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possible scam / mistake

I went to Aspen dental for a consultation on a dental implant afer filling out the initial forms and giving my insurance info I was informed that they did not do dental implants at this office. I left the office without even seeing a dentist. A few weeks later I received a letter from my insurance company denying some charges. Aspen charged my insurance company almost $200.00 in bogus charges!!! And then had the nerve to send me a bill for full xrays!! When I called them they were extreamly rude! They cleared all the charges after I exploded on the phone, however I had to make several calls to clear up this mess. I would advise to never go to Aspen Dental!!

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    Linda Dunford Nov 04, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I took out a care credit loan for $2000.oo for the year, of which Aspen Dental would take payments. I went in fora deep cleaning and treatment for peridontal disease. I also received my Roto-Dent brush. They made an impression for my partial plate. They told me that I already used up$2000.00.Said I owed them $1795.00 to get 6 teeth pulled and a partial. Called NY office aspen dental. Accounting dept. said I had $1194.00 in credit left.Called aspen and told them what NY said. She said I owed them $1795.00.yet. I made a payment when I thought I owed all this. I made a Dec. appt. to get peridontal disease checked and was told I needed to bring in $195.00 .Now I get a letter I will be charged lab fees because I supposedly didnt respond to their letters. I been in touch for 2 months. Just started treatments. Was told I have to keep track of records. At this point, I am stopping treatments. What a rip-off. Am calling the attny gen.

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