Assurance Wirelessmy lifeline phone, defective equipment

I applied for lifeline services back in Sept. 2017 and I faxed qualifying information. I never received phone even tho this company has all my private information. I applied again this Oct. 2018. After faxing a complaint letter and spending hours on phone with customer service, I finally received a phone. It worked one day. I borrowed a friends phone to call and complain. The phone was not damaged, it kept giving me error messages such as contacts stopped, messages stopped. So I have a phone that I cannot make a call on of answer messages or check voicemail. A replacement phone was sent that worked exactly 5 days and I had same exact issues. Error messages that state android has stopped, every app has stopped. Now when I try to call Assurance and I put the phone # that I am calling about, I only get recording. It is impossible to speak with a person. I faxed a letter to Assurance so they were notified in writing on [protected] that replacement phone is defective also. I have not heard back or received a phone that works. Lifeline is a government program and I think Assurance is receiving funds but the low income families that need the phone services the most are not receiving that. I had a phone for 1 day in Nov. that I could use, than 5 days in the month of Nov.

Dec 11, 2018

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