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unfair billing practices!

AT&T assigned a bad number to my new home. The number was blocked by MCI for outstanding debts in past years.

AT&T said that they would give me a new number, but I would still have to pay the bill for the bad number.

I paid $106.

3 weeks later I received another bill for $53 on the bad number. AT&T said it was a bill for a partial month on the bad number. I paid $53.

One week later I received another bill from AT&T for $123 for a long distance call made to Thailand and I would have to pay, however, the agent agreed to drop the the charge down to $24. I paid $24.

One week later I received another bill from AT&T for $123. ON the phone again, and the AT&T agent said that It was dropped to $24, but I still had to pay additional taxes and fees amounting to $19. I paid $19.

Two days later I get another bill from AT&T for $123. I called and their agent said that I owed nothing and he would "stop the collection department errors".

I figured that it cost me about $200 to pay off a service that I never had from AT&T, but at least they wouldn't ruin my credit.

Five months later, December 18, 2006, I received a later from Money Control, Inc., a collection agency, for a debt of $123.07 owed to AT&T.

When I called AT&T, their computer would only only allow me to pay the bill, stating that I could not speak to an agent until the bill was paid.

  • Valerie Jan 29, 2007

    Re:My Account with AT&T and My Dispute of All International Calls Charges (Via telephone conversation on 11-10-06, Fax dated 11-10-06, Fax dated 11-11-06, Fax dated 11-15-06, CC letter dated 11-26-06 and Letter dtd 12-03-06

    Dear Sirs,

    I am surprised by the number of threat letters AT&T send me without finding the time to investigate and answer my enormous correspondences, in which I repeatedly disputed the international call charges on my long distance bill!

    The reason I dispute the bill was that AT&T has repeatedly and without my approval slammed my international carrier, Net One.

    The service with Net One, which I chose to be my sole International carrier, was established on July 3rd, 2006. My Net One Customer number was 640. I was glad to use Net One as my International calls’ carrier because it was known that AT&T was the most expensive carrier when it comes to international calls .

    On or about Aug. 30th, 2006 I contacted AT&T in an attempt to save money asking for a plan to reduce my long distance calls from 500 mins to 300 mins. , which I assumed meant calls to other states within the USA, since I had previously established the international service with other carriers.

    It was never mentioned to me nor was I informed that AT&T’s LONG DISTANCE SERVICES meant and included INTERNATIONAL CALLS TO SOVEREIGN COUNTRIES, because as mentioned before I knew that AT&T apply the highest rates when it comes to international calls.

    On or about Sept. 8th, 2006 I was advised by representatives of Net One that AT&T slammed their service to me. I re-established the service with Net One and my re-activation code was ALNO444.

    On Sept. 12 at or about 8:41 am I called AT&T and complained that I didn’t authorize them to block Net One as my international carrier.

    On Nov. 10 and after reviewing my AT&T September bill ( AT&T has the tendency to send its bills later then the regular billing system of all other businesses, which usually send their bills by the end of the month), that was when I first realized that AT&T blocked Net One and set itself as the sole international and long distance carrier. I don’t recall authorizing this.

    Applying common sense and logic, why would I want to replace Net One, which charges me 18.9 cents/minute with AT&T, which charges $4.20/minute!!!

    I have been contacting AT&T ever since Nov. 10th, 2006 and received no answer to justify their actions nor to my request to resolve this matter by re-establishing my service with Net One back value and have them charge me for all the international calls or have AT&T apply the Net One rate to my international calls, since I never requested nor authorized them to terminate or slam the service with Net One. Instead I received a bill that I owe AT&T $1,616.35. Unfortunately and up to this day, AT&T failed to answer in writing or any other form of communication except for sending me avalanche of threats. AT&T chose to sent threats and ultimatum rather then a professional, justified response.

    Please notice that AT&T’s "CARRIER INFORMATION" section of the bill is vague, ambiguous and doesn’t mention anything that indicates to any customer, acting in good faith, that it means international calls, when it comes to defining what they mean by Long Distance service. I do strongly believe that AT&T should have mentioned in their "CARRIER INFORMATION" section and in CAPITAL LETTERS THAT LONG DISTANCE CALLS MEANS AND INCLUDES INTERNATIONAL CALLS TO OTHER COUNTRIES, OTHER THAN THE USA.

    Finally, To my dismay I received the attached letter for service I never requested. The funny thing is that it doesn’t mention what kind of service it is. Please take the necessary action to investigate this matter together with the above mentioned dispute. If I don’t receive any answer within the coming 15 days, you leave me no choice but to consider all AT&T charges for international calls made during the period from Sept 1, 2006 to Nov. 11, 2006 as baseless and unjustified.

    I received no reply from AT&T but received lots of threats. I did contact FCC but again my complaints were totally ignored. Is there a way you guys can help us? Please let us know if any of the posted complaints was settled.

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wrongful, incorrect billing!

My family has turned off all Cingular Wireless service for my deceased spouse since her death. Still, Cingular, has CONTINUED TO BILL AND TURNED THE IMPROPER BILLILNG over to Southwest Credit Corportation and they indicated that they will continue harassing telephone calls and other attempts at intimidation in order to attempt to receive payment for services which my deceased spouse did not and canmot use. They have indicated that, since they have not received payment as of today, they plan to publish an adverse, damaging credit report. When I asked Southwest Credit for their E-Mail address, explaining that I am a court-certified "American with Disabilities," they responded that "company policy restricted them from giving out their E-mail address". This does not seem to be credible behavior on the part of these employees of Southwest Credit with "Agency" to CINGULAR WIRELESS.

I must take actions, both to protect myself and the estate of my deceased spouse, and to change agressive, non-responsive, terrorizing actions by Southwest Credit on behalf of the principal company (Cingular Wireless). What, effective actions can I take to change the behavior of Southwest Credit / Cingular? I will contact the Attorney General for the state in which I live (Maryland) and, formally complain to his office (Consumer Affairs). I have complained by E-Mail to the President and C.E.O. of Cingular Wireless: Mr. Stanley T Sikman. I will ask for assistance from Members of our Maryland State Legislature (House of Delegates Delegate Gene Counihan, Chariman, Ways and Means Committee and others).

How can you help other Maryland residents and myself so that we can expect and demand responsive, effective change of behavior on the part of companies like Cingular Wireless and Collection agencies with which they contract in the state of Maryland?

  • Me
    Merritt Corna Nov 27, 2006

    Cingular repeatably is charging multiple charges for text messages. The same text message is multiplied numerous times minute by minute same phone number over and over again page after page and they refuse to put in a trouble ticket even after admitting this is not suppose to happen. This has been going on for years and having to call monthly to get it fixed is ridiculous!!!

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doing nothing but collecting revenue from its customers

I would like to file a formal complaint about billing practices against American Telephone and Telegraph. The particular account is for Internet provider service bundled to my phone service, my account number is [protected]. Service contact numbers are [protected] for Internet and [protected] for phone or general information.

To explain the situation, in June of 2006 I contacted AT&T, my new provider after purchasing SBC Global. about upgrading my internet service to DSL EXPRESS. I requested the service change, agreed to a new contract, and the upgrade was completed in late May. At first the service worked fine then after 3 or 4 days began to have problems with syncing the line. After receiving no service for a number of days I contacted the provider and they agreed to bring out technicians to help resolve the problem. They found many issues with the lines both outside the premises and also stated that the internal wiring could also be an issue. After doing numerous outside repairs they still could not synchronize the line even to stated minimum contract standards of 384 kbs. At that time I authorized work to the internal lines for $130.00 in equipment and technician time. There was no resolution to the problem and my download speeds were still considerable below stated contract minimums. I gave AT&T a little more time to resolve the problem but I kept getting conflicting messages from the three different departments involved in trying to resolve the problem. The final response was that they could not do any better than what I was currently getting based on my distance from the Central Office at 14,000 feet. After two more weeks of wrangling I decided to cancel my contract with AT&T based upon their lack of ability to fulfill their portion of the contract, not meeting stated download minimums. At that time they agreed to do so at no cost tome and I would keep my phone service with AT&T.

On my August bill AT&T has reversed itself and charged me for the internal work even though it was a complete failure. Since the original billing period they have combined the charges into the overall phone bill and cannot seem to differentiate between my phone bill and the Internet charges I refuse to pay after their original waiver of the fee. Since that time I have filed for a labor dispute to which they have no intention of granting. I continue to receive my monthly phone bill with the additional combined charge and receive threats and warning about not paying my bill. I have continually paid the portion of the bill covering basic phone services that I owe on time and without hesitation. On 9/17/06 I received a disconnect warning from AT&T claiming that I owe $126.73 for

phone service, demonstrating their fundamental lack of ability to segregate phone from Internet. The next morning I called AT&T billing as listed on the disconnect notice and then spent 45 minutes and spoke to 7 different service assistants who had no idea of how to help me. When I finally reached a person who had a clue she stated that AT&T was reneging on the internal services portion of the agreement basing their logic on the concept that the overall problem was based outside of the domicile. I was never notified of this decision after the verbal agreement reached in July of 2006 to terminate my service at no expense to me. In fact I was not billed for any work in July of 2006. On the August statement the internal work was posted in the statement with no explanation of the returned charges other than ADDITIONAL DSL EQUIPMENT and DSL WIRING REPAIR.

It has become apparently obvious that this corporation has no idea of what is doing other than trying to collect revenue from its customers. Their left hand and the right hand are oblivious to each other that they cannot even provide customer service. I refuse to pay for something when technicians come into your house and essentially break things. Would you pay a plumber or electrician who came into your home and made things worse and then demanded payment for there failed service? I don’t think anyone in their right mind would do so and neither should I.

AT&T knew from the beginning that upgrading the service at my domicile wouldn’t work yet they sold me the package anyway. The technicians who came to try to make things work admitted that the sales people do not take technical factors into consideration when selling services. It was the service technicians who explained to me that after numerous tries this would never work all the while the sales department was claiming they would and when all was said and done the overall situation was worse then when it began. What I want from AT&T is to admit that the original agreement for breech of contract is valid and to drop the $126.73 from my bill. If they so desire they can come back to my domicile and collect the installed phone jack.


519 #4 Sierra Vista Ave.
Mountain View, CA 94043

California Public Utilities Commission
Consumer Affairs Branch
505 Van Ness Ave.
San Francisco, CA [protected]

  • Ma
    margaret Jul 25, 2007

    Recently I've had one of the most pleasant experiences with yahoo. Their service is great and there associates are knowledgeable. Being a yahoo customer for me means that i can get great service and help when i need it.

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  • Jo
    Joseph T. Conlon Jul 09, 2009

    After complaining to AT&T that my bill has gone up to $175. a month, they recommended to switch to Directv and get a rebate and lower bill. The Dish company informed me after being with them for two years that because of just signing up for HD it extended my service contract for two years more. And they were going to add about $200. to my credit card.
    I also tried to apply for the AT&T rebate and after 3 hours, I just gave up. Joe Conlon

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  • Jo
    Joseph T Conlon Oct 17, 2009

    I think DirecTV is the worse company I have ever delt with. It took two technicians two weeks to get the TV to run more the two hours in a row. I told them I didn't want a receiver in the kitchen, but after the left, there it was. I had to take it out and return it to their company. I was told I was on the family package, and the first three bills have all been over $113. finally after trying a dozen times to get my first year rebate, I just gave up. Joe Conlon, [email protected]

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dealing with these people is a nightmare!

On the 23rd of August, my son's telephone was stolen from his vehicle at a Quiktrip store in Phoenix, Arizona. My daughter heard of this from my son on the 24th of August and told me. I immediately called Cingular and informed them that the phone had been stolen and needed to be turned off. Over the next few days, I received numerous calls from my son's stolen telephone, presumably because our numbers (wife's, daughter's, mine) were stored in the phone. Obviously someone of Hispanic heritage took the phone judging by all the calls being made to Latino states south of the border. I called again on the 29th of August and again requested that the phone be turned off because I was still receiving calls, sometimes at 2 or 3 in the morning, from some spanish speaking individual. I was told it would be turned off and that the bill would be remedied if I called back when I got my September bill (Sept 23rd). I called back on September 24th and reminded the CSR that the excess calls from the 23rd for that line (I have 3 phones for my family) needed to be removed from my bill. I was told they would be. Again, this past weekend (Oct 15th), I received calls from that number (678-852-1sss) so I called this morning to, once again, ask that that number be turned off only to be told by Mr. Larry Lovely that the phone had not been turned off due to a glitch in their system. He also explained that the $598.70 in charges attributable to that number would be credited to my account. Great, in comes Ms Carmela Heberly of Cingular this afternoon (Oct 16, 2006 5:33p) to let me know that the credits would not be applied because the telephone was not stolen. Her reasoning was that; because calls were made to my home phone number (stored within the stolen phone) and that I had requested international calling in July. I did indeed request international calling in July for my daughter's phone (678-852-1sss) for her graduation present/trip to Europe . I did not request int'l calling for my son's phone (678-852-1sss) nor did I want it. When I asked the Cingular representative in August why my son's phone was able to dial international calls, she specifically told me that Mexico is not considered International. However, Ms Heberly infers that it is.

Dealing with these people is a nightmare. I don't even have a contract with them (ended July) and they do not care that I won't even consider them as a potential carrier.

  • We
    wei qin Mar 31, 2007

    2006.December 6th I at los angeles santa monica blvd and La Brea Ave cingular Store order wireless Service for notebook,The manager of that store tells me price be 69.98 for Month Have no another charge.Afterwards December 9 days I cancel the service.The store commitment sends back my fee.Later on more than a weeks The company send to my bill is 362.12.I for many times go to the store to explain the problem in a month, but the staff member calls me wait for with various reason. Afterwards I search a bill that takes the service telephone me about 2000.

    Manager's name Andy Abaoag My cingular number213-379-3891. They do not give me the contract with various reason, and call the financial asset management systems made me return money. English that begs your pardon me is not good!

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I hate cingular wireless!

Ok, this is what happened... My husband and I signed up with cingular and we agreed that 1000 minutes would...

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horrible service attitude

I had this cell plan for two years ago. At the time of initial signing on, it was not explained very clear to me that the minutes for my two phone numbers could not be used interchangeably. I was under the assumption that the minutes could be shared between the two lines under my name.

In November my parent was sick and as a result, I have been using one of the cell phones more than the previous month. Unfortunately, this resulted in a very high dialed called for 908 672 8sss.

I called December 21, and the Customer Service gave me a credit of $84.80 and charged me $136.91. However, my 908 672 8sss phone was hardly used at all (only 59 minutes); I felt it would be fairer to charge me the regular monthly rate of $80.20.

I have spoken with Merlin (095) and Trent (833), but both of them quoted ATT policy and Merlin indicated that I was "imaging', and I was not "listening", and "there is nothing they can do to help", and "they could not give me any more credit" etc..... After the conversation, it made me very upset and aggravated by Merlin's poor service attitude and bureaucratic mentality. I advised him to take more human interaction courses, instead of using all negative words to let the customers felt insulted. I requested a supervisor's phone number from Merlin and he denied my request.

Throughout the conversation, all I got was very poor customer care and improper antagonistic attitude. Such as negative impression on previously and potential future customers would have detrimental effects for AT&T and should be rectified. To obtain $56.71 more is not as important to keep the customer happy and maintain a better publicity.

The initial sign-on misrepresentation whether was my or AT&T's fault is not a focal point of this argument, it is the current AT&T's customer care attitude and trying to satisfy the customer’s need may ultimately make or break a company successful in such a fierce competitive cell phone market !

Sincerely Yours


A past loyal customer and perhaps future customer.

  • Je
    Jeanne Nov 17, 2006

    Please read from former custormer

    P.O. Box 1246
    Chickaloon, Alaska 99674

    I am a private customer, not a business.
    My name is Jeanne [privacy edit]. When I signed up for service with AT&T, my last name was Garmaize. I have resumed my maiden name, Meldrum, for your records. My cellular telephone number was (907) 232-1sss. I just had the service discontinued yesterday.
    I want to tell you that on May 9, 2006, I called Cellular 1 to cancel my service because I make minimum wages and with the cost of fuel going up so high, I had to cut corners and the phone had to go. I was paying around $60.00 per month which was directly taken out of my checking account each month as had been arranged years ago.
    When I called to cancel my service, which also coincided with the amount of time I had on my contract, I believe, I spoke with a very nice young man named Ahmed. I think he was from Indiana —somewhere outside of Alaska , I do remember that. He was in a different state of the United States. He was a well-spoken man and works well for you. He was very courteous to me.
    Well, Ahmed talked to me for quite a while and suggested I keep my service and reduce the calling charges to $30.00 per month and I would also get a really nice, new camera phone for which I would be charged a greatly discounted price. And, it was a camera phone! Well, against my better judgment, I agreed to let him send me the phone and go to the lower priced service.
    I got the phone within about 2 weeks. There was no Sim card in the package. I’m not cell phone sophisticated. I didn’t know what a sim card was. I finally got a hold of Ahmed again and he sent me a sim card separately. By this time a few weeks had gone by and I had no access to the phone I was paying for.
    I put in the sim card, the phone lighted up, I plugged it in and I began to read the companion book and get to know the phone, but I couldn’t get the phone to work properly..
    I live over 30 miles from town. I live way in the mountains. It’s not easy to get to town. I thought no one was calling me, but when people said to me that they’d been calling and calling and only getting busy signals, I called the service department at our local WalMart, 36 miles away. They have a customer service representative there. He told me I needed to bring the phone in, so I made a special trip to town for this. While I was there, he got my phone to work. He dialed my number and I could receive the call, however within a few hours when I was back at my home and wanted to make a call, I was not able to. I have read the book over and over and over. I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong. It charges well, and sometimes I have been able to make a call, but only about 4 to 6 times ever was it successful. The phone will occasionally make a different musical tune that is not my chosen ring tone and when I have opened it, it started taking pictures! I didn’t want to take pictures at that time! From then on, whenever it made other tones, I just left the phone in my purse to take pictures of the inside of my purse.
    I wanted to discontinue my service in May and I still do. I just don’t like Cellular 1’s service and I don’t think there is anything better out there, so I’d rather go without a cell phone at all.
    Yesterday, when I called to discontinue my service, first I was told that my paymernts were delinquint! As I previously said, I had always had my payments automatically taken out of my account! I did not ever opt to have that changed! I really resent having a delinquincy on my record.
    I also was told that I will be billed over $368.00 in December to discontinue my conract. I cannot pay this amount at all and, again, I am resentful of this as I wanted to discontinue back in May because I am quite poor. I can't afford this luxury.
    Please email me and I will need to appeal to the highest autority you have at Cellular 1. When I chose Cellular 1 after being thoroughly unimpressed with the somewhat sneeky way my phone company had been taken over/sold out. whatever it was, and really mismanaged service here in Alaska from the very begining of Cellular 1 service. As someone who has been with Cellular 1 for the past several years, one of your long-time employees will remember people leaving ATT/Cellular 1 in droves up here.
    I must have a letter or an email of acknoledgement of this email to you.
    Thank you for your time.


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  • Valerie Dec 07, 2006

    I received a message on my answering machine while I was out of town attending to my critically ill mother, saying that I needed to call ATT at the number they left.

    Did so and got put on hold for 30 minutes with no answer ... twice! Logged onto their website and found that they had my account listed as delinquent (I had mailed a check through another overpaid and substandard "service provider"... the USPS), so I processed an on-line payment. Their automated reply confirmed that the account was brought up to date. Another automated reply told me that my next bill would have a service restoration fee of $28.25 applied (Kansas' maximum is $18, according to one of the idiots who finally answered their phone). I called the number that notice listed and spoke to "Dana"... told her the situation and she argued that my phone had been disconnected, so the fee applied. I asked for the name and physical address of a supervisor, so she transferred my call to another idiot, Cheryl. Repeated the process and she, too, transferred me to a third, "Mrs. Walker" who said they would waive the fee as a "one time courtesy." These people wouldn't know the meaning of courtesy if it slapped them in the face! Why is this awful company rearing its ugly head again?! Didn't they get broken up due to just this kind of crap? I'm starting my search for a replacement today and plan to have it in place by January 1. I HATE AT&T. Will NEVER get any other "service" from them and will work to keep others from making the mistake of becoming their customers. This company really needs to be forced out of business... they don't care about their customers, their workers (if you can get through the multi-level automation to get to them) are incompetent and their automation is grossly overdone. Their physical address, should anyone else become exhausted before finally getting it is:
    Attention: Customer relations
    P O Box 1530
    Houston TX 77092

    My next stop for complaint is the FCC.
    I plan to do whatever I can to irritate ATT as much as they have irritated me.

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  • Ed
    Eduardo Torres Mar 05, 2007

    I received a letter stating that I must respond to this letter within 14 days or else I will be billed for $59.00 a month for your services. For one. I did not purchase anything, nor did I request any thing from you. I better not see a bill for that amount. I have no problems putting a lawsuit. I work in a law firm.

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false advertising technique

This is a very serious matter: On August 15, 2006 I switched phone service from Verizon to AT&T based on your...

be wary

This is one of those outrageous early termination fee compaints. Had $15.99 internet scheduled in July for...

credit card overcharge for services not rendered

ATT Worldnet notified me by mail that ISP (Internet Service Provider) service for all of Puerto Rico (where I...

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