AT&T - Legacy B / never had sevice with att&t

609 Biscayne Drive, West Palm Beach, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 561-201-0567

Att; disputes 2 credit bay area
Attn; bay area credit service
Billed by [protected]@t for services i never received. did place an order in december and canceled it due to the need to file
Bankruptcy 13. in march i received a bill from at&t for $95.41, and called them immediately and customer service
Said they could see i never had service and would note the account. this was in march. i received a bay area credit
Service llc bill, dated april 13, 2012 as a collection agency for $95.41 for services never received.
I consider this fraud against a senior citizen, a felony and will again call and this time write att&t for this fraudulently
Charge of $95.41, when at&t them selves have no record of any service to my home... please correct your records
And communicate this fraud charge to at&t and i shall do the same.

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