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Aspen Dental - Orange, CT / consumer beware!

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I went to Aspen Dental looking for an extra set of upper dentures. The main reason why I went there. The dentist told me that on my lower teeth I would need 2 teeth pulled. All of a sudden they were just doing work on my lower teeth. I did not mind the Dental Hygienist doing her job, however she could not do the complete procedure & recommended I go to a Periodontist. I went to the Periodontist who then told me I do not need those teeth extracted that he can perform gum surgery on it. What upsets me the most I applied for the CareCredit and was approved, BUT Aspen Dental submitted charges to the CareCredit for services that were not rendered. For instance the extractions. They also knew of my appointment & at the request of the Periodontist asked for the xrays to be sent to him so I would not have to be xrayed again. Aspen Dental had never sent those xrays to the Periodontist, so needless to say I had to get more xrays done on the teeth they were going to extract.

1. They charge CareCredit in advance for work before it is done. In other words they charge for services not rendered.
a) pay for an electric toothbrush by just giving it to you as part of the visit & not asking if you would like to purchase the item. $125.00 for that. I have an electric toothbrush I am very happy with. So this company sells a bunch of goods without consent of the patient (me).
b) An extraction $229.00.
c) Incomplete work from the Dental Hygenist because she told she couldn't do the deep cleaning because of my gum infection & recommended the Periodontist. Hygenist charges were $376.00 which should be less because she could not complete & suggested I see a periodontist.
2. They didn't send the xrays to the periodontists, therefore made me have to go for more unnecessary treatment.
3. Kept me in a dental chair for over an hour without acknowledgment.

I was not happy with the way I was treated as a human being. Aspen Dental seemed more corporate instead of a dental health facility. It seems to me it is a money making scam to charge for services before the services were even done.

I am working on to get credit from Aspen to the CareCredit for only services rendered & not to pay for the toothbrush that I did not ask for, especially I have an electric toothbrush that I am happy with.

They are very misleading. BUYER BEWARE!!! CONSUMER BEWARE!!!

Thank you,


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A  31st of Oct, 2006 by 
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I went to the Aspen Dental office in Stratford last night. I had a coupon for free xrays and a new patient exam. The dentist said I should get one tooth capped, and to watch 2 teeth because they might turn into cavities, nothing else. I'm 24 and I brush and floss daily.

Then, without the dentist or assistant leaving the area, they direct me to the receptionist who shows me a piece of paper with a $579 amount on it. Suddenly she's telling me that because of the state of my gums (which the dentist didn't say ANYTHING about) I need a special "under the gum" cleaning, and should come every 3 months for a regular cleaning instead of 6. The amount included the special cleaning, one of the 3 month follow-up cleanings, and that special tooth brush you're talking about!

I didn't sign anything and I'm really upset that they didn't say anything was wrong, then they seem to be reccomending "scaling" it sounds like. They did a very quick check of my teeth (didn't check the gum pockets), didn't tell me the condition of my gums, then told me I'd need an expensive cleaning? Ridiculous!

My husband has an appointment next week, but we're DEFINATELY not going back!
N  10th of Nov, 2006 by 
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Can a dental hygienist be in an office in Fl seeing patients , cleaning teeth, xray, without the supervision of a DDS. He was out of the office. Wondering what is the standard?!
A  23rd of Jan, 2007 by 
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I went to Aspen dental and they did an extraction of my eye tooth that could have been saved. I was in the chair for 6 hours for this and they charged me on my credit care card for work that was not completed.

I ended up having to have a very painful bone graph and will have to have another one in April. They did not recognize that this was caused from the Aspen dental. She took off so much bone that 2 teeth surrounding the area are also loose. They want to charge me to have those fixed.

Can not find a dentist that will testify against Aspen. They are really really a poor excuse for a dentist!!!!

A  31st of Mar, 2007 by 
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I agree, I got scammed for the toothbrush as well and since I refuse to pay for it I can't make another appointment there. This happens to be a problem because my pulp was damaged in the botch job of a filling that was done 7 months ago and I am in extreme pain. My new filling was never contoured to match the bite on my other teeth as well, and this has led to grinding of my teeth at night. I have gone to a different dentist, but still need my xrays and other files from Aspen before I can continue at the new dentist. Of course, this is a pain to get from them. Aspen in Albany, NY was good to me, but Tonawanda, NY is the WORST!!!
A  25th of Jun, 2007 by 
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I Absolutely agree Aspen is a Poor excuse for a Dental Office. I had to have all my teeth extracted ,I have know they were going for a couple years. so i fell into Care Credit and Aspen. Definitely my worse mistake. I set through the pulling of 22 teeth both upper and lowers ( They billed me for 24), I counted them during the week prior to the extractions. I was on Penicillin for an abscess I guess. I got the immediate dentures ( Yeah Right) I was able to wear the tops ( Barely). I had a couple of nasty bone spurs on top, a hole in the bone where my eye teeth were drilled out and the dentist got a little too happy with the drill.I went to see their Oral surgeon he advised me that i needed to have all four quadrants done( at The cost of 1,000.00). I finally complained enough ( after several calls to Aspen Corporate, What a Joke I could get no one at first ) they promised a call back finally after several calls and 3 manager levels later i finally got a person) I went back to another dentist of tiers he helped some removed 3 or 4 spurs and did a realigning of my plates. I can wear them now but I still cant eat at all with them. I now look like a chimp due to my plates being too far forward due to the realigning. So tomorrow we get back to the phone and try for a couple layers higher in management I need new plates these will never work correctly I can't even bite soft cookies due to them flopping around in my mouth. I could go on even deeper but I'm tired of typing, so wish me luck and at all cost avoid Aspen Dental.
A  20th of Jul, 2007 by 
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Yes, I feel they scam the public. Most people obviously don't see it. If they did,the company would be out of business. I can't solve my problem with them either as yet. They have not completed my work, yet they took the whole amount of money instead of the 60% up front, using Care Credit. That was a year ago. I'm not happy with partial dentures they practically forced me to buy, with one of their scam packages and they refuse to acknowledge poor workmanship and want to charge me the original price, not the package price, so they won't have to lose the money they took from me. I am reporting them to the Attorney General of my state, and considering consumer protection mediation. SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE ABOUT ASPEN DENTAL!!!
A  2nd of Aug, 2007 by 
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I am going to one Aspen Dental Glastonbury, CT, and they are charging me $4,500 and I now have a partial and two teeth removed some cavities to be filled and they are now cleaning my teeth two times, before giving my fillings!!! Last time they cancelled my appointment after I walked in and I am not happy and I have no "paper trail" nothing to show what work has been done, I want a full printout of what is being done and what charges are made Help me!! My new phone number is (860) 216-0923
A  2nd of Aug, 2007 by 
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My husband and I signed up as new patients with Aspen Dental in Fairfield (our previous dentist no longer accepts our HMO). I should have known something was wrong when I made the appointments.

I asked to make appointments for our regular cleanings and xrays. We were told that on our first visit we would have xrays taken but the cleanings would have to be scheduled for another appointment. Apparently the dentist needs to evaluate our current dental situation and recommend the type of cleaning to perform (didn't know there were options). So my husband went to his first appointment last night. They took a ton of xrays, and the dentist told him he looks to be in good shape. When he went to the receptionist to make his appointment for the cleaning, she told him he will need the "deep cleaning", of which $120 is not covered with our insurance. My husband said, no thanks, I'll just take the normal cleaning to which the receptionist said she could not set it up as the dentist had specified the "deep cleaning". She acted like a used car salesman trying to negotiate with my husband. For a dental cleaning??? We are not familiar with a deep cleaning nor was he told what the benefits of this procedure is. All he knew is that he would be paying $12o out of pocket for a cleaning that he has never been told to have in the past (we go to the dentist regularly and are 40 somethings).

He would not leave until the receptionist agreed to set him up for a regular cleaning. I myself plan to switch to a new dentist and avoid this pain altogether.

After reading the other comments I can see that clearly we have gotten off easy. I am sure Aspen will try some kind of bait and switch with my husband on his return trip. At least he is ready for it and will be sure not to let them sell him unnecessary services.
A  29th of Aug, 2007 by 
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I completely agree with the sentiment that Aspen Dental is a high-pressure sales vehicle NOT a reputable dental practice. I took my son to the new Aspen dental office in Robinson, PA. He is five years old and this was his first dentist visit, which I fully explained to the receptionist who set up his appointment. I called to get an appointment for him only but the receptionist said that I should get my teeth checked also so that he could see me do it first and wouldn't be as nervous. I agreed and we got two appointments back to back.

We arrived 15 minutes before our appointments were scheduled to make sure our insurance information was in order. We proceeded to wait in the lobby for 45 minutes before I was called in for my x-rays. I have never had so many dental x-rays taken for a routine check-up in my life. Not even when I had two root canals after an injury!

20 minutes later my x-rays were done and they called my son in for his. Now, this five year old boy has been sitting in the waiting room with his father for over an hour fretting about his first dental experience! OVER AN HOUR is an incredibly long time for a nervous five year old.

The doctor wanted to get bite-wing x-rays on him but the technician said she would only do a pan x-ray because he was too little to tolerate the bite-wings. Thank god for that technician! She proceeded to do the pan x-ray but their equipment was not adjustable for children and my son had to stand on a box to be high enough for the machine. He was petrified, but the technician was very personable and helped to put him at ease.

Then, we were taken to the exam area. The dentist came into the area, did not introduce herself, and said, "I'll do him first" pointing to my son. Now, the only reason I made an appointment for myself was so that he could see me do it first so he wouldn't be scared! She didn't even address him as a human being, didn't extend her hand to shake his, didn't try to put him at ease in any way. Luckily, he was sitting on my lap during the whole thing so he did OK.
Then, the doctor started to look at my teeth. Now, I knew I would need some work, especially since one of my molars had cracked the night before at dinner, but the laundry list of work that they came up with was astounding! They recommended the deep cleaning procedure after telling me that my gum disease was so bad I was going to start loosing bone and teeth very soon. My gums don't even bleed when I brush my teeth how could the gum disease be that advanced?!?! They said that one of my teeth that was cracked and fixed over 10 years ago was going to need a crown. WHY? it doesn't bother me. My teeth crack because I clench and grind, have all my life. They identified four other teeth that needed fillings but didn't point those out on the x-rays. They finally dealt with the cracked molar and said it would also need a crown.
We were then sent to the "financial consultant" who proceeded to lay out this laundry list of treatments and explained the deep cleaning process, claiming that it wasn't really all that painful. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! They take an instrument and clean down between your gums and your teeth, irrigate it and then put antiobiotic in there and that's not really all that painful?!?! I've talked to people who have had this scaling done and they've said it is painful, but worth it if you have advanced disease. Why would they lie about the degree of pain! I'm an adult, if it is going to hurt, tell me. Childbirth hurt, I knew it would, I was prepared, I'm over it.

The financial consultant called me today to let me know how much my treatments would cost me. I've tried to call her back three times now and the line is constantly busy. I can't even get someone on the phone to tell them "Thanks, but no thanks, I'm getting a second opinion. And, they will never touch my son's teeth again.

Bottom line, this place is a cattle call, no human touch, the doctor had no personality, the receptionist got snippy with my husband when he complained about the interminable wait. AVOID ASPEN DENTAL!
A  5th of Sep, 2007 by 
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I have not finished at aspen yet, but if I had any inkling of how my experience with them would be I would back out now if I was not as far as I am with my treatment. Everytime I go I have a wait 45 min to an hour. My last visit I told the manager I was feeling a little apprehensive and he said in a nasty tone, don't think you are going to have these done and not be satisfied because the color is off, I am not that vain, I told him my main concern is the fit because I did not get a good feeling as these people were working on my teeth. Today 9/5/07 I went to my appt. at 9AM, waited again for a half hour, then when I am called into the back the tech asks me why I am there, I tell her to get my teeth put in, she said no, your appt is 9/12/07 because it takes 12 days to get them back from the lab, I show her my card with 9/5/07 at 9AM well she says sorry but someone made a mistake . I am upset with aspen dental ,the only positive is the receptionist there, very friendly and respectful to the clients, everyone else, thumbs down. I will also be contacting the better business bureau and my dental insurance with my experience there.

A  6th of Sep, 2007 by 
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For the first time, I went to Aspen dental out of convenience for a cleaning. Supposedly the exam and x rays are free. The cleaning was quoted at $50. I got a filling for $100 + $39 for the white filling. They wanted me to have mouth cancer screening that adds another $98 onto the bill, even though I am not at risk. I declined. They make you wash with a fluoride treatment, which is a hidden fee of around $47.

I will not be back!!!
A  11th of Sep, 2007 by 
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I went to aspen dental in stratford. I needed a new upper plate so i went to my appointment and was called into the office a half an hour later where they argued with me that i needed x-rays - good thing i had a coupon. I was put in the chair in a little room and the door closed. The dentist came in 20 minutes after i got up and opened the door. She introduced herself and couldn't even bother to remove her mask!!! She looked at my x-rays and said that i should have the remaining tooth on top pulled. Any dentist that wants to pull a good tooth is crazy. I told her it was staying!!! She proceeded to tell me that she could still do the denture for me. She then sent me to see the office manager to set up the appointments and the office manager told me they wouldn't do the plate unless i had the tooth pulled, the dentist just told me she could. I then complained about the amount of time i had to wait and she said some employees were on vacation... Shouldn't they allow for this when setting up appointments, needless to say i walked out of there one and a half hours later with nothing. I called customer relations and told them this story and what i thought of their business!!! She set me up with an appointment in the orange office and i was taken care of there. Dr. Lipton was very nice and greeted me without a mask!!! All of my appointments went well except for the final one. They called to reschedule and said the lab had not completed the plate, it would be ready a week later. That was on september 7th.the plate was fine and i was happy. The staff in orange was much nicer than stratford. I don't think i would recommend aspen to anyone after seeing what they're all about. I guess i was lucky knowing what i wanted when i went in...

A  11th of Sep, 2007 by 
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This dental service is nothing more than a scam. They quote you a price talk you into work that could be avoided and then tell you what your dental insurance will cover, and offer you a care credit card to pick up the balance. I did so believing all would be paid in full prior to my dental work. 3 month later i receive a bill for 687.00 and call to see why and they tell me i owe a balance that they lied and told me my insurance would cover.

A  12th of Sep, 2007 by 
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This is a profit oriented dental service company. I went in for a routine check up and cleaning. I was taken aback by how many staff they hire. There are two just for financial consultation alone! No, I can't get my cleaning on the same trip they said. After X-rays and doctor examination, I was ushered to a financial consultant who explained to me an estimate of procedures that needed to be done. I was sticker shocked (the quote was to the tune of $1,500). I said I didn't budget that much money for this year. She then said one procedure can be deferred till next year. I was still hesitant and suspecious why I would need deep cleaning and how much I have to pay out of pocket for it. She then said she can take out the electric tooth brush, but I won't be able to buy it later if I decline now. All of a sudden the red light lit up in me . First, I wasn't told I'd be buying a $130 electric tooth brush; second, isn't it a familiar sales tactic to be told I have to decide then and there or I'll loose my chance. Immediately, I lost all my trust and couldn't wait to leave.

After reading some of the complaints here, especially about how they try to convince you to get deep cleaning when none of us were ever told it's necessary before seeing Aspen Dental, I can't but conclude that my experience is not an isolated one, but this type of scam tactic is practiced throughout the Aspen Dental network. Be aware! Unless you know exactly what you want done, don't go there!
A  12th of Sep, 2007 by 
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I began as a patient at Aspen Dental in Portsmouth, NH a few months ago when I was looking for a dentist closer to home and made my first appointment for a consultation. I had never seen the office before and was horrified when I drove up to the building with signs in the front window, such as “Walk-ins welcome” and I just had a bad feeling about the place and as it turns out I was right. I went through with the consultation and it TOOK A TOTAL OF TWO HOURS as I was left waiting half of the time because no one seemed to be organized. As completely ridicules as that was I actually made another appointment for a cleaning and filling which I had to reschedule TWICE because the receptionist was too ignorant to schedule the two together so I had to play musical chairs. I went back on August 29th for the appointment; I have absolutely NO complaints about the dental hygienist that cleaned my teeth and actually learned some valuable information from her but the filling was a different story. The dentist and dental hygienist were completely unprofessional and made me feel very uncomfortable. I have had 2-3 small fillings before that went well so I knew what I was in for. Surprise, surprise this was a mess as well. The dental hygienist seemed like she had no idea what she was doing and was getting water all over my glasses and shirt, making a mess. The dentist tried giving me the Novocain in such a barbaric way that my body went into hot and cold chills and I felt like rubber; he waited approximately a mere three minutes before checking to see if it had kicked in and when it hadn’t he gave me another shot of Novocain. He waited another 3-4 minutes until he started drilling and IT HAD NOT FULLY KICKED IN YET and I was in so much pain I thought I was going to rip the chair with my hand that was gripping it. As I was leaving the appointment the Novocain finally kicked in, how perfect. After the appointment the tooth I had the filling in began bothering me and just yesterday I was receiving shooting pains every time I tried eating and that has NEVER happened with my other fillings. I was worried and went back in today, had an X-ray and was made to feel like a fool by the other dentist I saw and was told “not to eat hard crackers because they are not good for your teeth.” WHAT?! I was told there was nothing wrong and was left in the chair until the dentist finally decided to tell me I could leave. It was awful so I called a new dentist, made an appointment, requested my x-rays from Aspen Dental and cancelled my next appointment-I AM NEVER EVER GOING BACK to that joke of a dental office!
A  17th of Sep, 2007 by 
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I have had a similar experience to Roxann's.
I had been using Aspen for a few years. They had always accepted both my insurance and my discount plan. When my daughter needed over $3,000 worth of treatment, they said it would come to $990. After the treatment they told me my discount plan could not be used. I called the discount plan to find out why they were not paying and they said they are willing to give the usual coverage. When I told them my dentist said I could not use the plan, the discount advisor said that that was a decision made in Aspen's office not theirs. In other words, rather than give me the discount I was entitled to AND had been receiving prior to this, Aspen denied me the use of my discount solely at their discretion.
They just sent me a bill for $1,400 after I already paid $1,000 out of pocket and my insurer has paid about $500 as well.

I would be interested in taking legal action or at least publicizing the deceptive practices of Aspen dental.
Please let me know if you are interested. Reading the other entries on this site makes me think they are getting away with all kinds of unethical and fraudulent practices.
A  27th of Sep, 2007 by 
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Add me to the first class action suit against Aspen Dental. I got a quote for 3948.00 discounted to 2477.00 then covered by care credit 1471.00. When I looked at my statements from Delta dental to see what they were actually billing for I found out they were billing for a partial plate that was supposed to be covered in the 1471.00. I called and the salesperson says right, we are going to need MORE MONEY. I told her to take off the deep cleanings that she never even explained to me. She said there would be enough to cover the partial with thatcancelled. I also received horrific care there too. The x-ray lady kept demanding , not asking, for me to move. The female doctor was all bizness. She did two fillings. One left me with a chipped tooth. She said nothing about it. I got home and felt it with my tongue. Then she did two extractions. I have had several extractions and these were the most painful I have ever felt. In pain for more than a week. I could not even wear the temporary denture they made. I next got a root canal and cap. That was done well by another Dr who filled in for the female dentist. The cap comes in and they put it in. The partial plate that I wear does not fit over the crown so the dentist wants to cut off the wires that hold my upper plate in place. I say whoa. Then I let her grind down some of the pontics on these partial teeth. Now they do not fit over the crown so I have to use poli-grip on my upper and lower dentures. They said i would get a lower plate In January 2008. I am disgusted to the max. If you are a lawyer reading this call me 724-266-7994 By the way this was Aspen Dental in Monaca, Pa.t at the Beaver Valley Mall
A  28th of Sep, 2007 by 
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I have been going to Aspen dental in Belle Vernon, PA for a little over a year now. I had teeth pulled in Aug of 2006, they gave me temp partials and were supposed to make the permanent ones within 3 months. Within that 3 months I had to have another tooth pulled, they left this tooth in because they said it could be fixed by just a filling. When the old filling was drilled out the dentist says I don't know if this is going to work then asks me if I would like a while filling instead of silver.....it will only cost me $80 after my insurance pays their part. After hearing that it probably won't work I say no right away and they keep trying to push it on me. A few weeks later the tooth had to be pulled, but this time they have an oral surgeon pull it instead of the dentist so it costs me $40 instead of $5. Now I can't use my upper partial because the tooth that held it in is gone. I am a grinder/clencher and chipped a few front teeth which they filled, I ground out the fillings so many times that the insurance refused to pay anymore. Now they say I should get the 2 teeth crowned it will only cost me $720 for both, I said go ahead because I needed them fixed and I couldn't switch dentists yet(still waiting for them to do my impressions for my partials). The crowns come in and 1 is messed up so it needs to be sent back and remade, 7 to 10 more days with a temp crown that looks like crap. I get the final crown and as soon as it is set I say I need an appointment for my impressions asap, I wonder if they would have ever said to schedule an appointment for my impressions. I finally got my partials about a week and a half ago, the bottom fits fine after a few adjustments, but the top still doesn't fit well and I am not even sure they can make it fit. My second crown has come off and when I went to have it cemented back on there was a different dentist because the regular one was away on a family thing. The fill in dentist says it will need a post to hold it in better and it should be done as soon as possible, I just let out a sigh because I am wondering how much is this going to cost me. The dental assistant says the regular dentist will be back next week and I should wait and see him to see what he suggests. My crown is just sitting in there lose and I can only eat soft foods so I don't knock it out and bite it and possibly break it or another tooth or even swallow it.

I am going to get a copy of my treatments and what I paid for since none of my receipts say what was done, I know my treatment plan included a deep cleaning and I don't remember if I refused it or paid for it. I know now that I didn't have it done thanks to you guys describing what it is. I remember coming home and telling my husband it was just like any other cleaning I have had. As soon as my partials are fit and my crown is fixed I am so out of there, I can't switch dentists in the middle of treatment. Aspen probably knows this and that’s why they didn't get me my partials sooner. I will do some research on the next dentist that I choose.
A  28th of Sep, 2007 by 
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Anyone in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area go to this local call for action line. We may get an on-air investigation by the media...... http://www.thepittsburghchannel.com/call4action/1123843/detail.html
N  28th of Sep, 2007 by 
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Thank you all for your comments.
I was just about to set up an appointment with Aspen Dental because they have an office right next to where I work.
I moved 2 years ago and have been traveling 2 hours each way to continue with my current Dentist.
I thought it would be a good idea to switch to a closer Dentist.
But after reading your comments, I think I would have to be crazy to try and save a few hours once in awhile, just to end up with a bad Dentist.
I am happy with my current Dentist, and like they say, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

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