24-25 different people from Inda. and finally, they sent an ATT tech out who wanted to come inside and look at my modem ! I directed him outside to the pots line and he hooked up his laptop to the test jack and confirmed, yes you guessed it ! NO [censored]ING sync ! !!!And these jerks were going to bill me for this !!!When the problem was clearly on their side !!! So then I was told by this tech that they would make repairs on ATT side and I would be notified when DSL was available at my location and I could connect my modem . Well its now 10/03/2010, I have been calling about every few days or so, and nothign is still being done . This is ridiculous . If it wasnt for cable internet I would have been out of service for almost 2 months. ATT is the worst most horrible serice, their Iphones are overmarketing garbage their service is beyone unreasonably horrible, their techs are newbies without a clue, they should just die out and let real ISP's come in an take over the DSL market, so people can actually get service.

no service for almost 3 months

poor installation and customer service

On Thursday, August 12, 2010 at about 9:30 a technician (Barron) came
out to install my U-Verse service. When setting up my appointment with
customer service, I was told that the job would take no longer than 4
hours and that I did not need a television for the install. However,
when Mr. Barron arrived, he informed that he would have to completely
wire the whole house and that a TV was needed. Because I had only taken
off part of the day, I told Mr. Barron that I had to go back to work. I
also went to Wal-Mart to buy him a TV for the install.

For the install, my husband and I marked the walls where we were going
to put televisions. I showed Mr. Barron each area, and he briefly
explained how he was planning to complete each task. He also told me
that he was going to have to get someone else to come out and help him.

Mr. Barron was very nice, very friendly and very informative;
therefore, I felt confident that he could do an excellent job.

My husband got off from work around 2:00pm and came home to see Mr.
Barron's progress. Yet, to his surprise, some of the cables were
installed in the middle of the wall. On the outside of the home there
is 20ft of white cable going down the side of the house. In the closet,
the wires are sticking out. When my husband asked Mr. Barron why he
installed some of the cable this way and he stated, "this is where your
wife said to put them."

I immediately called Mr. Barron and apologized for the miscommunication
and asked him when he could come and move the cables to the correct
location; he told me that he would be back on Saturday.

I felt very bad about the miscommunication; however, when I got home, I
noticed that some of the cables were installed correctly and some were
wrong. Now, if I told Mr. Barron to put the cable where I put the tape
on the wall, why were was some of the cable installed at the bottom of
the wall (which is correct), and no where near the location of the
tape? I was perplexed. I did not know if Mr. Barron was truly
responsible or if it was his friend who installed it incorrectly. At
any rate, Mr. Barron was very nice and I wanted to give him an
opportunity to correct the problem without involving customer service,
making another service call, etc.

On Saturday, August 14, 2010, Mr. Barron explained that he had a large
job and would not be able to come to fix the problem. He stated he
would come out on Monday. Monday came and Mr. Barron had another large
job. When I called Mr. Barron, he said he would try to get out
mid-week. When he did not show, I asked if I should call customer
service. First he said that is what his supervisor recommended, then he
said that he would get out before the end of the week and would not let
me down. Because Mr. Barron was very nice, my husband and I were okay
with that.

On Saturday, August 28, Mr. Barron returned to the home. My husband
showed him the problems, and Mr. Barron informed us that what we needed
would take up to 2 hrs and though he was apologetic, he said that was
time he did not have. Therefore, customer service was called and they
said they would send someone out to the house between 12:00-4:00pm.

The technician that come out to the house was Mr. Eddie. Mr. Eddie
called before he came out to the home. On the phone, Mr. Eddie asked me
what the problem was. When I started explaining, he proceeds to ask me
why didn't I "stay the full 8hrs for Barron to do the work so I could
make sure he did what I wanted." I told him that customer service told
me it would only take 4hrs. He proceeded to tell me, "I am sure they
said it would take at least 4hrs." I explained to him that I knew what
they said because I took off my job for 4hrs. He then tells me that
sometimes things come up when technicians come out to do the job. I
then explained to him the following: 1) when customer service tells me
4hrs, that is all I have to go by; 2) customer service also told me I
didn't need a television for install and that was not true; 3) I am not
a technician; I am a Health Communications Specialist at the CDC;
therefore, I expect the technician to know how to do his job; 4) I
could not call my job and tell them "I changed my mind, I actually need
to take off a whole day to get my cable installed!" After this back and
forth conversation, Mr. Eddie arrived at my home.

When I walked up to Mr. Eddie, he proceeds to tell me that "I do not
like myself right now." When I asked him why, he says, "Because I am
putting myself in the middle of something I have nothing to do with." I
said, "okay, but I had no intentions of calling customer service, my
technician suggested this." He then proceeds to tell me, "Yes, I spoke
with Barron; I trained him." I said, "Okay, " but I was unclear as to
what this information had to do with him doing his job.

Finally, Mr. Eddie said he wanted to see the problems. First, I took
him to the side of the house to show him the 20ft of white cable. He
proceeds to tell me that technicians put safety first and that for Mr.
Barron to climb that high was "a safety hazard for Barron and me, for
that matter, to climb the side of this home with this un level ground
and I am not going to put my life in danger to put up a cable." "Excuse
Me?" I am thinking to myself. So I asked him, "So you mean to tell me
you have never had to climb a high ladder to install a cable?" He, then
proceeds to tell me, "for me to install this correctly, I will need
someone to hold the ladder for me." I told him that my husband and my
dad to help him. He then says, "I need to call an ATT person because if
something happens to me with you, I am not covered." "Okay fine, I
said. If this was a safety hazard, Mr. Barron should have said
something when he initially came out to see what was wrong with the
install. When my husband showed Mr. Barron the cable, he admitted that
the person helping him installed the outside cable wrong and that it
(the cable) did not look good.

Next we moved inside my home. I showed him the problem where Mr. Barron
installed the cables wrong. He told me, "I am sure Mr. Barron installed
them based on what he found in the house; although, I would probably
not have installed it this way." He then proceeds to call Mr. Barron
and tell him how he (Mr. Eddie) was going to fix it. I tried to explain
to Mr. Eddie that the reason why I was a little upset about the install
is because Mr. Barron got a friend to help him and I could not tell who
was responsible for the improper work. That is why I wanted Mr. Barron
to come back out because I did not want to get him in any trouble by
calling customer service and wanted to give him the opportunity to fix
the problem. Mr. Eddie then asks, "did this person work for ATT who was
helping?" I told him, "I don't know, I left before the person got
here." Then he says, "That is why we ask customer to be here during the
install." I then explain to Mr. Eddie that I work just like he works;
can he (Mr. Eddie) ask for a whole day off to get cable installed when
he initially asked for a half day??? By this time, I was getting very
upset at Mr. Eddie and his tone.

When my husband came home, I told him how rude Mr. Eddie was to me on
the phone. Of course, my husband got upset and immediately called
customer service.

On the problem downstairs, Mr. Eddie moved the cable down. When he
moved upstairs to the closet area, he said he would install the cable
down the wall. I thought he meant inside the wall so I proceeded to
tell him to drill the hole. However, my mother recognized that the
cable was not "inside" the wall, so she told me to ask why the cable
couldn't be installed in the wall. He proceeds to try again to explain
why something could not be done. My husband come upstairs and expressed
that he felt the wall was hollow. Mr. Eddie then says, "I am sure it is
not. I am sure Barron installed it this way because it was not."
Instead of Mr. Eddie checking to see if it was hollow, he proceeds to
say, "I am trying to help you to the best of my ability, but anything I
do is not sufficient; therefore, I am going to have to call my
supervisor." By now both my husband and my father were very upset
because Mr. Eddie was rude to me. My dad tried to get some
clarification on the problem and Mr. Eddie cut my dad off in mid
sentence, putting his hand up to my dad and saying, "excuse me sir, I
am explaining." At this time, my husband told customer service he
wanted Mr. Eddie to leave.

After Mr. Eddie got off the phone with his supervisor, he packed his
things and left; leaving the job unfinished. Before walking out the
door, he again proceeds to tell me and my family, "I hate myself right
now. Here I am trying to fix a problem and help you out, when this is
not even a job I started and what I am doing is not good enough. This
is wasting my time. I have other jobs to do as well and I took this on
as a courtesy." He then tells us to have a "Blessed Day" and walks out
the door.

I have never had someone be rude like Mr. Eddie. Though Mr. Barron did
not install the cable correctly, he did provide me with quality
customer service as far as how he spoke to me and my husband, and he
did install somethings correctly. That is why my husband and I wanted
to give him an opportunity to come back out to fix it.

Yet, Mr. Eddie was VERY rude. Since when did doing your job become a
courtesy to the customer??? Not only have I wasted all this money on
ATT U-Verse service, but I now have several holes in my wall that will
have to be repaired and repainted and this man, Mr. Eddie, talks like
he was doing me a favor??? I had no idea that he trained Barron, that
he knew him and frankly, I did not care. I also did not care to hear
how fixing my cable would be risking his life and that he hated himself
for taking on a job he did not start. Mr. Eddie failed to acknowledge
that customer service, not the Tutt's and Goldwire's, asked him to come
to the house. If he was doing Mr. Barron a favor, what does that have
to do with me and fixing my cable???

Just do your job; that is all I ask. When a technician comes to my
home, he is the expert and I expect him to know what to do. All the
extra information is unnecessary. As I stated, Mr. Barron was very
nice, but he did not install correctly and anyone (professional or not)
can see that. Yet, I am not sure if he made the mistakes, or if his
helper was to blame. Add the incorrect install (which I could have
gotten over) to Mr. Eddie's actions and this has been a very unpleasant
and costly experience.

  • Tu
    Tutt/ATT Oct 04, 2010

    The point is that Mr. Eddie was rude from the moment he stepped on my property. If you don't like to fix other people's mess, that is fine, but you do not take that out on the customer. I am paying you to be here; it is not the other way around. As far as the 4hrs, they said "up to" four hours, but would you have called in and told your boss, "I think I need to take 4 extra hours of to get my cable installed?" The job was not listed as complete; the technician knew he would have to come back. And yes, I left the technician alone; there was nothing in the house; no furniture; nothing. I just brought the home and wanted the cable installed before he move in. He installed part of the job right and the other he installed wrong. For example, he used white tape on the outside of my house when he was actually supposed to use black tape in order to protect the line from sun damage. I did not know that until his supervisor told me. He ran the lines wrong in the house. I did not know that until his supervisor told me. So, regardless if I was there are not, there were still mistakes. Do you go up in the crawl space and check behind your cable person...?

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  • Bl
    BlahBliggityBlah Apr 13, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    THat second tech was rude so that was unacceptable. The first tech should have left when you did. For as long as I remember it is against AT&T''s policy for the technician to be inside a customer's home when the customer is not present. You really were very naive to only take half the day off. Even if the job says that it can take up to 4 hours, that is under normal circumstances. You have to account for any problems that may arrive and even if you are not a professional, you can not possibly believe that a house that needs all new cables can be wired in 4 hours or less. Finally, the job was obviously listed as complete because whomever scheduled another tech was able to schedule another tech. If it were not completed then another tech more than likely would not have been able to come out and the original tech would have probably gotten in trouble for not completing the job. Sounds like he was fleecing you so that he wouldn't get the job put back on him.

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false charges for & bundles & & ad lies

First at&t lied about the services I would get if I opted for their dsl extreme. Second, they never sent my rebate and third they raised my rates after they said there was no contract time limit. Fourth, mr. Baxter at [protected] (Aug 26th, 2010) stated he was a supervisor for customer relations/billing and would surely correct my bill and my plan. He told me how much to send in and even took my check number over the phone. Forward, sept 28th thinking I would see a corrected bill, I called and spoke with a "team lead" mrs. Johnson from jacksonville florida who stated that mr. Baxter has the conversation on record but did not correct it! Again, misrepresentation, even by a supervisor. Shame on you mr. Baxter!! Mr. Baxter took my check number over the phone and yet my next bill was not corrected but was higher. Hopefully mrs. Johnson will do the right thing and my next bill will reflect the proper amounts!
I say all those with similiar complaints should call mr. Baxter and remind him he is degrading his company. Two tips: always get the name, city and state of the person you speak with. Ask for supervisors and get their names. Hopefully you will get someone better than mr. Baxter. Keep a recorder handy!! I have the ads, conversation documentation and the names of those who did not do their job at at&t. (Always time and trouble aka att)

  • Br
    bryon sturgill Nov 03, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    At&t is a big joke!!!

    My wife and i had placed an high speed internet order from at&t. They are a joke!!! The technician who installed our phone line was awesome in which he helped allot. Immediately after the initial hookup we started having connection problems. From there on it was a head ache. The modem never received signal from the central office??? Ok. . . ?. . . Anyway, so i called the stupid people repeatably and keep complaining. So this one guy told me to downsize my speed from a 3. 0 to a 1 1 / 2??? Right?, didn't work (Of course) so to upgrade back to my 3. 0 there was a charger??? Wtf??? Ok, so i had called over 9 times and even went over my minutes on my cell phone talking to the idiots. There was even a black girl that had a real bad attitude??? My opinion on that isn't worth stating on here, anyways. . . To make a long story short, they tried keeping me as a customer??? Ok, i told them i wanted to unhook the garbage and i will never, never and i repeat never have anything else to do with at&t. With that said, i'll never reference them either. And if someone reviews this from the company, please fee free to call anytime. The number for my service was 6068550212.

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