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AT&T / at&t provides the worst service ever

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I am done dealing with AT&T and their horrible service. They are a scam as far as I'm concerned. We had AT&T landline and DSL service in our old house so when we moved I mistakenly thought it would be easiest to continue with them. Boy was that a huge mistake! I should have remembered that our DSL service often stopped working in the evenings during peak hours right when I was rushing to meet a work deadline and working from home. The DSL service was never reliable. I should have remembered that when I called to inquire about transferring our services to our new home I was told I was spending $30-$40 more than I needed to monthly because I was still under an "old" plan and that I needed to check in periodically to make sure I got the best prices. What a scam. I should have remembered that every time I called in for service it was more than 2-hours wasted on the phone with people that usually were no help at all. I should have remembered how much I HATE that automated thing that picks up when you try to call AT&T that takes you forever to get to a real human being. Instead, I trusted AT&T and I will never make that mistake again.

I called two months in advance to make sure our home phone and Internet service would be set up on time because I work out of my home and it's critical. 14-days later, we not only have NO service, but I keep being told that due to a backlog, they haven't even sent a technician out to look at the problem. When I asked for a credit to my account for the services I paid for which I am not receiving, they basically told me I would not be credited for the full amount I am due. They also will make no guarantees as to when they will fix the problem. Furthermore, they promised to call to give me an update on my issue and have not done so at all. I think it's a shame that in this day and age people can't get simple things like phone and internet service at home in San Jose, CA. I think it's a shame that AT&T can treat customers this way and still be in business. I think it's a shame that AT&T even has any customers at all.

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  • Bu
      12th of Mar, 2008
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    AT&T - Advertising
    United States
    Phone: 9123550001

    I have been advertising with bell south for over 10 years. I told the new sales rep that i did not want to continue doing business with them in 2008. She brought her manager over for a visit and he promised that i would get everything i had last year, a re - designed full page ad, a new website and a listing on for just around $50 more than what i was spending in 2007. I decided to try it one more year. However, when the 2008 directory came out, i did not have everything i had in 2007. I have tried everything i know to call the sales rep to discuss problem. 6 weeks have gone by and no return phone calls as of yet. I sent a certified letter to at&t to cancel my advertising and i do not intend to pay them another penny. They have messed with the wrong guy on this one.

  • De
      3rd of Jul, 2008
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    I get billed every monthly for 9.99 but when you call them they no nothing about it. They tell me I don't have an account with them but yet they keep billing.

  • Ms
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    My AT&T bill long distance bill averages about $16.00 a month (minimum because I hardly use it). I had no problem until January of 2008, when I received a bill not recognizing my December payment. I paid January and ignored the previous balance since the amount had already been debited from my checking account. In February, my bill reflected that I had not paid December or January. It attempted to call AT&T four times reaching non-English speaking people in India or Southeast Asia. The Indians who barely spoke English told me that it did not matter if I had proof of payment, I had to pay the amount on the statement. They were extremely rude and hung up making me feel as though it was my fault they could understand me (English). I overpaid them to get them off my back as I started to get calls demanding payment. Then I get a bill in April stating that I have a $139 credit. When I called they could not tell me why I had a credit and told me that they were having glitches in their computer system. In May, I got a bill stating that I now owed them $139.00. To fix the glitch in their system, instead of just removing the credit, they decided they I should pay them instead. Following this was three weeks of harassment. I got calls at work and home every day, sometimes twice a day. The Indians were particularly obnoxious. They did not care if it was their mistake. First, they tell me that I am reading my statement wrong and they don't see any problem, then they told me that they could not view my records on their computers or make any adjustments, but I was just to pay the bill. They were supposed to be the Debt Reconciliation Department. I demanded to speak with someone in the U.S. that spoke English and kept being transferred back to India or Asia. After every call I was given a Confirmation Number. I collected a list of eight confirmation numbers, which they stated did not exist or the people I spoke to did not exist. I was given every made up excuse you could think up. The best one was that I must have been given a refund for a AT&T cell phone contract that I had canceled (first of all, they don't given refunds for cancellations, you have to pay a cancellation fee) and they adjusted it to a charge. It did not matter that I never had a cellphone or cellphone contract with them or anyone. They could not explain why I was charged $139 when their cancellation fee is $200. THEY SIMPLY REFUSED TO CORRECT THEIR ERROR. They made my life miserable for three weeks and left me a nervous wreck and in tears after every call and severely affected my blood pressure. When I told them they were not allowed to harass me, they told me they could do whatever they wanted to do to get my payment. My only recourse to was pay them this money they were literally mugging me for. THIS COMPANY HAS NO REGARD FOR CUSTOMERS. THEIR CUSTOMERS ARE BEING VERBALLY "ASSAULTED" DAILY BY THEIR BOGUS OUTSOURCED SCRIPTED UNSUPERVISED FOREIGN CUSTOMER SERVICE. BEWARE AT&T CAN BILL YOU ANY AMOUNT AT WILL WITHOUT EXPLANATION. STAY AWAY FROM THEM.

  • Do
      23rd of Sep, 2008
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    AT&T stands for ( Aggravation, Turmoil & Trauma thats what i have experienced since dealing with AT&T. The Uverse dept. is obviously not staffed with competent people and show s lack of much needed TRAINING. Its like the left hand dose not know what the right hand is doing .AT&T took 40 days to complete a bundle package . Customer service SUCKS in this company.

  • Dy
      9th of Dec, 2008
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    Debbie and ME Smith, I'm sorry to hear about your problems with AT&T. I think I can help both of you improve your plans. After being similarly annoyed with my Verizon Wireless experience, I recently joined an increasing number of consumers who use the website (by a company called Validas) to effectively battle the kinds of unnecessarily costly wireless bills that AT&T tried to stick you with. And it works. My savings through Validas of around $230 per year are not even exceptional given that the average Validas user currently saves $487 annually. I was so impressed with these real results that I took a job with the company.

    Here's a quick breakdown of how it actually works. Validas analyzes your online cell bill for free and calculates how much money you could be saving. It turns out that eight of ten wireless customers are paying more than they need to for their plans. Validas fixes these discrepancies by tailoring a customer's plan to fit their specific needs. If you choose, Validas provides your personalized cell bill adjustment report that is emailed, for five bucks, to your wireless provider in industry specific format so you can actually implement these cash saving changes. If Validas can save you more than $5 on your bill, this obviously provides a very cost effective solution.

    Validas is rapidly gaining a reputation as the preeminent advocate for the wireless customer. Check out a feature about the company on The Big Idea with CNBC's Donny Deutsch at Any cell subscriber who wants to cut costs should consider Validas. It’s free to consult and you only stand to save.

    Good luck to both of you in reducing the AT&T bills.


  • Do
      20th of Aug, 2009
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    An AT&T salesman named Richard (205-616-8278) called me today offering me a "special" advertising deal with AT&T. He said he saw my ad in the local newspaper. I thanked him from calling, but told him that I had already exhausted all of my advertising money for the year---and that I was not interested in his offer. He became EXTREMELY rude with me, to the point that I had to remind him that he was trying to sell me something...and he didn't need to ### and attitude with me for not wanting his service.
    He continued to argue with me about my need for advertising...and that I evidently wanted to get my business advertised, or else I wouldn't had the ad in the paper...yada yada yada...I end up having to hang up on him.

  • Re
      15th of Feb, 2010
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    I am sorry that you are not happy with I was looking online found a website that you can have a ebillboard for FREE. Just go to I was talking to my friend Bill he sign up for a ebillboard. He told me that he is glad that he got a ebillboard. His business just moved to a new building he went to change this info with yellow book and was on hold for 35 Minutes waiting for someone to talk to. When he went to his ebillboard and change his info and it took him just few minutes.

  • Xn
      4th of May, 2010
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    I had AT&T for my home phone and had to use Dial Up for the internet, because the technician told me that I would not be able to get DSL, which is crap, If you can hook a phone line up and you have a clear view of the Southern Sky, you can get it, he is as dumb as a box of rocks, further more, AT&T, Charge me $140 and I agreed to pay it and then my next bill went to over $900, and then a $1000 and then back to over $900 and in between a collection agency sent me a letter for the same amount. I have called them on numerous occassions and got the run around and switched from one operator to the next. To sum it up, prior to the huge charge the put on me, I was suppose to have an unlimited package so I would not get charged for the dial up service through aol. AT&T tried to tell me that it was because the town next to me where my connection was, was long distant, which I know is wrong, because, it has to be a 150 miles or more to be considered long distant with the same area code. They (AT&T) told me that there is no determination with long distant and the town is not even 30 miles from me and I know that other phone companies do not do what AT&T is trying to pull, they are full of crap and have received a penny from me and will not receive a penny from me for there ignorance and I will never deal with them again, they are true idiots and a major scam

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