AT&T / billed for an computer error

This letter is in regards to a recent phone call I received from your company inquiring payment to resolve an outstanding bill which is still apparently in collection for AT&T Phone Company. I thought I already resolved this dispute a year ago with “Franklin Collection Service”, under FCSI Case # [protected]. / Client account # [protected], and with your company under Confirmation # A3E313D.

My argument is that I’m a victim of a computer error by AT&T. In August 2011, I enter into a contract with AT&T for a home phone and internet service. Installation was supposed to take place on a Monday, but for some reason a technician from AT&T showed up on a Sunday while I was away. The technician connected service that same day outside of my residence without my presence. The end result of that installation, the technician disconnected my home phone number of [protected]) and reassigned me a new home phone number of [protected]). Reassigning me a new home number was a mistake on AT&T behalf. They were never supposed to change my phone number. I was supposed to keep my original home phone number through service from them. So, upon my return, I discovered what took place by AT&T’s technician, and was very dissatisfied. I called AT&T that same day and file a complaint. I disputed the removal of my original home phone number. As a result, my old phone number was still available and two days later AT&T reinstalled the original home phone of [protected] back to my residence under my contract/account with them. This service of removing [protected] and assigning me back [protected] was accomplished through their computer system, back on their end. From that point on [protected] was the ONLY WORK/ACTIVE NUMBER for my home being used.

I terminated my contract with AT&T within the cancellation period, and paid off the remaining balance on my account with AT&T under my account number [protected]. However, AT&T continued to send a monthly bill under [protected]. I notified AT&T by phone that that number was cancel back upon the first two days of their installation through their computer on their end, and that number was never actually active on my end. The only calls made and received at my residence was through [protected], So, the number [protected]) was actually a ghost number in their computer, and it was never actually used in service on my end, therefore, I was not responsible for their computer error/mistake, and should not be responsible to pay $354.94.

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