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AT&T / terrible customer service

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My phone had an internal screen crack, due to faulty manufacturing. I went to the store twice and had to call 3 times in ONE day in order to get service. The employees contradicted each other and it took me 5 tries to get a replacement phone. They also accused me of dropping my phone, causing the damage (total lie). The store said you will get your phone w/in 5 business days.
Well, I didn't get it w'in 5 business days so I called the company, only to find more incompetent fools. I even spoke to a supervisor, who was unfriendly, unhelpful and overall unfit to be a customer service representative. He even hung up on me. How unprofessional is that?

If you are looking for a phone company, DO NOT USE AT&T. Boycott their service. As soon as my contract expires, I'm heading over to Verizon. I'm tired of dealing with useless, ###ic people.

If you need help with your phone, customer service will not help you but will instead argue with you. Who has time for that?

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  • Ph
      28th of Feb, 2010
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    First of all, I guarentee that supervisor did not hang up on you. Yes, I am calling you a liar. It is completely against policy, the supervisor would flagged, then fired.
    Second, AT&T did NOT have to replace your phone at all, unless you had insurance on it and wanted to pay the insurance deductable. This is because the only phones AT&T (or any manufacturer, trust me, I am a VZW customer) has to replace is those that they deem to be faulty due to a manufacturer defect. The only way that could be true with you is if it came that way, in which case, you would have been smartest to return the phone right then and cancel within your 30 day Buyer's Remorse which would have left you with no fees.
    However, AT&T went out of their way to get you a replacement phone so that you could continue using your service. It may take longer than your impatient person wanted, but at least they were willing to get you one without having to pay extra or making you continue to use the broken one.

  • I0
      29th of Mar, 2010
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    u r right at&t didn't have to replace the phone seeing as there was an internal crack they could have easily told you to call the insurance company (which i work for processing verizon claims ironicly) but at any rate...i know how frustrating it is go thru all of that seeing as sometimes the verizon reps contradict what the insurance really does and seeing how my carrier is sprint (which is probably worse than at&t and verizon...sigh...i miss tmobile) but hey at least u got it replaced for free. if you would have had to call the insurance company depending on the type of phone you have you would have to pay that deductible (but u would have gotten your phone the next day...) next time though they may tell you to call the insurance company

  • Sa
      27th of Apr, 2010
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    AT&T used to be the icon of America's Industry--providing quality service to customers until it was bought by SBC! The service has gone downhill with incompetent management who seems to show little regard for customer service. It seems as if ATT management has been devoting more and more time to find creative ways to charge customers for services they are entitled to. If the new ATT has a new logo, it must be "We try our best to milk our customers with care."

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