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AT&T / internet promo & billing

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At&t: the worst telecommunication company I ever dealt with!

I am not a kid nor have free time to be writing bogus complaint, I am a grown up adult with many years of life experience. I just hope this complaint spreads out to as many people as possible and learn to be cautious before dealing with at&t.

About 2 months ago I came across to an at&t website that was running a promotion of $19.95/month for fast dsl internet service without telephone service. So I took extra precaution before signing up for the service and I contacted the online customer service and I made sure there was no catch or misunderstanding about their promotion (I even have the transcript of the online chat I had with the online customer service agent. ) the customer service agent wrote to me the following:

• no long term commitment (No 12 months contract is required)
• $100.00 reward card for switching from existing cable internet service to at&t internet service.

Guess what, I was wrong! After 2 months of service with at&t I found out the following:

• 12 months commitment is required. No big deal with this as long as I receive the service as they had promised me. (I am satisfied with 5.4mbps download speed vs. Their advertised 6.0mbps speed service)
• my first prorated month’s bill came to $38.67 because the promotion of $19.95/month applies only to complete monthly billing cycles. (Wow, this is a new one! I was not ready for this trick!)
• $100 reward card was a scam. After mailing $100 reward card claim coupon I waited 8 weeks before I started to check around for the status of claim coupon. I learned that $100 reward card could not be combined with other promotion, meaning that the promotion was either $19.95/month or $100 reward card. This contradicts to what at&t online customer service agent had explained to me. $100 reward card won’t make me nor break me, they can keep it if that helps them but there is no need to cheat on customers with bogus ads and lying customer services.

Conclusion: be carefull when dealing with at&t. They are the worst, cheapest and dirtiest company in the market. When my 12 months contract is up, they can be certain of one less customer.

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  • Wi
      1st of Mar, 2011
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    I have the same experience, when I moved and trying to cancel my previous service and switch over to cable, the lady said they have a promotion for me if I stay with them which is $19.95/month for the 6Mbps internet for 2 years. When I received my first bill it was $45/month and so I called them to find out why and another lady told me I have to pay the full price of $45/month for 3 months and the 4th month I'll receive the $19.95/month deal and the extra ($25.05 x3) I paid will be credited back to me.
    Then, on my 4th month of service, I still see the same $45/month charge and so I called them the 3rd time to find out what went wrong and I was put on hold for >30 minutes (all silent) and so I hung up and called again, this time the guy told me he'll credit back $25.05 to me immediately and the rest will follow. I thought this would be it and went to check my balance online again after couple days and it's still $45 for the 4th month and so I called them the 5th time, and this time the lady named Rachael put me on-hold for long time and I was patient and finally she told me my promotion was never put into the system and he'll put it in for me. So I'll have to wait and see again :( I think this may be their company tactic to trick people!! How could a big company do something like this???

  • Sa
      25th of Mar, 2011
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    I have called AT&T at least 7-8 times regarding the increase in price for my internet services. Each time someone promises to do something but nothing is done and the price remains the same. Today is Fri but I had called earlier in the week on Mon because lo and behold, I received a bill that was even higher priced even though I had not ordered any increase in services. I was told that a memo with the complaint was being sent to higher management and someone would call me within 72 hours. If I received that call then you and I both won the lottery for 100 million dollars!!! Today the 1st person I spoke to hung up on me. I called back to report him ("Chris"). I finally talked to a Ms Harrell who was very nice and I am hopeful that she will be able to help me but will not know this until I get my next bill. I have rarely been so frustrated in dealing with a company.

  • Mi
      20th of Apr, 2011
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    I'm dealing with the same bull.I signed up for 29.95 internet service.I have yet to receive a bill for less than 45.00.Please note it has been 5 months and promises keep coming.The last call I am going to make was today and if I make another it will be to disconnect the service.They can't hold up their end of the contract so why should I.They are the worst company I have ever dealt with.Customer service must be trained how to lie and talk in circles.I am so over it!

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