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AT&T / overcharged

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Since I already had AT&T phone and internet service, I canceled my cable service and switched to AT&T Uverse to take advantage of their U200 package for $99.00 per month plus a $100.00 rebate. I have received 2 "welcome" letters that say "Getting your reward is EASY! But none of the websites listed are accessible or have the wrong content... the only one that worked was lots of complaints for this very reason. When I called, their rep said they reactivated my (new)account, I got another welcome letter and instructions, none of which worked. Also, my bill amounted to $130.00. This seems like false advertising, don't you agree?

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  • Va
      30th of Sep, 2008
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    AT&T is charging me over 170.00 for internet that they never set up. My first bill was "0.00" and I thought to myself... "Why do they bother sending bills for zero dollars". As time went by I had moved out of the place that needed internet, they never came to install internet... They never called me and I had no reason to call them since I was going to be moving to my prior residence. A couple months past and my sister (who owns the place I was at before when trying to set up my internet) told me she was receiving bills from AT&T, I opened up the bills and they're charging me for internet service that was never installed, I'm getting late fees and all this crap. They're not getting my money obviously but seriously if you are stuck with AT&T like I (almost) was then watch yourself. Hopefully I can resolve this as I don't have any intentions on sending them a single penny for a service they did not ever provide, install or help with. Boo-Ya.

  • Ja
      29th of Dec, 2008
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    Many months ago I was checking my phone bill only to find that two different companies or scammers had sent charges to my phone company and they in turn charged me. I never ordered either of these two services and was lucky enough to get them reversed eventually. The phone company reversed the charges immediately after I called the two companies. Now one of them is showing up again and I again called and gave them an ear full and they told me that I had ordered this service on the Eversave website which I did not. She said it would take a month or so to get the charge reversed and gave me a confirmation number. I don't understand how a charge only takes a few days to show up on your bill, but when it is going to be reversed it takes a month or so. They are listed in one place as ENHANCED SERVICES BILLING, INC., WITH A DIFFERENT PHONE NUMBER OF 1 888-298-3724. Watch your phone bills as the agent Dae in San Diego, Ca. refused to reverse the charge even after I gave him the confirmation number. AT&T is not watching out for their customers nowadays it looks like. They are fast to bill improper charges, but drag their feet when it comes to reversing those charges.

  • Jo
      9th of Feb, 2009
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    I recently moved to a new residence this past September, filing the appropriate notification with the US Postal Service (on-line). I also canceled my cell phone service with A.T. &.T after many years due to their worsening customer service.

    I recently received a bill from A.T. & T. for over $700.00 (my average monthly bill is normally approx. $70.00). This bill is dated October 24, 2008. There was no itemization provided.

    I contacted A.T. &T. on November 7, 2008 via telephone. I found that they still have my last address on file. I updated this to my new address, and requested that they send me an itemized bill so that I could check for any discrepancies, and that as soon as this was done, I would immediately remit what I legitimately owed them. I was informed that they could/would not send the bill to my new, updated address, but instead would send it to my old residence! I could not convince them that this made no sense, and was just a waste of time, as I no longer received my mail at the old residence, and had, in fact, provided them with my new address. I was informed that A.T. &T did not have the capabilities to change the address!! They stated that I could look for my itemized bill on-line. This later proved to be false, as since I am no longer a customer, I cannot log on to their site.

    I was also informed that the bill had already been turned over to a collection agency, and that I was being charged 18% interest. I was informed that it is A.T. &T.'s common practice to turn all canceled accounts that are not fully paid over to a collection agency, regardless of lateness, past history, etc.. This certainly strikes me as a very punitive business practice for leaving the loving embrace of A.T. &T. for a competitor.

    I have received no other bills previous to now, nor any other attempts to contact me until this latest dated October 24, 2008.

    This conversation was held on November 7, 2008 at approx. 1:52 PM PST, with a supervisor named Scott Michaelcheck (sp?). I asked several times if there was any way to resolve this (new itemized bill sent to correct address, reversal of 18% 'interest fee', and negation of credit collection agency involvement). I was repeatedly told that there were no other resolutions available.

    I do not wish to: (a) pay a large, questionable bill without itemization/proof of said charges; (b) pay an usurious 'interest fee' of 18% on a questionable bill I was unaware of; and (c) have my credit impaired by A.T.&T.'s cavalier attitude toward forwarding charges to a collection agency.

    I am extremely unhappy with AT&T's business practices, lack of customer service, and downright deceptive conduct.

  • Sc
      18th of Feb, 2009
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    If you are going to turn off your phone service with this company, make sure you complete after the 26th of each month or the billing cycle.

    I had 3 bills totaling over 200.00 BEFORE I finally was able to get away from this company. I was told twice after paying what I was told was my final bill, that I had to pay again because the billing cycle was not caught up.

    Amazing how AT&T was able to figure out how to bill for services but not able to go into their own system and figure out what it would take to close out an account IN FULL, with all past billing cycles, and if you hit the wrong time of the month, upcoming billing cycle.

  • Pa
      2nd of Jul, 2009
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    I purchased a phone from an AT&T corporate store in March 2008. Since I didn't like the handset I purchased (Palm Centro), I returned it and didn't get another handset. The store representative said that I would be able purchase another phone at the initial discount anytime a phone I wanted was available. Now that I am looking to purchase a phone, both Supervisor Raul Montes User ID: RX371G and cancellation department representative Mike Sillman (refused to give user ID) advised that I wouldn't be able to purchase a phone at the initial discount price. Mike Sillman (cancellation dept) also mentioned that if I wanted to cancel my line or port my number to another carrier, a cancellation fee would apply. This is despite the fact that the initial phone discount was never received AND multiple representatives advised me that I would be able to get a new phone with new contract pricing WITHOUT extending my contract. They instead offered an upgrade option extending my contract for an additional two years.

  • Ph
      11th of Sep, 2009
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    I"ve had AT&T mobile for years now. Started with the original Moto RAZR and have gone through to the new Iphone 3GS. The service has been OK and reception is great. The customer service to get things fixed has been so subpar that i have often thought about cancelling. Case in point. I upgraded from the 3G to the 3Gs recently. I asked SPECIFICALLY if it would change my rates or service. they say "NO". So next bill what do i see? instead of $104.46, i get a bill for $651.56!!! WTF? I call and they say "oh i don't know why but it seems you don't have unlimited text anymore. it was turned off (date of my upgrade). When i asked why this was and why i was told it wouldn't change she says "oh well that's why we ask that you check your bill". So i checked my bill and caught it... where's my money? "We won't be able to credit that account without your credit card number"> first off i don't even have a card attached to my account. Second i'm not giving that to her. "it'll be at least 10 days for the credit to take effect then it'll be another 7-10 for you to get a check". I said hell no, called back and got someone else who informs me no problem it'll be put back into my account by friday. Good because i need it to pay rent. I get a call then a day later saying they need my bank to fax them proof of debit. Well -- they have my money, and i DON"T have my money -- doesn't that mean they got the payment??? WTF is going on. All these stipulations just to get a refund and fix THEIR mess up. I've been on the phone for a total of 3 hours with everyone imaginable at this point. I got so disgusted i hung up on them. I had to fight with them to even get a refund!!! they wanted to basically keep my money until i owed it to them!!! "oh we'll just issue a credit and then each month will just come out of that until its depleted". YEa RIGHT!!! then there's no paper trail as they overcharge me again!! i dont' think so!!! Beware of their billing and customer service practices. They'll nickel and dime you to death --- or just charge you 500% of what you owe and make you fight to get it back!!!

  • Do
      1st of Oct, 2009
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    This has to do with their cellular service but I am assuming it's the same company. It's pretty sad when I had AT&T and couldn't get a signal in my own home. I would walk around and hold out the phone like it was a metal detector looking for some paranormal signal. I bet I looked pretty stupid. When it was really bad I would have to stand outside in 19 degree weather just to finish a call that was breaking up getting ready to drop. And good ole' Rico- I spent two hours on the phone dickering with him about why my phones were shut off and that I needed to reactivate four phones for a lot of money per phone. As it turned out, he claimed that I was in arrears $9.00 on my account. Never mind the money that I applied to the current bill. It didn't go to satisfy the $9 in arrears, it just paid the current bill. A mix-up on my part but prior to my phones getting shut off, I talked to a representative. She gave me a reference number that addressed this billing problem and I am thankful that I wrote it down. During this two hour conversation, the lightbulb finally went off with this knucklehead and that reference number saved me from the astronomical charge of $35 per phone and he finally had to reconnect the phones for free. He probably had the reference number but without me reciting it, he was going to make me pay for it dearly. I let him know that the minute I was released from my two year contract, I was going back to Verizon. That's exactly what I did. With Verizon, I never have my calls dropped and the customer service has been very good to me. One phone number had to be changed because the prior owner of that number was calling and sending harassing text messages. Maybe once or twice a year I will get a dropped call- I can handle that. What was worse, was when I went to pick up my children from school, I would lose service in the parking lot of the school-the time when I needed it the most. Not with Verizon. AT&T (also called Cingular) is not interested in service and making sure the customers needs are met. It's all about money and they will never get a dime from me again.

  • Tu
      27th of Nov, 2009
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    I do not understand why I do not order and use a service The Enhanced Services Billing Inc. while AT&T charged $12.95 in my private account every October and November 2009. I would like to refund these total amounts $25.90 for me. Thanks

  • Gl
      5th of Jan, 2010
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    I am no longer an AT&T customer and never will be again. Had trouble from the day of placing my order and it hasn't stopped since.

    I Was promised the moon and the stars for signing up with them and given all these "great deals". I called back the next day to verify some information and was told that no order was ever placed even though I had a confirmation number and a install date. I was then told that I didn't qualify for half of the things I was promised on my first call. I went ahead with it anyway, and to my surprise I was charged over $100.00 for them to hook up a new line to my apartment because the existing ones weren't satisfactory to the technician.

    I was also told that my bill for internet and phone service would be between $50.00 and $65.00 a month. What a joke. Every bill I have received this far is over $150.00.

    I have since canceled my account with them and called just now to verify that they wont be taking any left over charges out of my bank account, only to be virtually attacked by some accounts receivable lady, who treated me like a criminal because I stated that I have not gotten my last bill and would like a copy before I submit my last payment. She was almost to the point of yelling at me over then phone accusing me of lying about not getting my last statement.

    If I had known what AT&T was really like, I would have avoided them like the plague. Never again will they get my business, and I urge people to not go down this horrible twisted path.
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  • Ro
      24th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    I agree completely, I signed up for internet, phone, and television for the stated price of $79.95 a month for the first 12 months of service. My first bill was $137.00 the second bill was $147.95 and the third bill was $211.00. I have talked to at least 10 different people from AT&T and they keep swithing me back and forth between at&t and direct tv all to no avail. I have reported them to BBB (beter buisness bureau) . AT&T is practicing false advertising. I am taking this all the way to the supreme court if I have to.

  • Ro
      24th of Apr, 2011
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    WARNING: Do not sign a contract with AT&T

  • Be
      4th of Oct, 2011
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    Do not bundle with AT&T. It is time consuming and frustrating. There is too much confusion among the various departments when you bundle your products. With me, they overcharged me at least 168 dollars because they overlooked a bill I had already paid for my cellphones before I bundled my products. In order to make them aware of this, I had to make a number of calls to different departments--notably, I was shifted between ATT Telco and Wireless (Tellco claimed that Wireless had to credit me from their end, and Wireless had no idea what this meant). After an hour and a half on the phone, it still came down to the fact that this $168 error was being looked into, which, not surprisingly, is the exact same thing they told me about two weeks ago. Honestly, I wish I had staid with Charter. Please let me know if there is ever a class-action lawsuit against these folks!

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