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Aspend Dental Danbury CT / it felt like an auto repair shop

1 Danbury, CT, United States

Aspen Dental in Danbury Ct. This place reminded me of one of those quick lube places where you come in for the $20 oil change special but they insist on adding on, adding on until you are convinced you need $300 worth of work done to your vehicle. Unfortunately, I should have listened to the warning I was given by my wife. I went into Aspen Dental on the first occasion to get a simple cleaning and check up. Well after an examination it was determined I had no major issues with my teeth but would require a good cleaning. Then it went to a good scaling. Then it went to a severe scaling. Well low and behold the bill for this 3 stage cleaning would be a close to $4, 000 which $1700 or so I would be responsible for. What I found very strange is that prior to them giving me the cost the person about to give me the information as to the cost, was in "conference" with the office manager on cost of this work. My 2nd visit was just worse. At my first visit my only issue was part of an old filling had come out. The Dentist only asked what color would I like the filling. Now keep in mind that I have never, never had any pain or issues with any of my teeth especially this tooth in question. Well he commenced to work on the tooth and unknown to me he filled the tooth with a "temporary" filling, not a permanent one. Why did he do this? This was his and the office excuse as to how they could tack on "extra" charges and then now say there was a problem with the tooth, because he "dug" out the old filling and stated I needed a root canal done now. So he fills the tooth with a temporary filling, I now need a root canal and since I left that office which was January 19th I have been in pain ever since. It seems when he dug out the old filling he hit a nerve on the tooth and that is why I now experience pain on a daily basis, when I had NO PAIN in anyway shape or form prior to entering this facility. I called the dentist that evening and advised him I was in pain. He stated he was going to call in a prescription for pain killers. Today is January 24th, and he still has not called in the prescription. When I finally called the corporate office to complain, he then called me back 2 days later to state that I gave him the wrong number. What BS. I have now taken the step of contacting, their corporate office, my insurance company, and I will contact whomever governs dentists in Connecticut. I am still waiting to hear back from the corporate office.

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