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AT&T / billing continued for months after disconnect

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I physically disconnected my AT&T land line in late November, having advised AT&T of my plans about 2 weeks prior, and switched over to a cable service for TV, Internet, and telephone. I got a disconnect confirmation number from AT&T, and I was told that I would not be billed for any services I had not used. A month later, I got my usual AT&T statement, billing me for all the non-used services, just no phone calls. So I called AT&T, and after some time, the customer service person told me not to pay on the bill, just wait, and next month I would receive a "Final Bill" fixing everything. Now another month has passed, and I have yet another AT&T bill just like before, but this time with late fees added. So I called AT&T again and complained, and I was told that in another month, "everything will be corrected" and there will no effect to my credit scores. I wonder why I'm having just a little bit of trouble believing that AT&T has any intention of ever fixing this ?

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  28th of Aug, 2009
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Has anyone ever noticed that after you supposedly get something resolved, it comes back unresolved or another problem rears its ugly head with AT&T..? Plus, just try getting them to stand behind what they tell you over the phone (in WRITING) when they supposedly fix it. They won't send you anything (email, mail, etc) confirming the problem was there nor fixed (and later you WILL find out it wasn't fixed after all)...

Just try getting the same representative you spoke to the first time when trying to resolve the problem/issue….It isn’t going to happen!… AT&T never lets you speak to the same representative that you had spoken too earlier.
I’ve tried too (it was even in the same identical department) and I was told that they are not allowed too by AT&T. They told me that I had to talk to the person at hand, of course this causing me to start all over with an existing/old problem.

What I’ve found out that AT&T NEVER leaves a paper trail in the consumers hands of a problem/issue being worked on nor what it was about and specially ever being resolved. Therefore, as most of you all ready know, that the same problem or new problem that AT&T creates shows up and you have no proof of what was discussed earlier to resolve the problem.

This just leaves you more frustrated only to start all over working on the same problem/issue and/or sometimes a new problem that AT&T created (and a bigger bill) with new representative.

I thought in the beginning I was the only one going through this. I just couldn’t understand why my problem wasn’t being resolved even when the representative said they fixed it. It would always come back NOT fixed. Just as if I never had spoken to them. A friend of mine, I’ve since talked too, had somewhat the same problem with AT&T. He told me to check out the internet on AT&T and the problems others are having. It’s simple to find out… just GOOGLE “AT&T problems” and later try “AT&T complaints” and see it for yourself. I couldn’t believe it! AT&T is a scamming company… And how they do it while just staying within the law is that they never leave a paper trail in the consumer’s hands. Therefore, we are back to “he said, she said”. This doesn’t take a rocket scientist… AT&T is infact slick…

To recap:
AT&T doesn’t allow the consumer a paper trail to show proof of anything. It’s left to a “consumer said, AT&T said… With no proof, AT&T knows they will win most of the time. This is why you will notice that they can add other things to your bill that you didn’t order to jack up the cost and add money to AT&T coffers.

You can never speak to the same representative that supposedly fixed the problem. You always have to start over with a new representative. I believe this is a tactic use by AT&T to wear the consumer down so that he or she won’t fight anymore with AT&T and just except the problem and sometimes pay the larger bill.

You will never receive confirmation of a problem/issue in detail being worked on nor exactly what was to be fixed in detail or that it was resolved via an email, mail, etc. Therefore that leaves you without proof. I had received a reference number but I’ve found out later that they change some of the information on it from time to time. It’s all computer driven leaving you (the consumer) with a leg to stand on when trying to get them to admit to ANYTHING! It’s rigged from the start!

I would love to take AT&T to court, but I don’t have anything in writing from what I agreed to when first starting up my service with AT&T. I’ve seen enough court shows to indicate that if you don’t have anything in writing, you WILL lose your case. Once again, AT&T wins (though deception) and the consumer loses…

The best way to kill a snake is to cut off the head. AT&T’s head is MONEY… Therefore, it’s up to us to go to cable, satellite, etc services anything AT&T doesn’t have its greedy hands in. There are a lot of services out there to replace AT&T. I’ve change services and it’s been great! No more problems :)

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