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June 23, 2009

There are so many complaints out here in regards to this company, Oh boy do I have one, my son had really bad teeth, and no insurance, my husband and I paid for what needed to be done, which was basically to pull out all of his teeth Except for 5 or so on the bottom Because Aspen said it would be better to keep these for an easier fit, well, soon after the temporary dentures were placed he got such an infection, not once but 3 times, he had to go to the ER and get IV's so he wouldn't die! He has Asbergers so this is why the ball was in our court.
Well these temporary dentures are just that, cheap and made of God knows what and he was supposed to get the permanent ones, we made an appointment and they said we still owed them money, now this is After we shelled out SEVEN THOUSAND dollars..Yes 7 Grand!!! So now he has no teeth, and we’re out that much money.. Why can't we all get together and file a class action suit against them, a lawyer Must be interested somewhere!! Please

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  •   Jun 24, 2009

    Susan, we’re very sorry and extremely disappointed that your concern has not been resolved. If you call our Patient Satisfaction Hotline at [protected] or email us at [protected] our Patient Satisfaction Manager will personally look into your issue and get back to you. Again, we apologize. Thank you.

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  • An
      Jul 15, 2009

    Allie at Aspen Dental: you can see my comments in the comments section of the post “Aspen Dental Should be put out of business!!” Two words about your customer satisfaction team Bull S&*%.

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  • Su
      Jan 27, 2011

    I will put the word out to Everyone on my FB page and any other page I know of what type of business Aspen Dental is..Your company DIDN'T put a Smile on My Face..thats for sure. And Everytime I see my son smile, the so called "smile" he got from Aspen Dental I will have Nothing but contempt for Aspen Dental.Everyone that works for them down to the office cleaners should be Ashamed for the Rip Off company they work for, you have No sympaty Or empathy for your customers !!

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