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I was promised $50.00 for signing on

For signing up I was to get $50.00. I never received my $50.00. If I don't receive it by the end of...

giving away my phone number

After 2 years the regular monthly plan contract with at&t, I switched to a pay as you go (buying call card minutes) plan in July 08. In mid october, my phone suddenly stopped working, asking me to "activate my plan". when calling at&t customer service, took 2 hours to determine someone gave away my phone number to another customer. They insisted that this customer was able to walk into a store, give the right confidential information to (my) phone number on one of their phones. What was this? Identity theft? It was established I've had this phone number for over 2 years. When I'd eventually hang up and was given promises someone would call back to resolve this...no one ever did. I called back multiple times during the course of a full week. One "supervisor" initially wanted me to go to the nearest AT&T store ad they'd give a new sim card and a $20 credit and I refused because it was crucial to keep my phome number. So, a week later, one of their techs in texas realized that someone transposed one of the digits when they transfered the phone number from this other customer. So gave me back my number, but wouldn't give me backthe minutes I had originally had on the phone because I had to now "activate" the phone again, and the only way to activate this (as they saw it a new account) was to pick a more expensive plan which I had to stay into for 30 days. As soon as I finish my minutes, I'm throwing away the phone and transfering my number to my new virgin mobile phone I got for xmas.

  • Te
    Terrence Michael Williams Jan 22, 2009

    I have had a to go phone since last year. It was stopped because I closed my bank account.Ihave the phone. I want to get a plan where the build is sent to me, not from any direct deposit. Must I get an entirely new phone or can I get my phone put on another plan. I don't mind paying any fee that I may owe concerning my present phone, yet I want a plan where the bill comes directly to me. If I have the incorrect department, please assist in directing me to the proper source.

    Model: SGH A

    IMEI: 356361/01/913387/1 RED

    Terrence Michael Williams
    4926 Tennessee Street
    Jacksonville, Fl 32209
    (904) 765-9811
    [email protected]

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att wireless gateway rebate scam

I purchased the Pro DSL service with the wireless Gateway ($79.99). I checked the website shortly after I installed the Gateway in early September and the website said that there was no need to do anything to get the Gateway rebate. After 3 months of not receiving anything, I've checked the website again and found different instructions. I had to go to https://rewardcenter.att.com/Default.aspx#%7B%22__s%22%3A%7B%22Checkbox2%22%3Atrue%7D%7D

and fill in my phone number, which took me to the Gateway Rebate form. I filled in the Gateway serial number and noticed in the reward "more info" section that now it says that the rebate must be postmarked within 90 days of installation of the Gateway. Since it's been over 3 months since I installed the Gateway, I wonder if ATT will mail me my rebate. They are so sneaky. 3 months ago they said that you don't need to do anything to get your rebate. And now they want you to fill out an online form to get the rebate. There are very few people who would go back and check to find out that ATT pulled one over on them. If they deny me, I'll file a complaint. Did anyone actually print out their earlier webpage saying that there was no need to do anything to get the rebate. This would be great to submit as "proof" of their earlier promise. Thanks in advance!

  • Bu
    Buyer.Stkn.Ca Jan 09, 2010

    I too purchased their at& internet and I'm glad I can accross this posting, I will be submitting the rebate form now. If it helps try looking at the summary order that was mailed right after you purchased it.

    Straight from the bill it says, "...If you purchased AT&T High Speed Internet as part of a promotion, you may qualify for an equipment rebate, a rebate form will be mailed to you separately."

    Hope this helps you.

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  • Tj
    tjdean01 Sep 07, 2010

    I just signed up a couple weeks ago when it said "No term commitment" but when I called them they said I had a one year contract. I saved the webpage that said that and actually it's still on the site now!

    I tried to sign up for the rebate and it said nothing is found for my account number. I hope they send me something. Scammers!

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  • Al
    aluz Jan 11, 2011

    AT& T has been scamming people like this for years. I always fall for it. Even when they were BellSouth! They would promise rebates if you accept their service and then play mind games with their customers. What a rip off. I hope that they are stopped soon because it is really frustrating to deal with such deception.

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I worked for Cingular Wireless prior their changeover to AT&T Wireless resolving number portability problems. During the early stages of number portability, our support group was inundated with trouble tickets generated by customers who were very angry to have discovered that their phone number was ported to Cingular without their permission. After some investigation on my part, I discovered that as part of the initial process, the contracting group that wrote the code for this process, had written some code which allowed customer service reps. to take down information from customers who called to inquire about porting thier number to Cingular. The customer service reps., would tell the inquiring customers that they would take their information down and "save" it in case the customer later made the decision to port their number to Cingular. What the reps. probably did not know, was that this information was saved in the form of a file, which was then automatically fed into a "batch" job which ran at night and ported the phone number over to Cingular with the "saved" information without the customers approval.

There were literally thousand of these tickets. I personally worked hundreds of them. On several occasions, I spoke with the team lead in charge of writing the code for the portability process, and she told me on 3 different occasions that she had voiced objections to installing this "informational" code due to legal and integrity reasons, and was told by Cingular upper management that they insisted that this code be installed.

I contacted the PUC in Texas about this illegal process and was told that they would not investigate a comlaint regarding slamming unless it affected me personally on my wireless account. They would investigate 1 complaint, but chose to ignore somebody with valid proof that they were salmming thousands of wireless users. So there you have it, AT&T Wireless willing to defraud thousands of people - DELIBERATELY. If anybody that works for, or supports AT&T Wireless, is angered by this and doubts the accuracy or honesty regarding the above statements, I would be glad to provide the names of the contracting company that wrote the slamming code, the team lead who was instructed to write and install the code, and the people in WLNP suuport group who worked these tickets.

billing practices

The FCC gave the thumbs up for ATT to purchase Bellsouth. Again giving way to a monopoly. I didn't agree with the first disbandment of ATT and chose to stay with them all these years. Leased their phones, paid higher per minute charges for long distance and finally they came out with an unlimited plan that suited me just fine. I have never had a complaint with their service. I never once jumped ship. Home telephone service was thru Bellsouth. Service was reasonable and I have no complaints with them until nephareous companies began slamming. According to Bellsouth at the time, these charges for services are out of their control. I paid them. I had one heck of a time tracing original company for voice mail services but after a year finally got those removed. Lost all that money tho. Home telephone service got a state authorized increase in utility charges. The billing was getting expensive and the "new" fees began to show up. The telephone company states these are goverenment mandated charges (taxes). I call these "BYC" fees. They range from 13.00 to 15.00 per month as of today. BYC means "because you can". So, I called bellsouth and was going to cancel home phone service due to the byc and higher service charges. They offered me a "permanant" home phone service for 18.95 with added bells and whistles. They assured me this was not a 90 day or 6 month teaser rate. It worked just fine, for over a year, until ATT took over. Now the nightmare begins. Began having problems immediatly. All charges immediately increased. When you call customer service they are not only rude but downright disrespectful. After explaining that these charges are not what I agreed to they simply ignore the concern. First, you don't get a bill, then your late-late fee plus interest is applied. When you call about this-more rudeness and then they want payment over the phone at a charge of $5.00. Now your paying $5.00 late fee plus interest plus $5.00 payment fee on top of being overcharged on homephone, long distance, and internet services. The suggestion is to pay the bill online. I followed their suggestion begining last April. Seemed to work fine. Went online, paid the bill, got a confirmation number. Charges still high and can not get satisfaction. May-paid the bill. Got a confirmation #. Did so in June and July also. In August I get a bill in the mail for #377.00 dollars. This was on the 31st of August. I am fit to be tied and now I act like they do. This was my fault because I did not confirm that payment was removed from my checking account. Pay the bill for $5.00 again. On Sept 11 I get a call on my cell phone and told my home phone has been disconnected. I call again. This time I'm told the phone was disconnected for "returned check". I call again, after explaining my complaints I'm told: "pay your bills on time" and "your the one who wrote a bad check". I got a supervisor. After over an hour on the phone the supervisor gets to the bottom of the problem. Offers refunds and appologizes and assures me that account will be corrected. I ask to be removed from online payment and return to mailed billing. What had happened since: still overcharging, didn't send a bill in October. Told it is a "courtesy" to send me a bill and it's my responsibity to get payment to them. I did a 2008 telephone bill account audit-jan 08-dec 08-overpaid by $483.83 to date. Smoke signals or two cans and string would be easier than dealing with these thieves. They disconnected me again on Dec 12th. I asked to discontinue service. Paid them again. The phone rang on Dec 22.

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never what was promised &cash back&

When I signed up for this bundle package, I was told by the opperator that I would be receiving a series of 3 actual checks in the mail...that I could physically take into the back and cash. I remember this conversation very clearly because I was not very happy when I had to pay for the modem. When she explained the cash back thing, I felt better about it. I made several phone calls into AT&T, and was told that they were going to investigate this, but of course never receives a phone call back. When I asked the next opperator about it, and if there were any notes left in the computer??? There were none. I have now cancelled because I don't feel good giving my money to people who faulse advertize. My friend is going through the same thing with them too. There answer finally to both of us is we should of redemeed the cash back on line. WHERE?? I have searched for a place to so called get your cash back and all I get is " No Results Found" Or they want you to sign up fot the offer..Well I have the offer, I want my C/B.

salesperson ignorance

Hello, This is regarding the AT&T Retail Store located at 2643 SE Tualitan Valley Highway in Hillsboro. The...

uverse installation

As I write, AT&T has failed for the THIRD TIME to make their service installation. First time I waited all day, no one showed, no one called. I called them twice, each time told they were behind but that I could expect installation that day. After first day was blown, AT&T rescheduled installation to two weeks later with asking me. There has got to be something about scheduling an installation without my express authorization that is illegal. Nonetheless I took the day off and you won't be surprised to learn they stood me up a second time. I was so angry I worked my way up the supervisor chain and found a woman (Christine?) who promised me 3 months of free service, and a guarantee that installed would be rescheduled the following Monday with my house first on the installation list that day. Well, that is today - and they have again failed to show up. I repeated the whole process up getting bumped up the supervisor list, until I found someone who told me that a technician had just been dispatched to my job. I guess that is how they work - pulling techs off of jobs to do installs for irate people who have already been SUPER-screwed, so the other people that day will be just a little screwed frustrated.

Here's a bright idea, schedule fewer install appointments for a regularly priced service, offer pricing incentives to customers who have scheduling flexibility (home most of the day) and basically keep your scheduled appointments and fill the in-between time with customers who have that flexibility.

  • Ji
    Jill Nelson Dec 11, 2008

    Was sent a notification in the mail, a follow-up to a verbal agreement on the phone with an AT&T representative, that was SUPPOSED to help me get "rewards" (or a rebate of sorts) on my phone bill towards signing up for internet service bundled with my phone service. Went to the site recommended, and the complaint site is the only thing that you can access!!!
    I would recommend contacting the Better Business Bureau, I guess, as an alternative to poor/insufficient services provided as agreed to !!!

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flyer for reward

Please be advised that this is the worst service i have ever received in my entire life. First of all they...

no rebate towards bill[liars]

When i signed up for faster internet service i was told i would get $50. 00 rebate that i could use toward...


I am writing to let you know about my experience in ordering and having AT&T Uverse installed at my...

at&t rewards

U-verse installed Nov. 6 '08; not totally happy with some parts of the program; received two (2) letter...

no longer use phone, have asked to be discontinued and am still being charged each month

I have requested several times to stop the prepaid charge to my bank account. I no longer use this phone and am still being charged inspite of the requests.

unbelieveable crap

I recently lost my job due to downsizing and wanted to save money so I switched from Time Warner to AT&T...

very bad service

My installation for ATT U-verse was scheduled to occur yesterday December 9th, 2008. The installer called before arriving and was prompt and pleasant when he showed up. After walking through my house he advised me he had to leave and would be back in 30-45 minutes to go to the hub for our neighborhood. He arrived back as promised, but then left again for another 30 minutes. This time he returned to tell me he had bad news that he cannot do the install today because he needs someone from the "INR" department to fix the switch at the hub...whatever thast means. He said they will 'probably" "maybe" "possibly would come out tomorrow, and they could have him "probably" "possibly" come back tomorrow to retry the install. I asked him to confirm appointments before leaving as to know if I needed to change my schedule to accomodate them again. He said he would let me know before he left. Well he sat in his truck possibly on the phone for about 30 minutes then drove off. That was last I have seen of him. I called the dispatch center to find out what was going on and was advised that the installer could not have set me up for another install date tomorrow because ATT was cancelling already scheduled appointments and not scheduling new appointments until the "flood" of problems was corrected with Uverse. I was given a phone number to the complaint department called the "Save" department only to get a recorded message saying they were not accepting any new calls or messages due to problems beyond their control and to call back at a later time. I called Direct TV and had my service re-instated without difficulty and received a second DVR, 3 months HBO/TMC/Showtime/Stars, plus two, one year long rebates total 23.00 / month for 12 months. ATT you are very unorganized and horrible with communication to customers. So far no one has attempted to contact me from ATT about the problems.

  • Ru
    Runrrob Jan 26, 2009

    ATT pretty much sucks. We had UVERSE installed recently and I have never seen such bad work. I now have cables laying on the ground and in bushes around my house. I have cable now stapled to baseboards in my house and I have cables just hanging down walls outside the house. I contacted my salesperson who told me to contact him if I had any problems at all and he is ignoring me. I am thinking I will probably just cancel the service and just call it a learning experience.

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false advertising

at&t real yellow pages roped me into advertising with a ploy of for every dollar spent on my advertising it would generate 13.70 in sales well my company should of had 370, 000 in sales in 2008 i barely had 8000.00 now they are suing me and a lot of others who have lost their businesses and no one returns my calls except a lawyer for AT&T SO WATCH OUT THEY ARE LIARS I HAVE LOST EVERYTHING AND THEY DONT CARE HAD THREE CLICK IN ONE YEAR IN ONLINE AD AND THEY WERE FROM CHINA TRYING TO SELL ME GLASSFLAKE GREAT JOB AT&T

  • Jo
    johnyboy Feb 21, 2009

    AT&T's travel division www.yellowpages.travel took over $3, 000 from me to advertise my travel business and I was suppose to get top position. I never got top position and no one answers my calls anymore. I got about $1, 500 in business from it so im still down about $1, 500. AT&T YellowPages sucks!

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  • Re
    rexs Feb 23, 2010

    I was looking online and found a website called seekshallfind.com. I went to the website and found that you can have an ebillboard for FREE. I was talking to my friend Mike. He told me that he has a ebillboard and likes it.

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  • La
    Larry Hammer Apr 22, 2010

    The Real Yellow Pages
    I’m a small businessman and have been advertising with AT&T Pages for over 20 years. This month I received my bill and it was for $804, last year’s was $336. When I called to ask why I was told I didn’t qualify for the incentives that I had qualified for last year. Yep the books in print and my rep had said to me when we talked that everything was the same as last year. Seems to me these guys are desperate and willing to sacrifice tomorrow to get a stinking dollar today. This is my last year with them. So watch out if your rep says, “…everything is the same as last year.” Larry Hammer in Florissant, MO

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  • Tw
    twirly2u2 Feb 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Any of you in the prior comments that are interested in finding a good lawyer that is willing to do a class action lawsuit contact me a [email protected] Let's take down AT&T advertising. Seriously we had them advertising one of our competitors ads for 6 months of our 12 month contract and they felt that giving us $99 was FAir?? Fair NOT AT ALL!!! This was detrimental to our company last year our business actaully made less then the year before. Did they hurt it?? Well they certainly didn't help it advertising someone elses ad instead of our. Confused our customers Yes it did. You darn tooting it did!! Can we prove they did this we have proof of the Ad that we screen copied and has time date and stamp. SEveral of these. Jack butts in AT&T they don't know how to optimize a site either and can they prove what they say about increasing your business. Merchant Circle did more for us then them. I don't even work for Merchant Circle so don't think I am blogging about them either but that is a good website. And that was all for free what we did on Merchant Circle to optimize our own site. Serious inquiries only please about a class action lawsuit against AT&T advertising.

    thanks you,
    Sophisticated Plumbing
    [email protected]

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false advertising

AT&T mailer says "Four channels can be recorded to the DVR or viewed simultaneously, up to 2 can be HD" When investigating further I was told that only 1 HD channel can be recorded or watched at 1 time. Sticking with cox for now then. At least I know what I'm getting.

  • Cl
    Clay Wieland Feb 19, 2009

    I received a letter from AT&T explaining how they had "Great News". I could upgrade to DSL Xtreme 6.0 for only $5 more per month.
    Well, naturally I called right away, to upgrade my up to now great service! Guess what they told me??? The 6.0 service is NOT available in my area!!
    Don't you think these idiots would check to see if the service was available BEFORE they spent millions on a mass mailing campaign promoting the upgrade availability?
    I live within one mile radius of the downtown AT&T switching station, which means I should be able to get screaming fast internet, right??? '
    Thats what I thought?? This is a clear case of FALSE ADVERTISING at its finest!

    Anyone else out there frustrated with this problem??

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  • Na
    Nancy3205 May 30, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Do not be fooled by ATT Uverse's online add for 89.00 a month and a $250.00 gift card as it is a scam! I ordered this and after it was installed was told my bill was 150.00 a month and I would get q $100.00 gift card. I called and spent two hours trying to get this resolved but was told what a great deal I was getting and basically to be happy! I ran employee and patient satisfaction for a major health care system for over 25 years and I know the value of a great happy customer! Their are a rip off and they have tripled their fees in the last 10 years more than any other public utility company! I will tell everyone I know and now I understand why everyone in my neighborhood is changing their service. When I think of the thousands of dollars I have paid them throughout my life and I get treated unprofessional by their retention team employee John I am furious. When I called as it told me I could not process the request on line he person I talked with keep promising me all these deals and then would come back and tell me oh sorry this is the best I can do. So no $250.00 gift card, no $89.00 a month bill it was all a scam. I am disabled and on a limited budget and yet I have never not paid a bill on time. I just looked on line and I can get a dish program for $39.00 a month. But John said you, won't get a free phone, well I never asked for the phone as I use my cell phone. I remember when it was one company just Pacific ?Bell and the government made them split as they felt they were a monopoly and could drive up prices. Well look at them now they even bought Dish TV. They have no respect for their long time customers! Shame on you ATT!

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  • Ma
    Marnie Rawlings Weiss-Prosser Dec 15, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am so frustrated with at and t! We pay $400 a month for 4 lines. We are always over charged. A t and t customer loyalty department is a joke. I can't wait until a t and t have enough complaints to shut them down. I have proof of the latest false advertisement with this company.

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  • Jo
    Joe Ann Frost Dec 20, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Currently on hold for over one hour and 25 minutes with ATT Direct TV. Was offered "come back to us" promotion in the mail with choice of channels at a guaranteed rate for 12 months then an increase for 12 months. Was to get free Movie channels for 90 days and a 200 Visa Rewards card. I am in the second 30 days of this renewal and I was insidiously billed (razzle dazzle) for the "free" movie channels and to this moment, I have no rewards card. After hanging on the phone to speak with someone for the first 50 minutes this morning, I got the Movie charges taken off. But, they denied that a rewards card was ever in the picture!!!

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billing scam

My elderly mother-in-law had an AT&T Cellular phone. She has been ill this year, in and out of the hospital. Her previous live-in friend put the account on automatic direct pay from my mother-in-law's bank account in the spring to insure it was paid while she was in the various hospitals. All went well through the August 2008 payment. When AT&T submitted the e-check for Sept it apparently was returned for insufficient funds but we were never notified until the bill was sent to collections in early Nov. In researching the problem we have documented that the account never went below $8.5K during the period and that AT&T never attempted to access her accounts for payment after August 18th. An AT&T Customer Service Rep also provided the alleged bank account and routing numbers on which the Sept 08 e-check was submitted, and they do not match anything within that Bank's entire system. We have provided all the information and documentation to AT&T in writing on 3 occasions to date, and can not get any response or information from them. They have also refused to provide a copy of the e-check which was reportedly returned. To make matters worse, the outside collection agency has been verbally harrassing her with repeat phone calls, they have contacted the national credit bureau agencies, and she is now unable to write checks to pay for purchases or bills as they are being rejected and returned. And her account is still above $8K. We have now contacted the NH State A.G., Consumer Reports, the Better Business Bureau, our State Senator, and tomorrow a lawyer to pursue the case.

  • Re
    ree campbell Dec 22, 2009

    i feel that all persons who feel they are being ripped off we need to submit a civil action lawsuit ive been reading other compliants and they are truely deceving people ive got 3 bills in the pass 3 months and i have no service . in oct i had back surgery and was not getting a pay check . i too my last 100.00 and payed on my bill
    in oct 09 i got abill for 147.00 and paid 100.00 oweing 47.00 on the 24 oct my phone was cut off due to and when i went to pay my past due bill which was 190.00 they told me they canceled my service and it was not 190.00 it was 322.00. which was the 31 Nov 09.i told them no problem i see what i could do.then i asked if thats all i owed to catch up the bill he said yes then he told me let me see if i can help you get that amount down so i held on for him to return and when he can back on he then told me that id have to pay that plus 800.00. i asked him why so much he told me it was the credit deposit and it was based on my credit but once i put that up i would get it back in a year. and then he told me they had cancelled my contract as of that day i told him i did not have that sum of money and i only pay 99.00 for the phone and then i asked him if they cancelled my service on the 24 oct why was i still being billed for a service i no longer was getting he stated it was in my contract now i signed up back in 2005 which was 4 years a ago and all i have done since then was up graded twice and i don't remember alot of or any of the thing he quoted over the phone about me being billed and then he told me due to my phone being turned off twice for lateness that why my deposit was so high and thoes times i waswith cingular and it was for no more than a day or two. since i spoke with them and received that 322.00 bill in which i did not pay due to i had not used the phone since oct 09 i gotten a bill for 599.00 for Nov 09, and on the 5th dec 09 one for 1000.00 now a letter from a colection agency. ive taken to time to look at these bill and seen im being charged for internet, TV, downloads, and the phone does not wor and has not been working since the 24 oct 09 yes they are ripping people off and i ging to find out what needs to be done to stop this.
    an abused customer

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  • Ro
    ro1224 Nov 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    There is no denying that AT&T is often not the best company in terms of customer care, products or services. This "Cingular" makeover is, at best, a slap in the face to the history of AT&T back when it was the "Ma Bell" monopoly. Perhaps the 'break up" into these "baby Bells" did more harm than good, since they've joined forces with one another in various ways and not always with the best of outcomes.

    I was once an AT&T Wireless customer (during the black Motorola RAZR craze), but I quickly got out of that contract when actual wireless service quality did not meet my expectations. Keep in mind that no wireless carrier in the U.S. offers any type of promise of network performance, but at the very minimum, they should be able to guarantee a quality customer service experience.

    My current gripe is about a potentially fraudulent matter which I am hoping is more of a email scam/virus and not an actual case of identity theft. It's presently hard to tell if my gripe should be with AT&T, Maritz Research or just some opportunistic identity whore on the internet. On Nov 1 and Nov 4, I received two emails from the Maritz Research company - both referencing a recent purchase at the Tanasabourne Center Store in Oregon involving an AT&T RSC (Retail Sales?) rep by the name of Peter Erickson-Knight. Today I receive an email telling me that my AT&T wireless account was ready for review online. The several problems here are I have NEVER been to Oregon, NEVER purchased anything from the Tanasabourne Shopping Center and NEVER interacted with Peter Erickson-Knight. My last purchase/interaction with AT&T was before 2006 to the best of my knowledge; this was back when they were still using th CINGULAR name before the transition back to AT&T.

    At first I dismissed the emails as spam and had no intention of interacting with AT&T or Maritz, but now I have to take time out of my day and drive to the local AT&T store and hope they can at least look in their computer system to see if the account quoted in the latest email is a real one and if so, what information they have on the person who may have used my Yahoo! email address in a fraudulent manner. If an actual case of fraud wasn't committed, then I can only assume that AT&T matched my Yahoo! email address to another customer with a similar or identical name. This won't be the first time that I've been linked to another person's information, and I'm sure it won't be the last given the often indifferent, often careless manner in which so many Americans approach their job responsibilities and the quality of their work product. Based on past interactions with AT&T, I just have to assume this ISN'T going to be easy.

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  • Pe
    PeterEK Apr 16, 2013

    Howdy, This is the rep from this complaint. When I worked for AT&T there a lot of mixed up emails or incorrectly entered emails. I can assure you I always compared ID to accounts and verified customers thoroughly. Please remove this complaint so I don't have it coming up in Google searches. Thank You

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  • Pe
    perick Dec 18, 2013

    Please remove this comment/complaint as it is causing me to come into question both professionally and socially. I will continue to post and email until it is done. Thank You.

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  • Co
    Cobra4414 Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I authorized a check to be drawn on my account dated for the 14th of the following month. Low and behold the payment processing center tried to put the check though on the 30th, the 6th and the 9th. Of course there was no money in the account because it was be the 14th. My bank charged me 25.00 each time. I called AT&T on the 9th and they said that they would reund the charges my bank charged me. They did for 50.00. Unknown to me, as I was on the phone with AT&T they tried to cash the check again. Another 25.00 charges to my account . I cal;led again and they wouldn't take a check over the phone because the last one was returned 3 times. This wasn't my fault, it was the payment deptartments fault; they tried to cash a check before the due date on the check and they also have tis on file when I posted the check for the 14th. What do I do now?


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at&t won't close acct or remove charges

I tried to open a home phone line with AT&T. The line never worked. I canceled it. The rep who canceled told me I would not be charged because it never worked. Of course, I received a bill. I have tried repeatedly to call and get the matter resolved. I am told I am being charged, that maybe the line is active and maybe it isn't. They keep transferring me to other depts, putting me on hold, and refusing to help. Yesterday when I called from our new digital home phone line, I kept getting a message that the 800 number for AT&T wasn't a working number! I believe they blocked my number! I am on hold now and can't get the matter resolved. How do I resolve this?

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    veronicatarver09 Aug 05, 2009

    I am going through the same exact thing but they disconnected me two months ago and are still charging me and the charges are double what they were before I got disconnected!

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    veronicatarver09 Aug 05, 2009

    Oh and they are drafting it directly out of my bank account

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lying scammers

In October 2007 we received a call from an AT&T salesman trying to sell us advertising for the following...