AT&T Internetunethical behavior

Since our new home was built and our "landline" service in 2012 was installed we have had constant issues. First off we were not informed we had a uverse line installed and not a landline. The line has terrible static, can hear clicks when in use and even heard others talking. Bank account hacked in 2013 after paying a hospital bill over the phone. Knowing of the line issues multiple calls made to AT&T and finally go got rid of our landline. 2015 my own number started calling me after getting the landline service re-activated because I have health issues and all our cell phones suddenly had little to no service. If one person picks up a virus on their device, all users get the same. In 2013 after trying multiple modem/routers I had missed the 30 day return for returning the router with the 30 day paid ups label so I sent back usps priority insured. I called and told them and they said they cannot accept that delivery method for refund, charging me 169$. Also during this time of trouble on all our devices they kept trying to sell the "connect-a-tech service" which I refused each time. Time passes and another call for help and I am told I have had the service for 13 months. I was then given a local number to call to cancel and receive a refund. I never received the refund. Fast forward to today and the final straw. Noticing my IP address was different than it should be and my device loosing function as if hacked I reset the router and called att. They will send a new router Monday. After the modem reset and a reboot of my device, the browser does not work correctly. The modem blinks like crazy when I powered on my device and this was without a password put in for wifi. I keep an eye on my portal logs daily and for the first time they reflected the correct ip for the router and IPv4. As soon as my phone rang and I heard that familiar beep I knew whoever had connected to the router again. Once again instead of a 192.168.1.!!! Address it reflects the same address as my iPad! Only difference is before the reset it was and now The very same as my device showed! This ip is private, static and in control. Research shows this to be connected to a paid virtual business in Nashville and turns my iPad into a hotspot. My device is used for the gateway in this house. My iPad is filling up fast with all the logs. My iPad is no longer in my control. There is much more I could detail but being as sick as I am I can't add anymore tonight. Att is vial corrupt and uses people for gain, they care nothing for people as money is their God. They have billions and I have a Medicare check monthly. The only enjoyment I had has been stripped because they have now took the Internet from Me!

Jan 21, 2017

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